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What number a person was born, such is his whole life

Какое число рождения такая и жинь

Birthday - the anniversary of birth, corresponds to the date of birth of a person. Usually a birthday is celebrated as a home holiday, with family and friends. Celebrating this date with colleagues is also practiced.

A person on his birthday is called a newborn, the hero of the occasion, the birthday man. The last name has been in use since the 19th century and is associated with a change in the tradition of celebrating birthday on the tradition of celebrating a birthday and mixing holiday names. Some dictionaries of this use of the word birthday is marked as erroneous or vernacular.

Your date of birth is the very first digit in your life. This figure necessarily and significantly can affect our destiny. And how it works, see below.


“Number one” - and that’s it. This is a sign of creative, creative, original and extremely independent people. Their self-sufficiency has two opposite sides: on the one hand, these are self-confident persons who often serve as examples for others; on the other, individualists and egoists who are not ready to reckon with other people's opinions. Often act as leaders and initiators - they have a strong innovative spirit and determination.

They are quite ambitious and willing to take risks to achieve their cherished goal. Among the negative traits: impulsiveness, arrogance and stubbornness. Due to natural restraint, it can be very difficult for them to demonstrate the fullness and depth of their feelings to even the closest people.


On the second day, people are born who are distinguished by hypersensitivity. They will never ignore any request from even unfamiliar people. "Two" is a symbol of balance and a strong union. These are great business partners, colleagues, friends, and life partners. A love story similar to a fairy tale is about their relationship.

Often the "deuces" act as mediators and arbitrators - they are excellent diplomats: sincere, well-mannered, receptive. And this is the sacred number of artists and romantics. Such people work well in a team, but at the same time, they are not inclined to take the initiative and do not like to be in the spotlight. Their excessive shyness often becomes the main stumbling block for solving important problems. The other extreme of a sensitive nature is the tendency to get depressed.


"Treshka" is a sign of artistic imagination, creative intelligence, sociability and sympathy. It is a symbol of interaction and neutrality. On the third, tireless optimists are born who know how to be happy and enjoy life. They are characterized by a state of eternal love. Holders of a great sense of humor.

Endowed with excellent intuition, thanks to which they perfectly identify the most important thoughts and ideas. The opinion of the "three rubles" is worth considering especially carefully. Like with twos, their sensitivity sometimes goes to the other extreme - in moments of sadness they are prone to depression, exaggeration of minor problems ...


Responsible, conscientious, serious, reliable people who are not afraid of difficult tasks and do everything to solve them safely. People around it quickly read it out, it’s no coincidence that the Quads often receive requests for help, and they don’t remain unheard. People born on this day have a brilliant business reputation. By their own labor they are able to earn a solid fortune.

It seems that there is no such thing that they could not afford. Many "fours" gravitate to exact sciences. These people are sober to any failure, perceiving failure as an inevitable part of life experience. From their own mistakes they can draw the right conclusions and, subsequently, benefit. Moreover, any difficulties and obstacles on the way only kindle excitement in them and force, sparing no effort, at all costs to achieve the desired.


The Five is a symbol of freedom in numerology. And people born under this number know very well how to use it and dispose of as intended. “5” is a sign of avid travelers and adventurers. Very sociable, curious and universal people. This is often a digital tag of geniuses. Those who were born on the fifth are prone to mysticism. They are attracted to everything mysterious, strange, unknown ...

The main advice that I want to give to the “fives” is to slow down! Do not make hasty conclusions from situations and do not rush things. Your impatient nature and desire for quick decision-making can play a trick on you and make you unhappy.


It is a sign of love and understanding, honesty and fidelity, family and friendship. In people born on the sixth, a sense of responsibility, artistic talents, and a craving for the humanities are very developed. They are generous, domovit, help others: good advice and, often, money.

The Sixes are great friends to whom you can entrust the most secret secrets. However, this number is associated with blinding jealousy, and with the position of a zealous owner. They are quite stubborn, intrusive and susceptible to flattery.


A sign of wisdom and reason, which often prevails over feelings. It is no coincidence that people who came into the world of the “lucky” seventh (and they are, indeed, always lucky!) Love to read, are ready to learn something new all the time and to connect their lives with intellectual activity.

They have strong potential in science and invention. Solitude lovers, perfectionists. On the negative side of the Seven: secrecy, passion for debate, sarcasm, tendency to isolation, stubbornness, irritability.


In numerology, it is a symbol of power, patronage, executive ability and management. People who were born on the eighth of any month often find their calling in politics, become experts in corporate governance and feel extremely comfortable in a position of strength (by the way, this is reflected in sex). They are self-centered, greedy for praise, dream of achieving universal recognition.

“8” is a figure that represents high income and material success. Do not try to put pressure on the pity of the "eights" and call to their heart - remorse is alien to them. Excessive ambitiousness, cruelty (not to say cruelty) in relation to subordinates and impatience to people in general can be classified as traits with a minus sign. Big money and dizzying earnings can spoil the G8.


One of the most sentimental representatives of the calendar month. Selfless friends, romantic life partners, interested business partners. Writing talent is well developed in the Nines - don't let it fall. One of the highlights is generosity. It is celebrated by everyone who is familiar with these representatives. They easily forgive insults and are condescending to the shortcomings of others.

Responsible staff who will never fail to launch a new project. The only thing that the scattered "nine" lacks is more attention to their own finances. Any amount of money disappears from their hands in no time.


One of the most controversial numbers. It is a combination of two sacred numbers, the meaning of which is reduced to the expression: "Either everything or nothing." People born under "10" are used to acting simply and straightforwardly, they avoid intrigues, complicated turns and a cunning plan, and they always choose the most obvious and right way.

They have a pure soul and a big heart, are very popular among their friends and always attract the attention of others around them. Advice to the “dozens” - visualize your goals and dreams: you must present and consider them in all details in order for them to be fulfilled.


No other number has such a strong spiritual component as the number eleven. From childhood, they choose for themselves the path of inner development and mercy. Material values ​​excite them last, they, first of all, take care of their soul.

Such people are aware of the power of the word, so they carefully weigh everything they say and never give idle advice and recommendations. Indeed, one should listen to their opinion carefully - you can be sure that they have already appreciated all the possible consequences of such a decision. Their inner flair borders on the extrasensory.


From number one, people born on the 12th took a strong will, a positive attitude towards life and enduring energy. But from the two - internal harmony, balance of power, brilliant organizational talent and sociability. Twelve is a sacred number for all of humanity, and this circumstance cannot be written off.

More than a thousand years ago, it was he who was chosen to determine the time of day, dividing the year into months and measuring length (feet = 12 inches). It is no coincidence that it is these representatives who most often have a special mission - they can change the world for the better.


The most controversial number in numerology, indicating the stage of transformation. Born on the thirteenth, people can not leave anyone indifferent. Bearers of this digital code strive for excellence all their life, in their life some changes constantly occur: both in personal life and at work.

The word "stability" is clearly not from their vocabulary. One of the main drawbacks of its representatives is intolerance towards others. After a major quarrel, they rarely give a second chance, even if the other person clearly deserves it. In addition, they are quite lazy, which often prevents them from achieving their goals.


This number belongs to those people who believe in absolute freedom without any restrictions. Do not even try to limit them in anything, they will disappear from your life forever. Pretty short-tempered - it’s better not to fall under their hot hands, you can get it. In a fit of rage, they absolutely do not control themselves, which they later regret. A characteristic feature is strong sexual arousal, bordering on lust.

More passionate lovers are very difficult to find. Very amorous, even being in a stable relationship always keep another person in sight. The carriers of this digital code often fail in business - this number is associated with the loss of material wealth. They should be especially careful about their finances and, best of all, entrust their management to a reliable partner, whose aura is able to extinguish adverse events.


Under this number, inventors and visionaries are born. From nature, they have a lot of talents: from technical to poetic, many of which can be successfully implemented in the profession. However, to solve the most complex problems, they often lack patience and internal discipline. Any difficulties and problems are perceived too close to the heart. However, they are not used to expressing their displeasure openly, preferring to remain silent.

They are extremely sensitive and very sensitive to the slightest criticism. Representatives of this digital code have developed sympathy and compassion - they feel the pain of another person more sensitively than most people, it is difficult for them to put up with a situation of oppression of the weak or helpless.


Personal number 16 indicates that its owner is a deeply thinking person of an analytical warehouse, nothing betrays his true feelings. Responsible, educated, receptive, generous, in its own way mysterious and independent. It has great intuition. Responsible and obligatory by 200%.

In her youth, she’s not afraid to express her opinion on any occasion - openly and with dignity, but, alas, then she is often reputed to be a know-it-all and upstart. Over the years, he withdraws more strongly into himself and becomes more restrained, closed, uncommunicative, cautious. He hates superficiality: if “16” decided to start a relationship, it means that his feelings are strong and serious. This is a very sensual and loyal partner.


What are they hardy! It is simply amazing how such strong physical data coexists with a vulnerable soul. Want to win their heart? Show your love and affection sincerely - "17" does not tolerate falsehood and hypocrisy. Since childhood, their delicate nature does not hold water.

It is very difficult for them to come to terms with refusal. The word "no" in their address instantly makes them angry and even aggressive. If they believe in something, it will be simply impossible to convince them otherwise. They love increased attention to their own person. Often act as muses and inspiration for creative people.


Digital sign of fighters for justice. Such people are ready to the last to defend not only their own interests, but also the rights of their friends and colleagues. However, they are rather conservative - in any case they rely solely on personal experience and knowledge, rarely listening to the opinions of others. “18” is the figure of natural aristocrats.

They will suffer greatly and may even become depressed if, for some reason, they tarnish their reputation and do everything possible to restore it. These people are very concerned about their own appearance, and how attractive they are seen by others.

They rarely find themselves in funny situations, as they are used to acting extremely carefully. In love relationships, mutual respect is paramount. Often such people have a deep emotional connection with their mothers, whose moral support and approval are extremely important to them.


"What goes around comes around". A saying that perfectly symbolizes the path of people born on the 19th. Their life scenario resembles the kingdom of mirrors. They should be extremely attentive to what they say and do. Any perfect act (noble or vile) never passes without a trace for them - fate constantly reflects everything and returns a hundredfold.

Often they pay for the mistakes of the past. Energetic, pragmatic and determined people. They prefer stability: in the family and in the profession, and very rarely break away from their homes. Materialists to the brain and bones - for them, only that which can be touched is of value. They evaluate success in any business solely in monetary terms.


Strongly do not tolerate loneliness - the more people in their environment, the better. Great speakers and loyal friends, work well as a team, take pleasure in actively participating in public events. They love noisy feasts, concerts ... Hospitable, welcoming, enterprising. Romance They love music and dancing, have great creative potential.

About such people they say "spoils of fate" - many of their desires are fulfilled as if by magic. It is amazing, but at the same time they often complain about their lives, are dissatisfied with their achievements. Easily fall under the influence of others.


Those whose birthday falls on the 21st are loving people to look for. Every day they are ready to thank fate for every day of their existence. Often come from a wealthy family. The fact that on the 21st day the solstice falls twice a year symbolizes their prosaic character. They are fixated on the money that they clearly love.

Out of them come great economists, bankers, financiers. They should be entrusted with the full management of the family budget. They attach great importance to their own status in society and the position of their partner. They are cynical and ironic. Another weakness is sex, which they are literally obsessed with. They know how to separate feelings from animal attraction, therefore, if they cheat on their loved ones, they do it solely at the behest of instincts, excessive excitement, and simply to relieve tension.


Twenty-two is a sign of enlightenment. Those born under this number love to teach others and do an excellent job of this. Teaching and lecture work is created for them. “22” are real scholars whose broad horizons can only be envied. They have been entrusted by nature with a mission to discover and explain to others the most complex processes taking place both on the earth and outside it.

Hence, for example, their craving for space. They are not afraid to take responsibility - both for the words spoken and for the committed acts. Such people must be praised and given them compliments, from which they flourish. The person to whom this number is destined is a triumphant. However, he achieves success in life not by chance, but through hard work. Among those born on the 22nd, there are many philanthropists and philanthropists.


In the mysterious number 23, the passion for adventure and the constant movement forward are encrypted. People born under this number are brave, impetuous, decisive, impulsive, sociable and fickle. They have great potential in business, work in the financial sector and innovation. However, their talents are multifaceted, and they can take place in almost any profession, thanks to high intelligence, creativity and progressive ideas.

They are full of optimism, enthusiasm and curiosity. The most important thing in life for them is freedom, they do not like to report to anyone. Sensual sexual partners possess tremendous force of attraction for the opposite sex. They are like a magnet that attracts difficult situations and problems. Therefore, their life cannot be called simple.


It is a symbol of security and loyalty. There is no more attentive and cautious representative of the calendar month. Before deciding on the minimum step or deed, they will thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons, assess the possible consequences and only after that will they make a decision.

Going badly is obviously not about them. A special place in their life is food. Moreover, this is manifested in various aspects: they can open their own restaurant or become famous as brilliant culinary specialists. Legends can be made up about their exemplary discipline.


The lives of these people are controlled by intuition, bordering on paranormal abilities and prophecies. They contain some mysticism. These are incredibly sensitive people whose opinion can not be neglected. If such a person decides at the last moment to change his mind due to the fact that he “felt something bad” - you should not write it off, but it is better to listen without explanation.

Intuitive abilities are not limited to things. In total, two and five give a seven, and this is a symbol of intelligence. To do reckless deeds is not in their rules.


In total, two and six give an eight, two closed spheres of which form the sign of infinity. This is a symbol of continuity of bonds. These are the most faithful friends and spouses. People, in whose life code the number 26 is “sewn up”, take on the role of patrons - for this they have all the initial data: strong-willed character, powerful energy, talent of a leader, sensitivity.

Among the negative aspects: vanity, the desire for unlimited power and the desire to "crush" others for themselves. Such people adore order; purity and beauty reign in them.


In numerology, the healing power is assigned to this number. Its representatives find their calling in the field of medicine and health. They are excellent healers, often - supporters of alternative therapy. The owners of “27” are intuitive, emotional, capable of deep compassion, they do not need to be taught compassion - care for others, they feel with every cell of the soul.

They never despair, learn from life experiences and can easily start over after a failure. Subject to severe mood swings, impatient, self-confident.


The figure that symbolizes the law. Those people whose birthday falls on the 28th have a high degree of responsibility. They always call on everyone to order and abide by the prescribed rules. To be a wonderful judge or to work in the field of jurisprudence is written in their family.

The other extreme - they themselves never admit guilt and are prone to constant accusations against others. Such an imperious character is mitigated by the “deuce”, which gives them creative imagination and rich imagination.


A number with great emotional potential. Often go to extremes (today - I love, tomorrow - I hate). The thing is that the numbers in their composition are on opposite ends. The first - makes them peacekeepers and diplomats, the second - charismatic adventurers.

They are lucky with money in life - they come to them quite easily: they make good money, they win the lottery. But they have to seriously work on their personal lives, constantly fall in love with “the wrong people”, and often suffer from a feeling of insecurity next to their partner.


“Thirty” is a sign of business, independent and strong-willed people. They have a fantastic memory, they are able to concentrate perfectly, “disconnecting” from their surroundings. The possibilities of their intellect are huge, and the insight and quickness of the mind help to cope with the most difficult situations.

Their life is full of events, you will not get bored with them. If you want an impartial assessment of what is happening - ask for the advice of a person born on the thirtieth. They do not hesitate to tell the whole truth in person and help with practical advice.


A sign of purposeful and independent people. Do not miss a single opportunity that life gives them. A special individual handwriting and creative approach are traced in everything that they do. Any business they undertake will be brought to perfection. This property helps them to gain a high position in society.

Excellent organizers of the most daring projects. They do not like to follow beaten paths, but always look for new ways and directions. They value stability and fidelity. Do not try to deceive them - you will lose their trust forever.

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