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The most pleasant sensations in the world

Самые приятные ощущения в Мире

Sensations are the most important component of our life. Smells, tastes, touches and textures surround us every day. One of the main skills of life is to learn to have fun and find happiness in the simplest things. Something that you can feel with your skin, something you can touch, smell or taste.

This list includes 35 of the most pleasant sensations in the world :

  1. Remove uncomfortable shoes after a long day.
  2. Kiss the baby on the soft smooth cheek.
  3. "Slam" bubbles on the wrapping film.
  4. Lie cheek on a cool pillow.
  5. Stand under the shower favorite temperature.
  6. Try the first piece of your favorite dish.
  7. Fall into bed after a long day or a sleepless night.
  8. For the first time to kiss the one who you like.
  9. Breathe in the scent of a new book.
  10. Drink the first sip of coffee in the morning.
  11. Feel the rays of the southern sun on your skin.
  12. Walk on the warm sand of the evening beach.
  13. Wear clean, freshly ironed clothes.
  14. Take a walk in the summer rain.
  15. Dive into cool water on a hot day.
  16. Visit the massage.
  17. Run barefoot on the grass.
  18. Inhale the smell of ozone after a thunderstorm.
  19. Bury your hand in the wool of your favorite cat or dog.
  20. Take a sip of cold water in a hot midday.
  21. Warm frozen hands by the fire.
  22. Sneeze after a long time did not work.
  23. Listen and feel the purr of a cat lying on its chest.
  24. Pass a thin metal chain between your fingers.
  25. Brush your teeth with a new toothbrush.
  26. Wear glasses after you just wipe them off.
  27. Feel like sucking under the spoon when you go down by car or bike from a high hill.
  28. Hug someone you missed so much.
  29. Remove from the hands, as the second skin, the dried layer of PVA glue.
  30. Cozy wrapped in a warm blanket when it is raining outside the window.
  31. Fall asleep on fresh sheets.
  32. To catch a pleasant smell, familiar from childhood.
  33. Feel the smell of kebab, which is already fried.
  34. Open one eye early in the morning and realize that it is Saturday.
  35. Enjoy the first sip of wine and understand that life is a damn pleasant thing.