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Eastern horoscope 2020. What awaits Ukrainians in the year of the Rat?

Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

According to the Chinese calendar 2020, the White Metal Rat will rule. The Year of the Rat will begin on January 25, 2020 and will continue until February 11, 2021. The mistress of this year will have a significant impact on all the coming twelve years! According to tradition, the beginning of the New Year according to the Eastern reckoning for many millennia is considered to be the second new moon after the winter solstice, which will be literally in a few days - December 22. Therefore, we still have time to worthily spend and thank the hostess of this year - the Pig or the Boar, who you like ... And after that you need to enthusiastically begin to celebrate the new twelfth anniversary.

The rat is the first symbolic animal of the eastern horoscope, and it is she who begins a new twelve-year cycle. Therefore, the Mistress of this year will have a significant impact not only on 2020, but on all the coming twelve years. This year, industriousness and intelligence come first. The level of spiritual and mental development of the individual, and real deeds and efforts will determine an individual forecast for each representative of the year according to the eastern calendar. Proverb: “what you reap, what you reap”, for the phrase “twenty-twenty” it will be especially important and relevant. The year 2020 promises success in achieving the desired results in all areas of human life - be it business and money, earthly goods and life, personal and family circumstances or health. For all, there will be roughly equal opportunities, but subject to the three main principles: hard work, determination and perseverance.


Крыса - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

There is no doubt that the mistress of the year will try as much as possible for herself to make this year happy, super-profitable and mega-successful. But it is here that the Rats are waiting for a catch. It is well known that the more you try, the worse it turns out ... Therefore, Rats this year should not abuse their enthusiasm and enumeration of emotions. When solving any problems, they are better off relying on logic, but the mind will not always prevail over feelings, since this year is not subject to dry calculation and clear planning. Rats should definitely avoid disputes and quarrels, as well as rivalry. Business relationships this year can flourish in the form of collaboration, co-authorship and partnership. Therefore, the main task in 2020 for the Rats becomes the right choice of partners.

Personal relationships are also permeated with the theme of good partnerships. Those Rats that have long been in a harmonious relationship or a happy marriage will feel joyful, stable and confident. And the lonely will get a good chance of gaining true love and a reliable rear for many years to come.

Health for Rats in 2020 will definitely come in first place. Already at the end of January, as soon as they take over the masters of the year, the Rats will feel a surge of strength. They need to enjoy this feeling and carry it through the whole year carefully and without spilling it. Surge and excess will immediately "go sideways."


Бык - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

In order for this year to be as successful as possible and for better understanding with the mistress of the year, it would be good for the Bull to curb his stubbornness, self-will and self-will. In 2020, high professionalism and honest hard work come to the fore for him, but without tension and fanaticism. In the pursuit of ghostly and momentary success, Bulls can seriously harm themselves! The most successful and dynamic for them will be January, April, August and September. It is better for the Bulls to plan all monetary and other large-scale events for these months, taking into account that all other participants in their lives should be given the right to move at their own pace.

Personal relations this year are wholly under the control of the Bulls themselves. And they can get whatever they want from their loved ones. But the Bulls should carefully monitor the peace of mind of their household so that this year they will be accompanied by a sense of their own security. Bulls can become a reliable support in this regard, even for representatives of the owners of the year.

The health of the Bulls in the coming year depends on their "common sense", because they run the risk of "tearing at work." They should not be at a low start for a long time and torture themselves with marathons. Between work and leisure you need to find the right balance and move this year calmly and with respite. Bulls need special care for their heart and lungs.


Тигр - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

This year opens up many opportunities for the Tigers, for which they were not quite ready before. They can safely go to refresher courses, successfully change their jobs and start their own profitable business, although it is worth paying special attention to the topics and proposals arising in parallel with them. Tigers this year can make good money and even allow themselves to live in a big way. But in all cases, they need to rely only on themselves. In fact, the Tigers are much stronger and more powerful than the mistress of the year, and they do not need anything from her. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the Tigers still need to show respect for her and not give up the unexpected chances this year will provide them.

The Tigers' personal relationships this year may come to naught ... And this is not bad at all, in any case, they need to live this year "for themselves." If they feel comfortable in the company of themselves, then other people will be warm and cozy next to them. As for the Rat, her personal life of the Tigers will be of interest to a minimum, and this is wonderful.

Tiger Health is a special topic this year. Suddenly long forgotten chronic illnesses may worsen, or even a new diagnosis may appear. But these are all signs that the Tiger is not following its life schedule. If you change course and start doing what you want, then your health will improve right there.

Rabbit (cat)

Кролик (Кот) - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

The most dynamic and unpredictable year awaits this time exactly Rabbits. The interaction between them and the mistress of the year is the most difficult and unpredictable ... Therefore, the Rabbit brothers need to "keep an eye out"! They are waiting for provocations and even attacks from the Rat. But the Rabbits have all the strength in order to fight back troubles and even wrap them for their own good. The most promising periods for Rabbits will be the end of spring and the beginning of autumn. At this time, they should not relax. And in the cold season, Rabbits, on the contrary, should go with the flow and not force events. Large purchases and radical changes are better for them to transfer to the future or to do very carefully and with the assistance of those people who can be trusted.

This year's personal life for the Rabbits will become the area where they can show all their creativity and imagination. This time is more suitable for those who are "in a free search." Lonely and restless Rabbits this year can find the long-awaited family happiness. And the rest are waiting for bursts of emotions and the revitalization of warm feelings.

The health of the Rabbits does not really depend on the mood of the mistress of the year. She has so many things to do. She will not put sticks in the wheels, but she will not help the Rabbits in this aspect of their life either. Therefore, the more Rabbits show concern for themselves and their health on their own, the better for them.

The Dragon

Дракон - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

This year promises to be very prosperous for most Dragons, especially if they make the right choice at all stages. The most important time for them is the end of March. A correctly made decision will determine not only their success this year, but will also become a reliable foundation for the whole new twelve years to come. The strong spirit, courage and generosity of the Dragons will be very useful to them in solving all issues, especially financial ones. And the sense of humor and incomparable charisma that the Rat simply adores will make it possible to do all its work with ease and assistance from all sides. If the Dragons show a high level of diligence and sanity, then they can become well-deserved favorites of this year.

The personal relationship of Dragons also permeates the topic of the right choice. Moreover, this is not just a search for the partner they need - it is a choice between good and evil, light and shadow ... And a strong physical attraction and sincere bright love of partners will put a dot over the “i”. The rat will certainly help his beloved Dragon establish his personal life and feel harmonious.

The health of Dragons directly depends on their habits. The white color, symbolizing this year, helps all those who want to cleanse themselves and get rid of those habits that are detrimental to health. The main thing here is to start, and the Dragons have the strength and courage to take both themselves and their health into their own hands.


Змея - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

Representatives of this year should try to extract maximum pleasure and profit from it. The mistress of the year for Snakes has a very specific and cool feeling. The friendship between them is established and maintained only at the expense of their mutual love of chatter. The business relationship between the Snake and the mistress of the year is very interesting, but they look interesting mainly from the outside! Therefore, so that this year does not pass for Snakes “like an empty day”, they need to include all their charm and resourcefulness and fill their reality with adventures and productive themes. The most successful period for Snakes will be summer, so all the main plans for accomplishing this year need to be carefully worked out in the spring. And in the fall it’s easy to rest on our laurels and enjoy the harvest.

Personal relationships Snakes this year may hang on the banal "blah blah blah." Perhaps many of them are satisfied with this situation. In this case, they don’t have to do anything, let everything go as it goes. May is more favorable for decision making and dotting over "i".

The health of Snakes, especially in winter, will depend on their environment. If representatives of this sign will receive maximum attention and love from others, they will be healthy, cheerful and cheerful. Otherwise, the Snakes can choke and hurt, thus attracting attention to themselves. Do not do this, it is better to go on a trip.


Лошадь - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

The beginning of the year for the Horses will be much more successful than its continuation, because the Pig treats them much better than the Rat. Business relations between the Rat and the Horse are difficult due to eternal contradictions, disagreement, confrontation. But if you are careful and collected, then the whole year can go by the Horses without much loss. And if you let the processes drift, then everything will be, as they say, "with sin in half." Horses will be provided with good enough opportunities to stabilize their financial situation, and for tickling nerves of change. But the question of who will do these things remains open. In the best case, the Rat will not spend his time on the Horse, so it is preferable to take all the processes into your own hands. “You can’t get a fish out of a pond without labor” - this proverb will be the leitmotif of life for the Horses this year.

Personal relations Horses need to be cherished and cherished and not brought to their peaks, especially in the spring. At the beginning of the year, they may indeed have violent passions, and emotional outbursts, but then things can still come to discord and divorce. It is better not to raise complex issues to a principled height and not to sort things out.

Horse Health in 2020 promises to be "equine." Such a bonus will provide them with a Rat as a kind of consolation prize and compensation for their carelessness to them. And this prize is worth a lot. After all, if health is at its best, then all other matters can be calmly solved independently.


Коза - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

The Rat and the Goat is not such a productive union, so the capricious Goats need to set aside their ambitions and turn on all their charm and attentiveness. There is good news for them - they have as many contradictions with the mistress of the year as they have in common. For example, the ease of lifting. But the Goat for the Rat is too bizarre, closed and incomprehensible. Although if the Goats reveal themselves towards life and adventure, then they will find many pleasant surprises and chances. In addition, if the year of the Rat provides the Goat with the right amount of money, then she will calmly graze in the meadows, because her soul will be satisfied with this. And for this restive Kozochka need to cooperate fruitfully with others.

Personal relationships this year for the Goats are on the forefront and require applause. In other words, a "silent backwater" in love is not expected ... And then it all depends on the desire of the Goats themselves. 2020 can bring them a new surge of positive emotions and the renewal of past relationships. And it can end with a loud scandal and a break. In any case, the rat will assist Kose in fulfilling her innermost desires on the love front, the whole thing is in the correct formulation of desires.

Goat's health is primarily dependent on its nutrition. Those representatives, and especially representatives of this year, who have embarked on the path of proper nutrition and the struggle for harmony, will greatly succeed in this and will "walk through life laughing." And the rest should take care of themselves and at least not overeat.

A monkey

Обезьяна - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

For Monkeys, the time comes for success, success and victory. This is the best combination - the Rat and the Monkey, which is very beneficial to the latter. Any business or undertaking that the Monkey wants to initiate this year will be supported by the mistress of the year! But the nonchalant Monkey can miss his lucky chances if he does not show due diligence. In fact, she just needs to be at the right time in the right place. But for this, you still need to strain and leave the house with a certain mood and intention. Business relations and financial projects also promise to be successful and promising, but the Monkeys should beware of blindly following their instincts and pride - this can scare away those who are willing to cooperate with them.

Personal relationships for Monkeys in the year of the White Metal Rat can be not only successful, but even happy. Perhaps the emergence of new relationships and even marriage. The Monkey partners will be loyal to them and will even show their willingness to forgive the minor transgressions of their partner in love and marriage. Mutual love will be combined with complete mutual understanding.

The health of the Monkeys will please them and inspire confidence in their abilities. It will be enough for them to get enough sleep and observe basic hygiene rules so that any epidemics and ailments pass them by. The energies of the Year of the Rat will give the Monkeys a magical time of stability and well-being.


Петух - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

These vocal, energetic and winged creatures in 2020 will be where to turn around and show themselves in all its glory. Between the mistress of the year and the Rooster will be observed the deep sympathy of two soul mates. The rat is able to show great patience and tolerance towards the Roosters - it will give them time to swing and support their periods of activity, which can be expected in March-April and closer to the beginning of autumn. The mistress of the year will protect them from excessive passions and even attacks of competitors. And the hard work and determination of the Roosters will be fully rewarded. But they should not wait for momentary benefits, and this year's risk will be completely unjustified, even if all options for the development of events are provided.

Personal relationships will not be stable for Roosters of both sexes. But they can count on luck and a favorable combination of circumstances. Despite the fact that a female Rooster can be a big emotional waste, and male Roosters begin to rush about in all directions, the energies of the Year of the Rat will be able to stabilize these excesses and direct them in the right direction.

Health this year will be a priority for the Roosters, and this must be reconciled. Things will go wrong for them if the health issue is left to chance, since the Rooster is a well-known daredevil and provocateur. Therefore - no risk and adrenaline, and even more so no indulgence in bad habits.


Собака - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

Hope for a brighter future and faith in one's dreams and ideals is one of the key horoscope trends for 2020 for the Dog. Only those of them who are positive and optimistic will be able to find stability in their personal lives, achieve their goals in the professional and financial spheres, and even confidence in the future for the whole country. In general, this year for the Dogs will be quite interesting, but calm. The less the Rat will interfere with the Dog’s plans, the better. Representatives of this year need to give themselves space to be alone and dream.

Personal relations will develop more successfully if this year the power in the house belongs to someone else, and the Dog will be engaged in household affairs and kitchen. In simple practical matters and concerns, Dogs, especially women, will feel at ease. For dogs in the year of the Rat, it is important not to neglect the little things in the relationship, since for the symbol of the year all the words spoken and any events that occur are of great importance.

Health for Dogs will come first this year. They are recommended all kinds of preventive methods and procedures. A great idea would be a trip to a sanatorium, a medical resort or just more to be in the fresh air. If there is such an opportunity, then travel needs to be given time in the spring, and in the summer, and in the fall ...

Pig (Boar)

Свинья (Кабан) - Восточный гороскоп 2020. Что ждет украинцев в год Крысы

Under certain conditions, this year can become very harmonious and successful for the owners of the previous period. Pig and Rat have a lot in common: both of them are intellectuals and "hard workers" at the same time. In addition, they have a good spiritual understanding. The truthfulness and good nature of the Pig is very much to the liking of the Mistress of the year. In addition, she is ready to promote and support the business qualities of the Pig. These are two good friends who like to walk and make noise together, and if Pigs, especially men, calmly hand over the reins to the hands of the new “President of the Year”, then the rat’s natural aggressiveness will not affect Pig’s promotion of this year’s energies. Especially successful for them will be the beginning of the year and August-September. Therefore, a summer vacation is best planned for June-July.

Representatives of this year's personal relationships and family situation promise to be quite stable. Difficulties can arise only when solving acute financial issues. Such as: inheritance, division of property, major acquisitions ... But the Pigs themselves will not raise these issues. And if they manage to dodge the pressure of their relatives and household, then everything will end well.

The health of both men and women of “pig origin” in 2020 depends not on them, but on those who tend to “make them nervous”. If you do not succumb to provocations and treats with understanding the weaknesses of others, then Pigs will be able to feel confident and comfortable.