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Tiger (energy)

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

TIGER is a frontier. Unruly, he has a quick temper. Always revolts against the elder according to rank. He is from the material from which revolutionaries and leaders are made.

Unfortunately, like all the bosses, it is not always worth the trust that is being given to him. When he shouts: "Forward!" - in deeds or in love, as well as in war, people should think before acting, and even keep him for tails. TIGER can lead others to disaster, a taste for risk in him up to recklessness, to unconscious actions.

It is difficult to resist his magnetism. Natural power gives him an edge. He does not like to obey, but he compels others. He is respected. No one dares to tell him the truth. And even when they try to kill him, he is respected and honored.

If he manages to think about before acting, and heeding the advice to be cautious, he can achieve greater success. A fighter by nature, sharp and quick-tempered, he is able to sacrifice himself for the cause. Stubborn and stubborn, ardent and petty, he often is with someone in the conflict. The egoist in small things, is capable of unselfishness in the affairs of the great. Narrow-minded, he does not trust anyone.

TIGER always goes forward, despises the established power, hierarchy and conservative minds. Paradoxically, he can retreat before making an important decision until the moment when it is too late to take it. TIGER can be a military commander or an enterprise manager. He can even become a dangerous criminal. He loves all kinds of activities in which there is a risk. The same applies to women - TIGRAM, who will always be the first to declare war customary in the name of gaining a right. TIGER is never directly interested in money, but can make a fortune.

TIGER - a man of extraordinary action and exceptional destiny, unexpected situations. It is a warrior, sensitive, emotional and capable of deep reflection, strong love. But being very passionate, he is rarely happy in love. A woman - Tigger will have many adventures, which often end badly.

TIGER can connect his life with an honest HORSE, a DRAGON, which will bring him strength and caution, with the DOG, who will always be there to defend the great deeds together. TIGER should avoid a very smart SNAKE that does not understand him, and too cunning for him to MONKEY. However, TIGER is in constant danger. In love, friendship and business, he can not trust the MONKEY, unscrupulous and dexterous, capable of fooling him. Nothing is recommended to him to undertake and with the BULL, as he is stronger than the TIGER and attacks him without delay to destroy. If in one house TIGER and BULL, TIGRO should go.

As for KOTA, he never gets along with TIGROM. The people say: in order to annoy the TIGRU, the cat climbs onto a tree, where a heavier TIGER can not rise, and cope with its need for its muzzle. In fact, they still understand each other, because they belong to the same genus.

The first phase of life TIGRA will be calm and without difficulties. The second is passionate and stormy. He will have to solve problems of all kinds: financial, personal relationships, marital, family - nothing will be spared. If these problems are not completely resolved, they can go to the third phase, which, however, will end with bringing peace and tranquility to him if he survives to old age. But everything will depend on whether the TIGER was born at night or during the day. Born at night, especially midnight, TIGER will be freed from traps of all kinds and life will be less turbulent as opposed to the TIGER who was born after sunrise, especially at noon. This one will be passionate, harsh and exposed to many dangers. In any case, he will never be sad. TIGER, born day or night, should never expect a quiet life. However, he does not want her. Filled with accidents, she will be passionate, stormy. The taste for risk will push him to a constant game with his destiny.

This is a man and violent deaths, and a man of luck. Nobody is as lucky as Tigers are lucky. For Asian peoples, TIGER is a magnificent sign that embodies the power of the earth and the emblem of protecting human life. TIGER in the house can get rid of three misfortunes: from thieves, from fire, from cunning. However, if there are two TIGERS in the house, one of them must disappear!