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How to attract a guy, knowing who he is on the zodiac sign?

Чем привлечь парня по зодиаку?

OWEN (March 21 - April 20)

You finally managed to interest Aries in your person, to break the ice of alienation. If you want to know what your chosen one aspires in the depths of his soul, first of all understand: his needs and desires are often very naive. Carefully ensure that your behavior does not have a hint of spiritual and moral uncleanliness. When Aries will be fascinated by you, when he will trust you, consider that the most difficult thing is over. Now you just have to keep the fire of his feelings ...

Aries is a sign of fire, therefore incendiary parties are its elements. Aries guys love to be admired, but they are very inconstant, they need strong feelings. The girl of such a guy must have a strong character. To hit Aries, you need to show your best. Or resort to the method of "taming the obstinate": since Aries loves to overcome obstacles, you can portray yourself as impregnable. The harder it will be to break you, the harder it will try to do it. Just do not go too far!

In order for him to love you, you must be: feminine, passionate, self-confident, capable of surprising, diplomatic.

In order not to lose him, it is impossible: to rouse aggressiveness in him, to doubt his masculine qualities, to laugh at his naivety, to behave like a man, to get the best of him.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20)

First of all, you need to understand - Taurus is a sign of the earth, like the earth, it is waiting for healthy seeds, which it will allow it to feed on its juices, so that they bloom and bear fruit. If he meets a woman who flourishes in his arms, he will flourish internally. You must give him the impression that, in alliance with a man, you are primarily looking for a deep understanding and support. his heart

Taurus guys are very "right" guys. Never hurt, if that - forgive. And they are hospitable, affectionate and kind. You can attract such gold by playing on its basic inclination - the love of the beautiful. Tauruses appreciate painting and music. Play him something, draw a portrait - Taurus will be happy. Dress should be something airy and gentle. Despite its "correctness", Taurus does not mind to plunge into the love pool. So, if you want, fall with him, and if not, be careful: you will fall and you will not notice!

In order for him to love you, you must: be excitingly beautiful, faithful, gentle, balanced and calm, good housewife.

In order not to lose him, it is impossible: to be interested in other men, to leave him for more than 24 hours, to waste money on him, to laugh at his first love, to deceive his confidence.

TWINS (May 21 - June 21)

You should understand: that he needs a woman who will be a little friend, a little entertainment and a little partner in love. Put on one of two cards: memory or a brilliant mind - this will be enough! In conversations, open up your wide knowledge to him, talk about everything that you managed to learn, operate with numerous facts. When you manage to charm the Gemini, arouse his interest and desire to exchange news, you can assume that the most difficult thing is over - now all that remains is to kindle the flames of his feelings.

Twins easily make friends and just as easily part. To attract a Gemini, you need to be always on the rise, and each time get up something new. They very quickly get used to what they have and start to get bored. And out of boredom, they start fumbling around, where at this moment the pretty girls pass. It is not to say that the Twins are very unstable, but still somewhat restless. You need to be creative, so that Gemini does not have time to think about anything except you!

In order for him to love you wholeheartedly, you must be: endowed with a vigorous romantic fantasy, sometimes a little even crazy, inventive in love, direct in expressing feelings, sociable.

In order not to lose him, in no case can one: be too serious, show possessive feelings towards him, restrict his freedom, ignore his passions, criticize his superficiality. Do not be afraid of obstacles, any girl can win the heart of a Gemini, it is important to act confidently.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

So you found your Cancer and interested him in your persona. Now try to make the “attraction” between you develop into love. The main goal of Cancer is to create a union of two souls based on emotional interdependence. The woman who will win his heart will be for him his second half, the meaning of existence. Breaking with it is equivalent to the end of the world, so this is simply not taken into account. It can be added that you dream of a person in which passion and tenderness would join, who would take care of you, understand you without words, love what you love, be with you in sorrow and in joy ... You will see how they light up He has eyes - he will instantly understand that he has found the one he was looking for and will want to give you everything you dream about!

The main feature of Cancers is sensitivity. These are very vulnerable people, so if you hurt Cancer, you can lose it forever. Cancers are very fond of attention and compliments, so it makes sense to praise them solely for their talents. For a Cancer guy it’s very important that you share his interests. Does he like fishing? You always dreamed of learning how to fish. Maybe he will teach you next weekend? He likes football? Can I come to the game? Do not forget to praise your beloved, and he will be fascinated.

In order for him to love you firmly and devotedly, you should always be an emotional girl, but above all a sympathetic and kind person. But the main thing for you to be endless: romantic, tender, emotional, loyal family, loving children.

To prevent him from losing it is impossible: to make fun of his romance, to show the coldness of feelings, to laugh at his excessive sensitivity, to criticize his family, too often to leave him alone.

LION (July 23 - August 23)

You should know: deep down, your chosen one seeks to find a partner who could share his strong passion with him. Try to present yourself as a strong personality. Pretty, well-groomed, but an ordinary woman will never impress him. Make it clear that you accept the challenge. If you succeeded in enchanting Leo, arouse admiration in him, you can consider that the most difficult is already behind; now it is important to keep his love.

The lion is an aristocrat, courageous and magnanimous. Lions know how to be kings: they just need to be first. And you need to be the first lady next to Leo. Lions are very self-confident, so it is easy to offend such a guy by hinting to him that he is actually quite an ordinary person. But if you behave like a crowned heiress - majestic, but feminine - then you will surely wake up his interest. Leo will like a girl who respects herself, but at the same time treats others friendly.

So that he loves you, you must be: always beautiful and well-groomed, presentable and admirable, generous and noble, passionate, generous in any circumstances.

In order not to lose it, it is impossible: to be petty, to portray someone else, to admire others, to openly resist him, to sacrifice absolutely everything for him.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23)

The virgin man is pretty picky. He shows exceptional demands to his beloved, wanting to see her walking perfection. That is why he constantly makes comments, criticizes, teaches, hoping to bring his life companion closer to his ideas about the ideal woman. The main thing is to reason and express yourself logically and clearly, this can achieve much more than ordinary female intuition, because he considers disgusting women's tricks. If you manage to charm the man-Virgo you liked and he will believe in your sincerity and naturalness of your behavior, that is the most difficult thing behind.

Guys-Virgos are secretive, shy. They achieve their hard work and perseverance. And if the guy took up something, he would never let go. To be with him in the same team, it is necessary to adopt his qualities: modesty, diligence and kindness. Maidens-lovers terribly love to quibble over trivialities and can't stand the mess. Therefore, when you go on the first date, be careful. And if a mess is going on in your room, better not invite him there! Offer to sit in the kitchen.

In order for this practical and sometimes very pedantic pelantik guy to love you, you must certainly be: balanced, pedantic, disciplined, reliable, always natural.

In order not to lose him, it is impossible: to disrupt the established order of his life, to arrange everywhere a farce and chaos, to show disdain towards him, to deceive him, to overspend him with money. Virgo-nature complex, adoring the exact order, even in a relationship.

Scales (24.09 - 23.10)

If you want to know what your chosen one seeks in the depths of his soul, you must first of all understand his psyche, consisting of a mass of “boxes and drawers” ​​in which you will find exactly what you expect. In order to please him, you must show those qualities that he expects from you, even if you do not really possess them. You should remember: in his presence should not show anger or anger, indicating your dissatisfaction. When you succeed in enchanting him, you can assume that the most difficult is over - the first barriers have already been taken and you need to make sure that your momentary fascination with you turns into true love.

Guy-Libra is elegance, refinement and grace. He is so charming that it is impossible to resist. His gentle nature and inability to quarrel is appreciated by all. The ideal of a girl for him: harmonious, fair and strong character. Because Libra themselves try to avoid conflicts, which is why they sometimes have to sacrifice their convictions. So sometimes you have to protect your delicate boyfriend. He will surely like your mind, erudition, resourcefulness. Show these qualities - the Libra will move in your direction.

In order for him to love you, you must be: decisive, at the same time very sweet and gracious, gentle and condescending, diplomatic, extremely elegant.

In order not to lose him, it is impossible: to make scandals or noisy showdowns, laugh at his weaknesses, force him to make decisions, deny him tenderness, isolate him from people.

SCORPIO (24.10 - 22.11)

To win his love, you should be original in everything: in your judgments, behavior, desires. You will have to do this in public, and you will need a lot of courage to ignore public opinion. It doesn’t matter if you feel like an extraordinary person or not, the main thing is to remember: in his presence you cannot be like other women. Your actions and statements should surprise, perplex, confuse - in the framework of decency, of course. Then you will achieve your goal: he will succumb to your charm.

Scorpions - mysterious, temperamental natures. This is a noble, courageous guy who very rarely makes compromises. It is not easy to win his heart, the slightest pressure - and Scorpio - is a born fighter, therefore it is dangerous to fight with him. The best way to demonstrate insecurity. Scorpions are very caring: "turn up" an inadvertent leg and he will rush to your aid. Scorpio can cry, but you should not replay: whiners are not interested in anyone.

In order for him to love you, you must be: charming, mysterious, sexy, passionate, a bit dodgy.

You can never: insult his feelings, deceive his confidence, laugh at his weaknesses, avoid sexual intimacy, too often give him up. Scorpio is a very strong man. He always seeks to find an equal companion, and necessarily one to be proud of ...

SAGITTARIUS (23.11 - 21.12)

Your Sagittarius considers himself free from any dependence. To please him, you must convince him that you, too, do not make any orders and prohibitions. Let him see in you a kindred soul, even if in reality your views completely diverge. If you succeeded in enchanting Sagittarius without affecting his freedom, it means that the most difficult thing is over, now you only need to maintain the heat of his love.

Sagittarius is the harmony of feelings and thoughts, the love of beauty and ease of communication. Archers are optimistic and trusting. Although they are sometimes rampant fool, but in their hearts they dream of true love and family comfort. Archers love romance and travel. It is easier to draw the attention of Sagittarius precisely on the journey: you must combine the love of adventure and the ability to be gentle. It is difficult, of course, but it is such things that attract Streltsov the most.

So that he loves you, you must be: independent, tolerant, unpredictable and witty, cheerful spirit, ready for the most unpredictable adventures.

In order not to lose him, one cannot: restrict his freedom, control his actions, criticize him, put pressure on him, induce boredom on him. Find the path to the heart of Sagittarius is not so difficult. The main thing is more originality.

CAPRICORN (22.12 - 20.01)

You found your Capricorn, and you managed to attract his attention. The ice has broken, and now you break your head what to do so that sympathy turns into love. Bear in mind: first of all, Capricorn man appreciates people who think and know how to realize their talents. During the conversation, mention your dedication to any business. He will be able to appreciate your interest, because he himself invests his whole soul in what he does. In order to please the Capricorn man, you need to prove: you possess all the qualities that are most important for him in life.

Capricorn - calm, thorough, hardworking and constantly busy. He calculates everything to the smallest detail, so annoying surprises happen to him quite rarely. However, this bullet-proof man is very sensitive to compliments and various tenderness. Therefore, we will build a strategy on the caress, smile and kindness. Capricorn will like hand-made gifts, warm words and other troubles. Go to him with all your heart - and it will melt.

In order for him to love you, you must be: a cunning, strong, admirable, sensitive, natural.

So as not to lose him, it is impossible: to impose, to show carelessness, to underestimate his ambition, to compare him with his predecessor, to give him everything.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

If you are wondering what your chosen one aspires to at heart, remember: first of all, he is an adherent of the modern lifestyle. Therefore, he is impressed by an innovative approach to any issues. Adhere to the image of a woman, absolutely free from any traditional conventions, but at the same time make sure that you do not inadvertently prejudice his male rights to a woman. Love without respect is not love, so try to win it.

Aquarius - soft, dreamy and bright people. And, that to us, girls, it is very useful: they simply dream to save someone and protect from danger. Since we are creatures weak and vulnerable, and there are a great many dangers in the world, it is not a difficult task to get Aquarius into our networks! One has only to get up with a confused, defenseless view in front of a huge puddle - and order! Aquarius is right there.

In order for him to love you, you must be: sincere in everything, especially in expressing feelings towards him, tolerant and condescending, friendly, original, inquisitive.

In order not to lose him, it is impossible: to limit his freedom, to poke fun at his ideals, to flirt with his friends, to criticize his acquaintances, to induce boredom on him. Keep in mind when building your relationship with Aquarius, the main thing is not to replay! After all, he will immediately make it clear that something does not suit him, but then, when his discontent breaks through, it will be a real explosion! Then, you can be sure, it will be very difficult to restore good relations! But in general, this sign is capable, if desired, to make happy anyone he loves.

FISH (20.02 - 20.03)

Man-Fish is constantly in need of confirming the significance of his own person and is often looking for him in a love relationship with a woman. Therefore, the feeling of security that you want to give him should arise as a reaction to trust. To earn his appreciation, prove your enterprise. Do it at the first opportunity: he must understand that you easily solve life problems. When you succeed in capturing a man born under the sign of Pisces, overcome the barriers that divide you, earn his trust and convince him of your business! Then, you can be sure, it will be very difficult to restore good relations! But in general, this sign is capable, if desired, to make happy anyone he loves.

FISH (20.02 - 20.03)

Man-Fish is constantly in need of confirming the significance of his own person and is often looking for him in a love relationship with a woman. Therefore, the feeling of security that you want to give him should arise as a reaction to trust. To earn his appreciation, prove your enterprise. Do it at the first opportunity: he must understand that you easily solve life problems. When you manage to captivate a man born under the sign of Pisces, overcome the barriers that divide you, earn his trust and convince him of your efficiency, you can assume that the most difficult is over.

Pisces are peace-loving people with inexhaustible fantasy and a penchant for mysticism. Therefore, it is possible that the boy-fish will like some unusual version of dating. At the same time, he will give you the initiative, because the fish generally go with the flow. So, take the initiative! We approach our beloved and invite him to the cinema or to a cafe. Absolute courage and surprise - these are your trumps. Of course, the guy may refuse, but here as lucky. So you shouldn't get very upset, but you can try again: the second attempt will surely be a surprise ...

So that he will surely fall in love with you, you should always try to be: responsive, delicate and with beautiful, refined manners, gentle, polite, determined, maddening with your sex appeal.

In order to never lose it, one should not allow oneself: to be rude, to be taken aback by circumstances, to make fun of his sensitivity, to offend him, to be indecisive.