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How revenge zodiac signs? Who should you get round?

Как мстят знаки Зодиака?

The signs of the zodiac are 12 sectors of 30 ° each, in which the zodiacal belt is divided into astrology; certain metaphysical properties are attributed to each of these areas, which play a role in analyzing horoscopes.

The names of the signs derive from the names of the twelve corresponding zodiacal constellations, in which the Sun alternates in its annual movement. Signs of the zodiac, which are the main element of astrology, for modern astronomy have only historical significance. There is a version according to which the names of the marks arose after the exploits of Hercules.

Sign Symbol
Western astrology
(option I)
Western astrology
(option II)
Astronomy data
Aries Aries March 21 - April 19 March 21 - April 20 April 19 - May 13
Taurus Taurus April 20 - May 20 April 21 - May 21 May 14 - June 19
Twins Twins May 21 - June 20 May 22 - June 21 June 20 - July 20
Crayfish Crayfish June 21 - July 22 June 22 - July 22 July 21 - August 9
a lion a lion July 23 - August 22 July 23 - August 21 August 10 - September 15
Virgo Virgo August 23 - September 22 August 22 - September 23 September 16 - October 30
Libra Libra September 23 - October 22 September 24 - October 23 October 31 - November 22
Scorpio Scorpio October 23 - November 21 October 24 - November 22 November 23 - November 29
Ophiuchus Ophiuchus - - November 30 - December 17
Sagittarius Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 November 23 - December 22 December 18 - January 18
Capricorn Capricorn December 22 - January 19 December 23 - January 20 January 19 - February 15
Aquarius Aquarius January 20 - February 18 January 21 - February 19 February 16 - March 11
Fish Fish February 19 - March 20 February 20 - March 20 March 12 - April 18


In order for the ram to take revenge, you need to really try very hard. You can get this from him like this: persistently and systematically get it day after day, doing what this zodiac sign categorically asked you not to do with your own words and your actions. But with actions he demonstrates his discontent very strongly. As you know, this is a sign of fire, active and, one might even say, aggressive. He is not one of those who will harbor an insult in himself. Most likely, the payment will be quick and possibly painful. But then you will be sure that he is not holding a stone in his bosom. Because he already threw this stone at you.

If you are undermining his authority in the eyes of those who are important to him, be prepared for the fact that they will give you a very decisive rebuff. In this case, Aries will not chew at all guilt. Did he warn you? Warned! And, perhaps, even lit a couple of times in the face, or at least gave a good warning push. After that, you decide to continue? Themselves to blame! Now be ready not for revenge, but ... for self-defense! Yes, that is how he will perceive it. At the same time, it will act adamantly and decisively, like a tank. To ensure that the abuser moved to another city or at least to another area, changed jobs and social circle for a fiery lamb will be a matter of first importance. In general, it is better not to bring this up, it is better not to bring it up!


Taurus is clearly not the sign that will mock you because of any nonsense. All the decisions he has are balanced, and he will also think thoroughly about corroding you from somewhere. So you have to try to make him mad. In general, even in nature, you can see that the bulls are calm animals, but being furious can sweep away everything in their path. So are the representatives of this sign. Surrounding people usually know that the opinion of this character is worth a lot. He does not make hasty conclusions and judgments. And also in the circle of his communication, he is a kind of leader - perhaps informal, but this leadership cannot be ignored. Therefore, having brought the calf, be prepared to become an outcast. Being in a society can become so unpleasant for you that, most likely, you even want to change this society. And all because at some point you decided that you can get this calm person with impunity. Tauruses have weight and authority, including in the eyes of the authorities. Therefore, it can even go to dismissal. Well, in family relationships, the result may be a divorce. You are not satisfied with this result?

Forced to warn - to restore a good opinion of the calf about the "guilty" will not be easy. In their views, they are usually stable. However, this has a downside - to convince him that you do not deserve a good attitude, it will also take some time. Perhaps long, although with serious perseverance, it can be significantly reduced. In general, it is possible to return his confidence and change his opinion of himself to a more favorable one, but it will take a very long time. Few are capable of it, only if the relationship with this person or being in this society is really very dear to you.


Few people take this sign seriously, including as avengers, and in vain. Maybe they are not as strong in a fight as Aries, but now the word, as a rule, is excellent in writing, verbal, and then both of these options. But sometimes the word stings more painful and can cause more damage than a fight! After all, the bruise will pass in a month, and the gossip that Gemini will spread about you will live for a very long time and, perhaps, outlast you. At the same time, they so skillfully intertwine with a lie that it is simply impossible to not believe them! Perhaps they themselves already believe that you are a real monster, and you will give this firm conviction to others.

They are also experts in using in revenge all kinds of modern technologies, such as viruses, for example. So, having annoyed this sign, open letters from it with caution. Due to the strong Mercury, he is a master of communications. Letters, forums, oral speech, and maybe even the media - all this will be used to sink the enemy. However, they are unforgiving, and having annoyed you before breakfast, at lunch they will be perplexed that it is you who are so boiling, After all, they themselves have already forgotten everything and offered you a profitable business. By the way, because of their perfect unforgivingness, Gemini may absolutely not understand others when they are offended by them. “What are you talking about?”, They can ask completely innocently, “after all, we had a fight in the morning, and now it's dinner!” On the one hand, this is, of course, good quality, especially from the point of view of those who are not distinguished by impeccable behavior and impeccable manners. After all, who else will forgive such people and be able to maintain long-term relationships with them, if not Gemini who are not light in character ?! On the other hand, sensitive people can be hurt by what their close Gemini treats with wickedness to the wounds that they inflict. So, how you look at this approach depends on what is most important for you in a relationship.


This sign prefers to push morally. However, if this tool does not work, then it will also physically crush you. In this case, revenge will be executed without further ado, but, most likely, it will be serious and even total. Those who put pressure on you with a sense of guilt, behave very much like crustaceans! However, one should not think that this is just a quiet creature that is capable only of being offended. Yes, unpleasant, but so what? If this sign decides that you are seriously offended, be ready for merciless and merciless revenge. At the same time, like a ram, his conscience will not torment him. After all, you hurt his feelings! And do not think that by taking revenge, he will again communicate with you, no matter how. Most likely, he will erase you from his life. Once and for all. And this is what will be his worst revenge. Moreover, he will ignore you even in the event that you vitally need his help, or even on your knees to beg to forgive all former offenses. He will calmly look at your torments with such a look as if they don’t touch him at all - and they don’t really touch him, because the relationship for him was interrupted at that very moment when he decided that he had enough.

By the way, the difficulty in dealing with Cancer also lies in the fact that he usually does not speak about his complaints. You have to guess about them, like this. And since not everyone has the gift of clairvoyance, then he can completely stop communicating with you all at once. Sudden layoffs, unpredictable and seemingly unreasonable reports of a break are all about Cancer. If he had any expectations that you had the audacity not to justify, then for Cancer it is quite a good reason to take offense and start revenge. And you will only wonder what you have done this.

a lion

Honestly, it's hard to imagine why anger Leo. No person in his right mind and mind will do this consciously. However, this may happen inadvertently - for example, you deceived him (which, incidentally, rarely happens by chance) or publicly undermined his authority. In this case, before it is too late, it is better to apologize in the most sincere terms. Well, if it's too late, get ready. He will stop at nothing. The softest form you can count on is a demonstration of your insignificance. No, he does not gossip like a twin. He simply makes it clear to those around you that you are nobody, and to call you in any way. And, if necessary, provide evidence. And the main evidence will be he, who does everything better than you, and indeed, in general, he is better. And people believe Leo, by the way. After all, he - the king of animals and enjoys undeniable prestige. Well, in more severe cases, everything will go into action, up to intimidation of you by some kind of dark personalities and bringing to paranoia.

Really, it is better not to provoke the anger of Leo. However, it is possible and to regain the location of this sign, and, by the way, it is not so difficult to do. In any case, it is much easier than in relations with an obstinate Taurus, whose opinion is almost impossible to change! Just as sincerely as possible, with real repentance (you can even with tears in your eyes) admit your mistakes, repent, praise the wisdom and insight of Leo, and all your mistakes will be forgiven. Your actions will be especially effective if you start singing the praises in public to him or her. All the Lions are incredibly conceited, and, most likely, your misconduct in the eyes of this sign after such behavior will become quite insignificant.

Lions tend to patronize others, so do not hesitate to admit that you need their help - they will not only help you with pleasure, but they will forgive you a lot. Yet they are very generous. Just do not try to use it. If they notice that they are being manipulated, then the lion's roar and his attack will be even more terrible than the first time.


Bring the Virgin to white heat, you probably will be much more difficult than to do it with the same Aries or Leo. But if a person is distinguished by a special talent and he still managed to do it, get ready for something special. Everyone knows this sign as extremely pedantic, but few understand that in certain situations it also becomes inventive. For example, the Japanese methods of torture - pouring water into the ears - are clearly clearly influenced by the Virgin, as, indeed, Japan itself. The bureaucrats born under this sign will not swear at you. They just make it so that you do not get your documents. Never. And never. Or get them through such a period and after going through such anguish that your hands will shake and you will give yourself a vow never to offend the Dev. Revenge of their implicit, but extremely unpleasant. Only years later you can understand that, in general, they mocked you very seriously.

If the Virgin is attractive, then she can entangle you with her charms, fall in love with herself and ... nothing. So you will suffer and suffer. And she (or he) will enjoy it. Also, a typical Virgo can give you a chill. And if at work, for example, it will not be so unpleasant, then in personal relationships it can cause a lot of negative emotions. Denial of sex, personal meetings, close companionship - all these measures seem not so aggressive, but at the same time they can become very sensitive and even bring more suffering than the accusations thrown in your face. A typical Virgo can restrainedly keep silent, aggravate the situation and take revenge quietly. For example, if this is your wife, she can “forget” to stroke your costume on Monday morning. Or she can “forget” that you have an appointment. In general, it would seem, little things, but over time, these little things can cause a lot of anxiety. So in the end you will have to ask forgiveness from the restrained Maiden, and perhaps in time she will forgive you. Just do not commit the same offense a second time and, of course, the third time. The analytical mind of Virgo will tell her that somewhere she is being deceived, and, most likely, forgiveness you will not wait again.


Although the representatives of this sign are very touchy, you should not seriously fear their revenge. However, no, they can hurt, having beaten off your object of sighs. Do not forget that, in the end, they are extremely charming, so it’s not difficult for them. In general, they can have a very high opinion of their vindictiveness, but from the outside it looks quite funny. In fact, the object of their revenge may not even notice the fact that some kind of aggression is directed against it - unless, of course, it is thick enough. For natures more sensitive, dissatisfaction with this sign may be more pronounced, but they will not be able to cause them much harm. In general, it is impossible to call them big avengers. And yet, if they succeed in something, they are unlikely to resist the temptation to hurt you with this. And they achieve success quite often, so that, most likely, they will achieve their goal.

They can also openly make complaints in the face. For some people, this can be quite unpleasant, but still such actions cannot be called revenge even with a very big stretch. If you, despite the peacefulness of this sign, continue to get it, most likely, it will simply try to stay away from you. Smash the enemy with your arguments - for them the way to defeat him. And, most likely, if he considers his arguments convincing enough, he will be completely satisfied. And the offender as a result of his aggressive actions, most likely, will simply lose the opportunity to communicate with this pleasant in all respects and interesting sign.


Scorpio's vengefulness became the talk of the town. If you want to live for a long time and, preferably, happily, then it is better to behave politely with this sign. Believe me, he will not be satisfied with any trifle in response, and he will hold a grudge for a long time. All that you have done to him, he will return, and with interest. Perhaps big. It is worth noting that getting into the area that Scorpio considers his own is extremely dangerous.

Have you decided to give him advice that he did not ask for? Commented on his work, which he again did not ask? They wanted to make him better, and he found out about it? Well, good intentions laid out the path to scorpion revenge. Better not. Even without you, he knows how to work with him, communicate with his second half and his superiors, raise children. And those willing to help him, even with good intentions, he will sting, sting and sting again. By the way, without a doubt, he will sting his loved ones. And to do it effectively, because they know their weaknesses. Having seen it at least once, outside smart people will make the right conclusion: “If he is so ruthless to his relatives, then what else should the rest of them wait for?”. And they will not offend Scorpion how much in vain. Well, those who have not made reasonable conclusions will have to get moral and physical injuries that Scorpio, believe me, will try to make as deep as possible.


Revenge Sagittarius haphazardly, you can even say, carelessly, and thanks to this from their revenge can easily escape. But not if this is your mother, boss, spouse, or friend. Here, most likely, the whole team or family will be assembled, after which you will be publicly embarrassed and exposed. And you will be ashamed. If it is not possible to gather honest people, they will most likely give up on you. Only if Sagittarius is not a bureaucrat, and you do not need any piece of paper. In this case, this piece of paper will cost the abuser dearly.

And he has repeatedly reproached himself for having touched Sagittarius with something. However, it must be admitted that, despite its impracticality in the cause of revenge, this sign is rather vindictive. So, when the opportunity presents itself, he will recoup. Therefore, do not be surprised if, after a period of ten to twenty years, you return all the troubles that you made to Sagittarius.


In the West, Capricorn is depicted as a goat, while in the East, the same sign is a flying crocodile. And the people there know that, of course, you can get Capricorn, but why? If you just wanted to ruin your life completely and irrevocably. Typically, representatives of this sign are not exchanged for minor insults. They have more serious tasks in life, what to do with revenge with or without revenge - build a career, build a life, make money. Therefore, they simply will not pay attention to your stupid attacks. Until a certain point. But, when this moment has come, you should know - the response will be balanced, serious and solid. He can take revenge as perversely as Virgo, but on a much larger scale. At the same time, one cannot say that he is angry, not at all. He just doesn’t want you to be in the same place as he, talked with the same people as he, worked in the same place as he, and perhaps even went to the same stores.

He has levers of influence everywhere, so it is unlikely he will be able to escape retribution. It is better to retire, and as soon as possible. By the way, some character may simply not like Capricorn. Well, just like that. Perhaps he approaches the matter not so thoroughly as he himself. Or something else. In this case, all the same measures of survival will be taken, although formally this will not be revenge. In general, change or leave, because this sign does not back away from its own.


Aquarius is not a vengeful sign at all, but this does not mean that you can get it with impunity. And if you have bad intentions in relation to Aquarius, we advise you to think ten times about whether it is worth implementing them, because you yourself will suffer from your intentions. And he, Aquarius, will not be completely guilty of this. Perhaps even pity you, poor thing. Most of the representatives of this sign have an excellent sense of humor. And, most likely, he will just laugh at your intrigues and other nonsense, infecting all those around him with this laugh. So it’s very likely that you’ll end up being stupid. And he did not want this at all. Just for him, this is a natural manner of behavior, so that this revenge can hardly be called.

In general, this sign is so non-standard that you are unlikely to make it a real dirty trick. And remember - this is a dirty trick, most likely, will turn against you just as it did with the robbers of the movie “Home Alone”. Surely the hero of McCauley Calkin is a typical Aquarius. It seems that he does not want anyone any evil, but in the long run, all the villains get what they deserve.


Real Pisces takes revenge for a long time, tediously, stubbornly, diversely, and yet you can hardly blame them for open revenge. They can still, what good, resent themselves with you for such accusations. Since Rybki closes the circle of zodiac signs, they can combine both the vindictiveness of Sagittarius, and the hypertrophied response actions of Scorpio, the use of rumors by Gemini, and the demonstration of Leo’s own superiority, and the sequence of Capricorn. Here are just the quick temper of Aries and the good-natured ridicule of Aquarius - this is probably not about them. In this case, Pisces should not be afraid if the resentment is small or if you are for them a person, in general, an outsider. In this case, your act, even not very pleasant, they are likely to quickly forget. But if you get close to him and you are bound by certain relationships, then you can offend the representative of this sign strongly and deeply. And you can’t say that he’s just so eager for revenge. Rather, it is fair to note that he is in fact deeply wounded.

Fish are very sensitive. And this will be expressed in his response. He will complain about you to everyone and everything, and to do so extremely convincingly. In the end, they will be sorry for him, and you will be considered, if not a fiend of hell, then at least something very close to it. This sign can cry like no other, and all because it does so sincerely. And he does not even have to refer to any specific facts, because he already does so convincingly. Well and, of course, doing you small (or even not very small) dirty tricks, the Fish will subsequently do round fish eyes and claim that she just did her job / duty. This is especially true of various paper, bureaucratic affairs.

By the way, the danger is that you can decide that Fish has long sincerely forgiven you. But in reality this may not be the case. As a result, the representative of this sign gives you such advice and with such a friendly look that you follow them, and then you will clutch at the head. At the same time, Rybka cannot be reproached for anything, because she warned you about possible consequences, and you made your conscious choice, in which none of those around you will have any doubts.