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The original way to extend the life of the standard iPhone wire or any other cable

Модернизируем lightning кабель

Have you ever had to deal with a wire break in the places where they connect to the connector ? I want to share with you an original and very simple and almost free way to protect the charging of your favorite iPhone or iPad or another gadget! To do this, we need: two springs from ordinary ballpoint pens, 6-8 cm on request, shrink rubber for beauty, a little patience and accuracy .

Кабель, позволяющий подключать устройства с Apple Lightning к компьютерам с USB-интерфейсом (MD818)

Lightning (8-pin connector) is a computer connector used since 2012 in Apple's portable technology: phones, tablets and media players. It became a more compact replacement for an earlier used 30-pin connector, and later a headphone jack.

Currently, the connector is used in the iPhone 8 / Plus / X, iPhone 7 / Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S / Plus, iPhone 6 / Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5; iPod Touch 5th generation, iPod Touch 6th generation, iPod nano seventh generation; and also in tablets iPad of 4th generation, iPad Air (iPad of 5th generation), iPad Air 2, iPad mini / retina, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, and also in iPad Pro.

This connector allows you to transmit only digital signals, whereas the previous connector also transmitted several analog signals. Unlike the 30-pin connector, it can be inserted into the device with both sides.

The essence of this method is that the spring is metal and it simply does not allow to bend the wire so much after that the wire eventually deforms and breaks down.

Модернизируем lightning кабель

In addition, the spring shines and only decorates the wire in contrast to the tape, in my case it certainly does not shine because I've been using them for about a year.

To wind the spring, it is enough to gently bend its end, but do not bend it hard , since the end of the spring will stick out and accordingly spoil the appearance.

Модернизируем lightning кабель

UPD: For steeper "handles" I recommend further compressing the connectors with shrink rubber (cambric). The main thing is to choose the cambric itself (it is available in any store or on the market) - take No. 6 with a 2x shrinkage, or 8 with 4x shrinkage (could not find it on sale).

We dress the cambrik (if on both sides, then immediately put on two) and an industrial hair dryer (I personally used a home, ordinary hair dryer or just a lighter), gently warmed to full shrinkage. Cambrik beautifully tightens the place with a spring, it turns out qualitatively and "for centuries".

Модернизируем lightning кабель

That's all, simple to all accessible and original way that will help you extend the life of the wire, so this method is suitable not only to the flimsy wires of the iPhone.

And remember that basically the state of things depends on our attitude towards them, so be careful and take care of them.

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