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Help children: a list of Kiev orphanages that need clothes and toys

список киевских детских домов

New Year's holidays have passed, and with it the season of sweets, gifts and surprises. The parents who love their children did everything possible to make their children happy. But among us there are children who have not had the opportunity to be close to mom, dad or grandmother.

Orphans and children with disabilities who live in institutions also need attention.

We learned what Kiev orphanages need, how to send help and where you can even go to visit.

What do orphanages need

The founder of one of the charitable organizations that works with orphanages throughout Ukraine, Bogdan said that each home has different needs. For example, in a boarding school for the youngest children, first of all you need to warm the walls and put new windows so that the children are warm. In institutions for children with developmental problems will never be extra strollers.

Also in orphanages, warm and seasonal clothes are always in short supply, for example, for going to school in the fall, and light sandals, shale - for the warm season.

Many boarding schools are asking for help with things for education and the arts. Sports equipment, microphones, equipment - something that does not interfere in every school.

Any help products is also welcome.

You should not give dirty things and soft toys to shelters - there are so many of them there.

список киевских детских домов

Darnitsky orphanage

In this boarding school there are 148 girls with mental and physical disabilities. Usually the institution invites to conduct workshops for children, but now there is quarantine until February 5.

How can I help you?

The need for food packages occurs at the boarding school, depending on the season. Now these are vegetables - cabbage, onions, carrots and beets. Also, the institution can be helped during the period of seasonal work. For example, in the spring, volunteers can paint the territory, bringing with them paint, and in the autumn help to remove the leaves.

It is not necessary to bring hard toys, because children can be injured.

Where is: Fir-tree, 58/60

Contacts: 044 563 99 49

Where to transfer money:

  • P / p 31556311153984
  • Recipient Darnitsky orphanage
  • Code ЄDRPOU 03188808
  • Bank code 820019
  • In the purpose of payment specify - charitable assistance.


In this orphanage, the contact person informed that in order to obtain permission to publish the list of things necessary for the orphanage, you need to obtain permission from the health department of the KSCA. At the same time in the orphanage they added that you can still find out the list by calling or coming to the institution.

Where is: Kuban Ukraine street, 4

Contacts: 044 513 45 83

Children's home "Malyatko"

123 children found temporary shelter here, among them 5 orphans. People work with autistic children here. In the orphanage they are asked to call to find out the list of necessary things.

How can I help you?

The institution needs to be equipped with a medical rehabilitation room, a speech therapist and a psychologist.

Contacts: 044 430 11 25

Svyatoshinsky orphanage

There live 182 people from 4 to 25 years old with disabilities due to mental illness, only boys.

How can I help you?

Good not old-fashioned clothes, and specifically sports pants on the ropes, as children who have broken motility, it will be more comfortable. We also need help in the form of educational games, pyramids, puzzles and coloring games are popular with children. Household chemicals will not be superfluous.

In addition, there are greenhouses on the territory of an orphanage of 3.5 hectares in which older boys are engaged in gardening. To do this, you must purchase flower seeds: petunias (10-20 packets), asters, marigolds. Also in the greenhouse requires garden sprayers, but only manual, and not large.

In the autumn and spring season, physical assistance is needed - to paddle, dig, take out, put away on the territory.

Once a week, cooking classes are held at the boarding school, and for this you can donate food in small quantities - chicken fillet, sausage, eggs, and sunflower oil.

On a visit to the children, you can and even need to come, communicate with them and conduct master classes. The best time to visit is from 10-11 am to 12 am, and after 16 to 18 hours.

Contacts: in order to ask in more detail how to help children, you can call the deputy director Larisa Leonidovna at 097 972 81 42.

Where is: Kotelnikova, 51

Where to transfer money:

  • P / p 31558350249534
  • MFO 820019
  • ЄDRPO 03188760
  • In the purpose of the account indicate - for the needs of the institution.

Center for Social and Psychological Assistance in Obolon

In the center there are children from 3 to 15 years.

How can I help you?

Developing games are a priority for this institution - designers, 3D puzzles, and Lego. Also, there is always a need for liquid soap, brushes, toothpaste, shampoo.

Employees of the center say they are looking for volunteer artists who would like to help paint children's rooms. Also in the orphanage need a dishwasher, which recently broke down.

In the summer, the center practices charity purchases of vouchers for children to travel to health resorts.

Volunteers who would like to work with children, conduct master classes should have their own program, the necessary certificates and conclude an agreement with the center.

Address: Polar, 7a

Contacts: 044 464 20 21

Public policy

In Ukraine, as part of social policy, the process of deinstitutionalization has been underway since 2017. It is assumed that children who live in boarding schools, and not in families, will have to live in conditions as close as possible to the family.

The essence of the CI - the state should form such a state policy in order to prevent children from entering the boarding schools. In other words, this reform excludes the concept of "orphanages". For this purpose, a whole strategy has been developed for preventing orphanhood from the foundation of a family to the birth of a child.

Because whatever the material assistance to orphanages, this cannot solve the main problem - the loneliness of each of the boarding schools.