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Kiev in parts: why are the areas so called? Why are Limes called Limes and Hem Hem?

Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

Kiev (other Russian. Kyiv, Kyev, Russian dore. Kiev, Ukrainian Kyiv pronunciation (inf.)) Is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Located on the Dnieper River, the center of the Kiev metropolitan area. Separate administrative-territorial unit of Ukraine; cultural, political, socio-economic, transport, scientific and religious center of the country.

Kiev is the administrative center of the Kiev region and the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the Kiev region, although it is not part of them, having a special legal status. Located in the north of the central part of Ukraine. Kiev is the seventh most populated city in Europe after Istanbul, Moscow, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Madrid.

We know that Troeschina and Lipki are not administrative districts of Kiev, but each of these places has its own atmosphere and keeps its secrets. We tried to be researchers for a bit and found out why some parts of the city are called that way, and not otherwise.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

The area appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century. It was called sticky simply because they planted a linden grove by that time.

At that time, all sorts of important people began to settle there: governor-generals, mayors and generals.

To make it easier for important people to important and grovel in front of even more important ones, the City Chancellery (that is, the State Administration) and palaces (Mariinsky, Klovsky) were built near them.

The area is now considered the abode of aristocrats.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

Officially, the area, which, as you know, includes Lipki, was founded in the 1920s.

But the locality Pechersk has a deeper history. The name probably came from the Lavra Caves, where monks settled in the XI century to hide from the mundane bustle.

But the worldly bustle itself came to them - at the end of the XII century, near the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the village of Pechersky appeared, which eventually became a small city, and in the XVIII century - part of Kiev.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

One of the oldest parts of the city.

On Starokievskaya Hill there was the Upper City, and below - Podil.

The Slavs called the lower part of the mountain "Podolіє".

Hence the name. Here lived mainly artisans and merchants.

The heart of Podil was Torzhische (now Kontraktova Square), where the craftsmen could sell their goods.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

Troeschina housing estate is part of the Desnyanskiy district.

The area was so named, probably because once these lands belonged to the Kiev Trinity Monastery.

In fact, Troyeshchina stands in place of the demolished village of Vygurovshchina, but the village of Troyeshchina was not touched during the construction of the sleeping area.

Residents even argued with the authorities, what to call the massif - Vygurovshchina or is it still Troeschina?

As a result, we settled on the Vygurovshchina-Troeshchina hybrid.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

This housing estate was mainly built up in the 1970s, but chroniclers mentioned settlements on Obolon since the 11th century.

The Slavs called the low bank of the river, which in the spring usually floods, obolon or Bologna.

Hence the name of the locality. Obolon has always been considered a "tidbit."

Because of the fertile soil, princes, generals and merchants constantly tried to take possession of it.

In the 1970s, Obolon began to be built up with high-rise buildings, and it became part of Kiev.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

It finally became part of Kiev in the 1910s.

The name comes from the Slavic words “Shelva Borka” - the so-called small forest.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries on this place was the Shelva Seltso, or the village of Shulyavka.

Then, in the 19th century, the Greter and Krivanek plant (the modern Bolshevik) was built in this area, and workers began to settle in the village.

Gradually, the proletarian suburb merged with Kiev.

In 1905, the workers of this plant began a strike and even founded the so-called "Shuliav Republic." She existed 4 days.


Откуда пошло название Киевских районов?

Darnitsky district was founded in 1935, but became part of Kiev in the late 1920s.

Legend has it that Princess Olga gave these lands to her son Svyatoslav.

That's why they called it Darnitsa - from the word "donated."

In the 19th century, there was a cottage settlement New Darnitsa - a magnificent pine forest attracted Kyivans with its beauty and fresh air.

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