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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.2. Іstoriya of the city plan and management

Techniques of city planning boulevards are fragmented, for example, from 50 rockies in the USA. At 1956 p. M. Walker with the DuPont company, which has the most efficient and effective Univac census machine, has been in charge of the company, having agreed on the group of plans for the remuneration of working hours. The stench tasted the victorious EOM for the development of the plan-graphs of the great complexes of the modern factories of the DuPont company. As a result of the development of a rational and simple method, I will describe the project for the EOM. Concealment of win names by the Walker-Kelly method, and after having won the title I will name the critical method - MKSh (or CPM - Crіtіcal Path Method).

At the same time, it is independent of the US forces of the United States of America using the PERT (Program Evaluaton and Revіew Technіque) method of analysis and evaluation. The Danish method of breaking up Lockheed Corporation and the Buz, Allen & Hamilton Consulting Firm for the implementation of the Polaris rocket system development project, which pulled nearly 3800 main contractors and included 60 thousand. operation. In addition, the PERT method allowed the program to accurately know what you need to be robust at the skin of the moment and the most reliable process, as well as the complete completion of the operation. Kerivnstvo with the program has appeared to be successful, but the project will be completed by two rooks earlier than the planned term. Zavdyaki such a successful ear of Denmark, the method of controlling the fun of becoming vikoristovuvatsya for planning projects in all the forces of the United States. The methodology recommended itself to itself during coordination of work, together with third-party contractors as part of great projects for the development of new types of development.

The great industrial corporations have come to believe that the most suitable management methods are practically instantly available for the development of new types of products and modernization of technology. Widely stagnant methodology of planing robots based on the project was won in Budivtsvy. For example, for a ceruvanny project with the equipment of hydroelectric power stations at the Churchill near Newfoundland (labrador). The project’s share accumulated 950 million dollars. Hydroelectric power station was from 1967 to 1976 p. The project includes more than 100 weekly contracts, and more than 76 million dollars reached them. In 1974, the project was completed and the project was overloaded for 18 months and fit into the planned estimate of vitrat. Churchill Falls Labrador Corp., the deputy project manager of the corporation, hired Acress Canadіan Betchel for the development of the project and management.

In the sound of a seemingly significant wigrach, after an hour, we had assured ourselves that we had learned the exact mathematical methods in managing folding robotic complexes, so it became possible to start the development of calculating techniques. However, the first EOM bully roads and accessibility to great organizations. Thus, historically, first-hand projects were imagined by the grandiose behind the scale of robots, large-scale projects and capital investments of state-owned programs.

On the back, great companies welcomed the development of software protection for the best projects, as well as the great system of project management appeared on the market for software protection.

The main indicators of the systems of the class of boules хchiny vysoka need_, at the same hour, are to complete a detailed description of the design, the complete folding method of the public plan. The number of systems associated with high-profile managers, the most reliable projects of the best, the good knowledge of the algorithms of the public plan and the specific terminology. As a rule, development of a project and consultation on a ceruvanny project were specially addressed by special consulting firms.

The stage of finding the most fast-paced development of systems for project management seemed to come with the advent of personal computers, if the computer became a working tool for a wide number of clients. Significantly, the expansion of the number of corridor management systems has given rise to the need for creating systems for managing projects of a new type, one of the most important indicators of such systems is the simplicity of Victoria. The management systems of the new generation were broken down as the project management, the developer, the kind of manager, the kind of specialist training and the easy preparation for inclusion in the robot.

At the present time, the traditional traditions of project management systems in the baggage of the living room have accumulated. Moreover, the main part of the middle of planning projects is becoming small on the basis of project design. For example, according to a survey carried out by the nInfoWorld ’shoemaker, we’ve shown that there are fifty systems in the United States, which allow you to set up plans for more than 500-1000 times, and have only 28 stores. If resources are needed, then 38 business channels should be managed between 50-100 kinds of resources within the project, and 28 business channels will need to control more than 100 resources. The result is up to the average size of the project: for small projects - 81 robots and 14 kinds of resources, for medium ones - 417 and 47 kinds of resources, for great projects - 1 198 robots and 165 kinds of resources. Given numbers, you can serve as the right point, the partner for the manager, and the most important thing about the transition to the project management form is the management of the public authorities. Yak bachimo, zasosuvannya systems and project management in practice can be more efficient and for small projects.

Naturally, scho iz iz rozyshirennyam broader cola koristuvachіv systems of project management v_dbuvaєsya broader methods and priyomіv іhnyogo vikoristannya. Opened magazines regularly publish articles that are assigned to systems for project management, which include the joy of the corridors of such systems and the analysis of the methods of urban planning for the development of tasks in the other areas of management. In the SRSR, robots from the city control system poured in 60s of rock. Methods of SPU have known congestion in the future science of science. The above methods became widely obtuse in the upper regions of the goluzes of the state gospodarnost.