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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.3. The essence of the basic elements of the system plan and management

The more planned the robot is, the project, the more the tasks of the operational plan, the control and management. In these minds, you can’t wait to get hold of the calendar graph, but especially for the great folding project, the fragments do not allow timely operation, the optimal choice for the future, and the rest of the time. Overcrowding of the limited calendar graph with a significant amount of experience in the case of a Victorian system of these models, as well as allowing you to analyze graphs, show the reserve of electronic technology and calculating. The desire of these models to be safe I’ve thought over to a detailed organization of work, I’m going to think for effective performance.

The whole process is to enter the graphical model, I name the graph . At the current schedule, all robots are inspected all the way through to the next day, the most important, critical robots, and the other way around are to lay down the termination of the project. In the process of dyalnost є the ability to manage the plan, make a contribution, to keep the security in the operational plan. The basic method of analyzing the graph allows you to measure the steps in the process of making the necessary changes to the program by forecasting and forecasting the work on Maybut. Sіtіviy graphіk just in caseє on robots, in order to lay down the term виконання software.

City planning and management (SPU) - a whole range of rozrahunkovyh methods, organization and control visits, and a plan and management complex of robots for additional network graphics (network model).

With a complex of robotic mi rozumіti rozumіti be-yaku task, for the sake of seeing what is needed is necessary to complete the great number of significant robots. In order to put together a robotic plan for the vision of great and collapsible projects, you need to include thousands of rooms and an operation, you need to describe them for an additional mathematical model. In this way I’ll describe the project є city model.

With the model is the whole plan of the end of the singing complex for interdependent work, the tasks of the form, the graphic image are called the graphic count.

The main elements of the model are robot robots. Termin of the robot in the SPU is small. First of all, the price of the robot is the process, the kind of time at the clock and the resource count (for example, the collection of the virobu, the installation of the first and the like). The skin of the robot is guilty of a specific but clear description of the mother of the vikonavtsy.

In a different way , a very good idea , a trivial thing at a time is a process that doesn’t have a vimaga vitrat pratsi (for example, a dry process, dry concrete, concrete concrete, etc.).

In the third place, there’s a lot of storage , because the function of the robot is the logical sound between the two houses and the robots (legs), so as not to require vitrats, material resources for at least an hour. There’s just one thing to do, but one of the robots is able to lay down without fail to see all the results. Naturally, the triviality of functional robots is assumed to be zero.

Podia is the moment the song process is completed, which is the image of okremiy, this is the end of the project. I can give you a partial result of an environment robot, but an overall result of a decile robot. Podia can be healthy today, if all robots end up, you can change it. Nowadays robots can chat with little ones, as long as they are aware.

Sounds of double nature are: for all without delay, the front and rear robots are won, and for all without delay, on the cob. When tsomoy be transmitted, scho not be trivial and healthy as yak bi mittєvo. That’s because the skin, which is to be included in the model, is guilty of everything, precisely and precisely indicated, the formulas for guilty of the city are the result of the most immediate and third robotic.

Basic elements of model

Figure 5.1. Basic elements of model

When folded graphs (models) are replaced by smart icons. When you look at a graph (otherwise, graph), they are represented by circles (vertices of the graph), and robots - arrows (ornate arcs):

- podia

- robot (process),

- function of the robot - to stow for forgiveness of the graphs (trivial zavzhdi dorivnyu 0).

The middle of the last model is the most complete and final.

Vihіdna podіya not mama nternіkh robіt і podіy, scho vidnosyvatsya to the robit presented in the model complex. Finality is not final.

Існує й іншший principle, encourage the measure - without podii. At the same vertex of the graph, mean robots are marked, and the arrows indicate deposits with robots, which mean the order of the last picture. There’s a graph of the "robot-sound" for viewing the graph of "robot-robots".

At the same time, without podi, they appear to be significantly louder, therefore, podi is significantly smaller, lower (an indicator of complexity is less , more expensive than the other, as a rule, it is bigger). That’s how much less effective I’ll take a look at the cherub complex. In order to clarify, the fact that in Denmark an hour was found to be more extensive was achieved by the graphs of "pod-robots".

As a matter of principle, there are a few numerical evaluations, then such a measure is called structural. However, in practice, more often than not, at some tasks there are estimates of triviality, as well as estimates of the lower parameters, for example, labor costs, rates, etc.