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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.4. The order and the rules encourage the graphs

Sіtіvі grafiki stacked up on the cob of the floor plan. A number of plans for the process are broken down into robots, warehoused robots and logs, visual logs and last weekly visions, robots shut down for regular week-end vacations. With the help of others and for the help of regulations, I also know how to evaluate and evaluate the triviality of skin robots. We’ll be able to store (stitch) the graph. When ordering the graph, the parameters are met and rob, reserve the hour and critical hat. First, an analysis and optimization of the graph is carried out, which, if necessary, will be overlooked due to overriding of the parameters and the robots.

When prompted by a graph, you must add the current rules.

1. The least model has an innocent buti of "dead end" pods, so that podi, for some do not have to enter a robot, behind a vignette of a final pod. Here, as a robot, it’s not necessary that you need to annul it, but you don’t need any other robotic singing, such vipads need to be quick to pick up and drop the robot and let it go.

2. It is innocent for a graph’s buti of the “tail” pod (except for the tail), so I don’t want one robot. Know the extent to which you need to, if necessary, sign the first and foremost robots and turn on the robots in the measure.

3. At least innocent but closed circuits and loops, that is, noblemen, who’ll know what to do with them themselves. When wining the contour (and in folding measures, so that in measures with a high indicator of complexity, because of the need to often finish and show off for the help of the EOM), you need to turn to the next step and take a look at your place.

4. Be-it-yourself guilty buti without any interruption is not the only one with a single robot-building. Disrupted price, know how to behave when simultaneously paired with robots. If robots are so expensive, then there will be plutinus through those that will be robots that are the same. However, the warehouse has a robotic warehouse, the storehouse of the acquired customers and the number of robotic resources available can be continuously displayed.

It’s recommended that you enter a quick start and a fast robot, while one of the parallel robots will stop at a quick start. Functional robots are displayed on the graph with dotted lines.

5. At least mothers are advised to have one single and one complete final. Since it’s not so in a folded measure, then you can get bazhene with a hat by introducing effective gifts and robots.

Put in the introduction

Fig. 5.2. Put in the introduction

Functional robots and devices must also be entered in the row of the latest VIPs. One of them is the image of the bedding, not the sound of real robots. For example, robots A and B (Fig. 5. 2, a) can circumnavigate independently of each other, but beyond the minds of the robot B can’t chat earlier, and lower the robot A. Tsya the arrangement of the virtual robot C.

Higher vipadok - perfect robo fallow. For example, robot D vimagaє for its cob completed robot A and B, a robot D is called only with robot B, and robot A does not lie down. Toddly, the introduction of functional robots F and functional robots 3 ', as shown in Fig.5.2, b.

In addition, functional robots can be entered for visualization of real-life real-time lines and very good ones. On the front view on the front side here, the robot is characterized by an hourly hour.

As soon as you measure one Kintsev meta, the program is called a one-killer meta. A national graph, which is a mother of final prizes, is called a bagatotsilov and a razrakhunok conducted under the skin of a kintsevo meti. Buttons can be used to enter the life of the microdistrict, to introduce a skin bud ин the result, and to enter into the graph of the skin bud by a critical hat.