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Sergey came from work a little later than usual. Tanya was busy studying fashion magazine.
“Hello, Zaya,” she looked up from the magazine and looked at her husband with a smile, are you hungry? Wash, I'll cover
- No, thanks, I ate in the buffet - Sergey tried to speak calmly, but a slight tremor in his voice still betrayed him
- Something happened? Tell me, - she paused and added: - You have a strange look
“A little tired,” he put his hands in his pockets, trying to hide his trembling.
“Today we will have dinner together,” he whispered, throwing a heavy look at his wife’s dark hips, half covered by silk Chinese dressing gown, and went to his room. Tanya shrugged, puzzled, snorted and returned to the glossy page. Sergey locked the door in the room, rummaged in the briefcase, took out a brown envelope, opened it and took out a pack of photos. Half an hour ago he received them from a private detective.
The photographs captured his wife. His little Tanya. Sergey wept, taking the first photo. Painfully, the familiar, slender young body of his wife squirmed with pleasure, a dark man with his eyes closed plunged into the wet bosom of an excited woman. She was fine with him. They made love in nature and Sergey knew this place. Sergey peered at every photo, he wanted to know all the details, each following photo caused him hellish pain, but he could not stop until he looked at everything. He covered his face with his hands and sat there for about five minutes, then abruptly stood up, walked over to his desk, and took from his bottom drawer the name totosh, a gift from General Lukyanenko, the father’s best friend. He thought for a second, but once again looking at the hated envelope, he smiled crookedly and put the pistol into the purse.

Having poured an almost full glass of votka, Sergey abruptly knocked him over and, turning the door handle, left the room.
- Tanya, dear, I had a great idea. Maybe we should relax a little? We have not walked for so long!
- Well ... why not !? - Tanya looked incredulously at her husband, but then smiled in response, - I will be ready in 20 minutes.

They drove all the way in silence and both smiled, as if they remembered the happy days spent in their youth, and together they had something to remember.
It was dusk, but the stars were already burning bright in the sky. Tanya sat on a large round stone and looked at the sky. Her black curls played with a light May breeze. She almost did not change, all the same dark-skinned slim student with black shiny eyes.
- How nice that you chose this place. Do you remember how we went along with the Arkhipovs and Khromkovs to rest, and then both of us ran away from the tents and in-o-he under that tree ...
- Yes, of course I remember, - Sergey did not let me finish. He opened a bottle of champagne and poured it into paper cups.
“What shall we drink to?” - asked Tanya, taking wine
- For you, for you. For my beloved faithful wife.
The words and tone of her husband forced Tatiana to be wary. She carefully looked into the eyes of her husband, on whose face a wicked, triumphant smile played.
- Well, drink, drink. Why don't you drink, love? - Sergey took the envelope and threw it in the face of his wife.
- Why did you bring me here? she deafly asked.

- And you do not guess? - he took out a gun and sent it to her face, - Do you remember, still at the institute, I once told you that if you change me, I will kill you both? But I will not do that, I will only kill you. After all, while the bitch does not want, you know.
Tanya did not answer. For 8 years of marriage, she is well recognized this man. In a state of despair, he could do anything. And in general, he always kept his word, even if it could harm him. For this he was respected.
- I have already decided. You may not even say anything. It's useless. But the last time I want to fuck you. Look under that tree. Like the first time. Do you remember? Come on.
Tanya did not think to beg. It was really useless. She looked frowningly and hissed:
- Fuck you.
- Well, whatever you want, bitch! - he sent the gun straight into her face.
- Not! Wait! - she could not stand it. She did not want to die.
Going to a tree, she began to tear off her clothes. In a minute there was nothing on it. He went to her, his palm touched her crotch. He was surprised to find that Tanya was excited, he dug into her neck.
- Was it nice for you when he squeezed your cunt like that? Speak, did you like it? - he introduced the middle finger in her hot wet bosom.
“Yes, I liked it,” she moaned.

With a sharp movement he set her on his knees in front of him.
- Show now how you sucked him. His cock could barely fit in your mouth. Yes?
Tanya nodded - her mouth was already busy. Closing his eyes, Sergei imagined how his wife caresses a member of another man, just as eagerly swallows him to the very foundation. Also shamelessly strokes the head with the tongue and penetrates them under the flesh, just as passionately strokes the eggs with his hands.
He bent her with cancer and with a sharp movement entered her, roughly twisting her nipples. For all these seven years, he always worked with her with such affection with love, and she needed something completely different. He again remembered a photo and an orgasm, a powerful and unexpected collapse on him.
- Now I am myself, and I will see.
She lay down on the grass and began to masturbate, pulling her swollen clit with her fingers, occasionally moistening them with saliva. Sergei felt that desire again seizes him.
- He fucked you in the ass too, right?
- Y-yes! - she squeezed out. The inner sides of her thighs glistened from the juice poured over them. He walked over to her, knelt down, put his cock in his mouth, but then he stuck it out, ending up abundantly on her face.

- That's all - said Sergey and pulled on his pants.
- No, no, not all, I want more, I still can - she burped
“Shut up and rejoice that I gave you the chance to enjoy it one last time,” Sergei picked up a pistol, walked behind to his wife on his knees and poked the pistol in the back of the head.
- Killer, come on, come on! Shoot it!
- Not. I was joking, I just wanted to see how scared you are, don't be offended bye. - he turned around and without turning around went to the car.
There was a hysterical laughter from the back.
“I knew you were weak, you couldn't do anything in bed.” Wimp, loser! We made love with him right in your office, right on your desk! So much so that the shelves fell! So all the dishes beat!
There was a shot. Under the old mighty tree under a clear starry sky lay a young beautiful naked woman, her head lay in a pool of brains and blood, in its center a huge hole gaped.
- Ssuka! I knew that it was you who broke my mug! And I also lied that I left it at the dacha, - Sergey lit a cigarette and walked to the side of the car. In the glove compartment still lay a whole bottle of Moscow.