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World map of Internet censorship: Ukraine - in the zone of freedom

Карта интернет-цензуры

Internet censorship (eng. “Internet Censorship”) - control and suppression of the publication or access to information on the Internet. Its emergence of Internet censorship is due to the absence of any national borders on the Internet. The general problems of Internet censorship can be defined as follows: information transferred to the laws of the state (the regime of the current government) and blocked on internal resources can be published on web servers in other countries.

The WhoIsHostingThis blog analyzed the degree of openness of the Internet in different countries and gathered the data into a map of global Internet censorship. Analysts analyzed the number of forbidden topics and categories of content that can be cleaned in the online space of these countries. And it turned out that Ukraine is one of the freest Internet zones in the world. More information - in infographics.

Ukraine is in the white zone on the map of Internet censorship, like almost all of Western Europe, Australia, and North and South America. This means that there are few or almost no prohibitions. So, according to WhoIsHostingThis data, only torrent sites are censored in our country.

Black on the map shows the most unfree countries, in which censorship also extends to social networks and political media, and pornography is also prohibited. Almost all of Asia is depicted on the map in black and gray. China, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are expected to be the most “dark” countries in terms of Internet freedom. North Korea boasts the deepest shade of black.

Some post-Soviet countries or countries from the sphere of influence of the USSR, in particular, Belarus, Moldova, Syria and Russia, are also noted as those in which the political theme is still tightly controlled. In some of them, content on social networks is also subject to blocking for fellow citizens.

Карта интернет-цензуры

The compilers point out that this map does not take into account government supervision, which is evidently carried out even in countries with a high level of Internet freedom.

Recall, North Korea historically bears the torch at the Olympics on the closeness of the Internet. The Internet is here (actually not), but small. Only 28 North Korean sites. And to look at them is sheer pleasure. Access to the global web is from the elect. And then they are allowed to enter approximately 5,000 painstakingly selected and government-approved web resources.

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