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AC power

Электрическая мощность переменного тока

Electrical power is a physical quantity characterizing the rate of transfer or conversion of electrical energy. The unit of measurement in the International System of Units (SI) is watt (Russian designation: W, international: W).

In AC circuits, there is instant, active, reactive, and total electrical power. The instantaneous electrical power is equal to the product of the instantaneous values ​​of voltage and current.

Active electric power is equal to the average value of the instantaneous power over a period and characterizes the average rate of conversion of electrical energy into other types of energy (thermal, mechanical, light, acoustic, etc.).

Reactive electrical power characterizes the rate of accumulation of electrical energy in capacitors and inductors, as well as the exchange of energy between individual parts of the electrical circuit.

The total electrical power characterizes the power delivered to the circuit by the AC source.

The table shows the power values ​​of some consumers of electric current:

Electrical appliance Power, W
Flashlight bulb one
Network router, hub 10 ... 20
PC system unit 100 ... 1700
Server system block 200 ... 1500
CRT PC Monitor 15 ... 200
Monitor for PC LCD 2 ... 40
Fluorescent Household Lamp 5 ... 30
Household incandescent lamp 25 ... 150
Household refrigerator 15 ... 700
Electric vacuum cleaner 100 ... 3000
Electric iron 300 ... 2 000
Washer 350 ... 2 000
Electric tile 1,000 ... 2,000
Household welding machine 1,000 ... 5,500
Low house lift engine 3,000 ... 15,000
Tram drive 45,000 ... 50,000
Electric locomotive engine 650,000
Electric motor lifting machine 1,000,000 ... 5,000,000
Rolling mill motors 6,000,000 ... 9,000,000

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