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How to get rid of SMS spam or CPA subscriptions

Как избавиться от спама в SMS

Spam (eng. Spam) - mass mailing of advertising or other correspondence to people who have not expressed a desire to receive it. Spammers are called spammers. In the generally accepted meaning of the term "spam" in the Russian language for the first time began to be used in relation to the sending of emails. Unsolicited messages in instant messaging systems (for example, ICQ) are called SPIM (English Spam over IM). The share of spam in global mail traffic ranges from 60% (2006) to 80% (2011).

Since Uber first entered the Ukrainian market, then Yandex.Taxi, taxi companies decided to add aggression to marketing and came to grips with SMS-messaging. Phone owners happen to receive several messages a day.

If it’s not possible to unsubscribe from spam through the operator, the editors of collected some more simple ways to get rid of the SMS mailing and stop this SMS flood.

Operator Tips

Как избавиться от спама в SMS

AT Киевстар Kyivstar declares that, according to their rules, a company that conducts an advertising newsletter should always provide an opportunity for the subscriber to refuse to receive SMS, even if he had previously agreed to receive them. Mailings that pass without the consent of subscribers are regarded as spam. The company advises several ways:

  • Contact the services that send such notifications so that the number is excluded from the list. It is ineffective, given the number of such SMS every day.
  • You can contact the call center: the operator can only block the function of receiving SMS mailing by request of the subscriber - but in this case, the campaigns that the subscriber wants to receive will also stop receiving, for example, the same SMS from Internet banking.
“Subscribers, as a rule, call their operator, and we start the process of checking, negotiating with other operators with the requirement to add the number to the black list of the subscriber’s complaint. - Vodafone.

AT Vodafone Украина “Vodafone Ukraine” also notes that if subscribers receive a lot of complaints from the content provider (the company that distributes), the operator checks. If a violation is found as a result - sending an SMS without the consent of the subscriber, the operator may terminate the contract with the content provider. "For those customers who signed the contract with us, complaints from subscribers have not yet been received," the operator said. We can talk about the SMS-aggregator, which has many small customers, in this case, the verification procedure is similar.

“Subscribers, as a rule, call their operator, and we start the process of checking, negotiating with other operators with the requirement to add the number to the black list of the subscriber’s complaint. The safest and fastest way to unsubscribe from a mailing list is to call the person from whom you receive spam, ”advise Vodafone.

How to unsubscribe from CPA subscriptions (Mobile Click)

Как избавиться от спама в SMS

From 08/21/2017 for all subscribers Киевстар Kyivstar has the option of adding its number to the "black list" for using the Mobile Click service.

  • Send a FREE SMS-message with the number "0" or the letter "O" (in either case in Latin or Cyrillic) to any of the numbers from the range 5071-5076 .
  • If the subscriber does not have active subscriptions , he will receive two messages from the same number to which the SMS was sent:
    • “You have a lot of active buddies”
    • “Application viconona. The ability to write content is blocked. ”
  • If the subscriber has an active subscription , then he will be unsubscribed from all existing subscriptions for the service and will receive two messages in response:
    • “Dyakumo. Correspondence is included. ”
    • “Application viconona. The ability to write content is blocked. ”
  • In the future, the subscriber will not be able to subscribe, and when he tries to do this, he will automatically be redirected to

To exclude your number from the black list, you need to call the toll-free number 504 and apply.

A couple of anti-spam tricks

Как избавиться от спама в SMS

If through the operator to unsubscribe from spam did not work, there are some more simple ways.

For Android, there are SMS managers, SMS filters and “blacklists” that work through number blocking or stop words. There are hundreds of applications like the Black List , they are searched on Google Play for sms block or “sms block”, they work more or less on the same principle. Before installing, you should check the rating of the application and read reviews about its work.

For owners of devices on iOS , detailed instructions have been written on how to filter messages from unwanted numbers. For example, you can filter iMessage messages from users who are not in your contact list. If you enable filtering by sender in the Settings> Messages menu, the Unknown Senders tab appears in the Messages program, and the subscriber stops receiving notifications about such messages.

Another popular way for iPhone owners is to create a contact with the name “Spam”, add all spam numbers there and turn off notifications for it.

If an antivirus is installed on the smartphone, most likely it has the basic ability to block unwanted content.

A more troublesome method - for those who are very tired of SMS distribution, is to have a separate SIM card for all activities related to filling out brand questionnaires, buying goods on the Internet, pizza orders or loyalty programs. If you also register for a separate SIM-card using the piberian method Viber, which is not “illuminated” in communication with sellers of services and goods, this will also solve the problem of spam in Viber.

Finally, the hardcore method is to complain to the authorities. For example, you can refer to the regulator of the market of telecom services - NKRSI. Spamming is prohibited by clause 3 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunications Services Developed by the NCCIR and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 295 . A statement about the violation of their rights as a consumer of telecom services can be submitted either by paper letter to the address of the commission, or in electronic form.

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