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Tricks on YouTube about which very few people know

Хитрости YouTube

YouTube (from English you - "you", "you" and English. Tube - "pipe", jarg. English - "TV"; pronounced "YouTube" or "YouTube") - video hosting company that provides users with storage services , delivery, display and monetize video. Users can upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites and share these or other videos. Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, YouTube has become the most popular video hosting site and the second website in the world in terms of the number of visitors. In January 2012, the daily number of video views on the site reached 4 billion. The site contains movies, music videos, trailers, news, educational programs, as well as amateur videos, including video blogs, slide shows, humorous videos and more. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in April 2013, 2% of the service audience, or 51 million people, were Russians. There are various video tops on the site (for example, by the number of views or by rating).

YouTube is a very cool service that allows us to watch millions of videos and movies. And in order to make working with it more comfortable and easier, we at have compiled a list of useful chips and settings that will help you use Youtube functions 100%.

The company was founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees in San Bruno, California. They used Flash Video (FLV) technology, which makes it possible to obtain relatively good recording quality with a small amount of transmitted data. The project has become a good means of entertainment, and, having formed its own community, according to statistics from the analytical company Alexa, ahead of the popularity of the social network MySpace. In November 2006, the purchase of YouTube by Google for $ 1.65 billion was completed. Before buying YouTube from Google, there was a service of a similar focus - Google Video. Google representatives did not close it, but used it as a place to search for videos on all video hosting sites. Currently Google Video Search also includes YouTube. The very first YouTube video — an 18-second amateur video shot by Javed Karim at the San Diego Zoo — was posted on YouTube on April 23, 2005 at 8:27 pm local time.

1. Make a gif from video

Just add a “gif” in front of the YouTube video link. Like this:

Хитрости YouTube

You will be transferred to the YouTube GIF where you can set the length of the gif and add a title.

Хитрости YouTube

2. Find the page of your favorite musician

Just type in the search # name of the musician . Like this:

Хитрости YouTube

Full albums are organized into playlists in the Albums section.

3. Karaoke

Хитрости YouTube

Musixmatch is a free Chrome browser application that superimposes lyrics to a music video. The annex contains the texts of more than 7 million songs in 32 languages.

4. Find out what music is playing

Хитрости YouTube is something like Shazam, but only for YouTube. This site can identify any song or melody in the specified video. Just copy and paste the link to the video and see how it works!

5. Theater mode

Хитрости YouTube

If you click a small rectangle in the lower right corner of the video, then you will go into the "theater" mode.

6. Auto play

Хитрости YouTube

To stop autoplay, click the Autoplay button.

7. Check the connection

Хитрости YouTube

Google's Video Quality Report can show you what video quality your provider supports.

8. New YouTube Design

Хитрости YouTube

Go to and click Go to the new player . You can test the new design of the YouTube player, which has a transparent status bar, and you can also set any screen size on it.

9. Watch YouTube on TV

Хитрости YouTube

Launch the video on your smartphone or tablet and watch it on the big screen via a Wi-Fi connection (all SMART TV can capture the Wi-Fi signal).

To do this, open YouTube on your mobile device, start the video and find your TV in the connections. The main thing is that your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The connection is automatic, but you can do it manually .

10. Share with a specific time

Хитрости YouTube

If you press Сtrl + right mouse button , you can share the video with the playing time .

11. Viewing for children

Хитрости YouTube

The YouTube Kids application for iOS and Android offers only those videos that can be watched by children.

12. Optimization for slow internet

Хитрости YouTube

If the video slows down due to a weak internet connection, go to and select the "I have a slow connection" option . No need to include HD video.

13. Exact search

To find exactly those videos that you need , you can add the following words to your query:

  • "Channel", or "playlist";
  • “HD” - for high resolution, or “3D” - for video in 3D;
  • Insert quotation marks and + / - signs in your queries to add or exclude from the search (for example: “beyonce” + “destiny's child” or “beyonce” - “jay-z”).

14. Quick search for fitness classes

Хитрости YouTube

To make it easier to find fitness classes, go to the website. There they are ordered by type and duration.

15. Extract audio track to MP3

Хитрости YouTube

Just go to the Peggo website.

16. Your video player

Хитрости YouTube

Solon website combines YouTube and Vimeo videos in one playlist, as well as audio files from SoundCloud.

17. Watch video over windows

Хитрости YouTube

Floating YouTube is a Chrome browser application that allows you to pin YouTube videos on top of all other windows.

18. Playback speed

Хитрости YouTube

If you click on the small gear in the lower right corner of any video on YouTube, you can select the video playback speed .

Slow playback, for example, is very useful when viewing instructional videos.

19. Set up privacy

Хитрости YouTube

If you are registered on YouTube, go to the privacy settings and tick the necessary checkboxes so that other users do not know which channels you subscribe to.

20. Youtube hotkeys

Хитрости YouTube

  • K - pause or lose
  • J - rewind for 10 seconds
  • L - fast forward for 10 seconds
  • M - turn off the sound
  • number 0 - to the beginning of the video
  • numbers from 1 to 9 - jump by 10% - 90%
  • “+” - increase the font
  • "-" - reduce the font

Bonus 1: how to download videos from YouTube

Хитрости YouTube

There are several websites and applications for the Chrome browser that allow you to download videos from YouTube. Save From Net . You can go to this site separately and copy the link to the video or paste the letter “ss” in the link before the word “youtube . You will be taken to the same page.

Bonus 2: remove ads from YouTube

Хитрости YouTube

Google Chrome users simply install the Adblock extension for YouTube. Now you can watch the video without any extra expectations!

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