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How to make an order for iHerb from Ukraine: registration, payment, delivery + 10% discount on the first order

iHerb Украина

Since 1996, iHerb has continuously strived to improve your online shopping experience. Initially, our company promoted the benefits of grass "St. John's Wort" hence the name: iHerb . We are confident that iHerb offers the best conditions for ordering health products available on the market.

Most recently, I placed an order on the very popular iHerb website. I read many blogger reviews about products ordered through this online store, so I decided to try. If you still do not know about it or wanted to order something, but you were afraid, continue to read further. Everything is not scary and not difficult, as it seems!

First of all, you should probably say a few words about the store: what makes it so popular and what can you buy there.

Online store has been operating since 1996. Here you can purchase products of more than 35,000 brands. But most importantly, only high-quality, natural and healthy products are sold here.

Here you can purchase not only cosmetics (for care or decoration), but also a wide variety of vitamins, dietary supplements, additives, herbs, hair and body products, food (even bread is here!), Oils, teas and coffee, and medical preparations. , for children, vegans, allergies, cleaning products, sports supplements and complexes, products for home, for animals and so on . I just can not list all that is there!

The coolest is prices . They are smaller than the market in the country by at least 30% -40%. Actually, the price is less for the markup that you earn. More - quality . iHerb is an Amazon among similar products and similarly, it keeps an eye on the quality of the products that it delivers to its customers.

Step # 1 - register with iHerb

1. Go to the website .

2. From above we choose Ukraine, Russian and currency.

3. Click on the "Login" button and fill in the right tab "New user? Create account" and click "Create account".

4. We confirm your registration (a letter with a link will be sent to the specified mail).

5. Congratulations! You are registered!

Step # 2 - choose a product

Now you can walk around the store and choose the products you are interested in. As in all stores, there are reviews and ratings, so take the time to study reviews. I will not write what sections there are, how to sort products by popularity, cost, rating, etc. Hope you know how to do it. To be honest, the choice of the iHerb store is so great that I was confused, because I don’t know any brands and it’s very difficult to make a choice, so I was completely focused on rating and reviews.

When you find a product that you want to buy, throw it in the basket by clicking "Add to Cart . " After that, go to the basket (the corresponding sign in the upper right corner).

Step # 3 - get bonuses

Important: For iHerb newbies, there is always a 10% discount on the first order (previously there was $ 5, i.e., five bucks just subtracted from the order amount). To apply the code and get a legal discount, follow the link SAVE2017 . The code will automatically go to the basket, the order amount will be less.

Important: Each time you order goods with iHerb, you can select two products at reduced prices. By clicking on this link , you will find yourself in the " Try and Save " section. Earlier, each time you made an order for iHerb, you could choose one product that the store offers at a reduced cost (the discount could reach 90%!), But recently, iHerb allows you to take 2 products. It is worth remembering that in the next order this product will go at full price if you want to purchase it again.

Important: do not forget to check the section "Offers", where weekly (from Wednesday to Wednesday) exhibit goods with 20% discounts. New discount price displayed in the shopping cart!

Important: Also, do not forget to look through the "Promotions" section, where you can see the goods of the day, the discount for which is valid only today (the product changes every day after 19:00), as well as the goods of the week, the discount for which lasts a whole week (the section is updated on Wednesdays after 19:00 That is, every day the store exposes one product with a very large discount. Its regular price can be 10 times more!

Step # 4 - we pay and choose delivery

In the basket you see all the selected products, their weight (as well as the weight in kg you can see a little lower) and cost.

This summer iHerb has made a great update in terms of delivery. Now, when choosing delivery from iHerb to Ukraine, you can choose the BoxBerry service, which will deliver the package through New Mail: or to the New Mail warehouse, which you specify when placing the order, or deliver it to you by courier home. Shipping cost starts from 80+ UAH and depends on the weight and amount of goods. Usually I get 90-110 hryvnia. BoxBerry delivery time is 1-2 weeks. Tracking number is provided. There are limitations: the order amount should not exceed 3875 UAH, and weight - 5 kg.

Step # 5 - we get a reward after ordering

After you make an order for iHerb, you will get back to your personal account on the site, then the Loyalty Bonus:

  • 10% rewards from the entire order;
  • 20% rewards on all products of their own brands iHerb.

That is, a certain amount of money will be returned to your personal account on the site and will be available for 60 days (then the money "disappears"). If you make a new order during this period, the accumulated amount will be deducted from the amount of the new order.

iHerb Украина
iHerb Украина

Top 10 reasons to make your number one

1. Buy directly and safely is one of the largest online stores for environmentally friendly products. We have been on the market since 1996 and have two distribution centers in California and Kentucky.

Check out our website, and you will find more than 1,200 brands and 35,000 products that you can also find in health food stores and para-pharmacies, but with one important difference: our prices are usually 30-40% lower. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with our promo page with additional discounts on some popular products.

2. Free or reduced shipping rates

Each order with iHerb is entitled to receive a discount on delivery or have free delivery! In general, the more goods you add to the cart, the greater the likelihood that you will receive free shipping. In some cases, you can even discover free shipping for a single item. We recommend that you experiment with different combinations of products in order to find the best benefit. Do not forget to share your basket with other users! IHerb is the global leader in providing the best prices for natural products.

3. Incredible feedback from our customers

Unlike retailers who brag about third-party reviews, all of our reviews are written by iHerb customers. To write a review, you must first order an iHerb product. This means that you get real and frank reviews, thereby facilitating your decision when buying.

4. Guaranteed freshness and shelf life

Due to the fact that iHerb has one of the highest turnover rates in the industry, it offers you the most FRESH products! Our annual average inventory turnover is 8.1, which is one of the highest turnover ratios, if not the highest, in our industry. This means that iHerb products will only dust on the shelf for an average of 45 days!

In addition, most of our products have an expiration date, which can be found on the product page. This is the same as holding a bottle or package in your hand, as in a regular hardware store.

5. Super-clean warehouses equipped with climate control

IHerb distribution centers are fully equipped with climate control systems that protect products from moisture, heat and cold. This level of quality control is applied by iHerb to ensure the quality of the product to customers. In addition, our distribution centers comply with industry-accepted standards, such as NSF International certification and Rules for the organization of production and quality control of medicines (GMP).

6. Complete confidentiality of customers' personal information.

Private privacy is crucial to us. Since 1996, iHerb has never sold or shared customer information with third parties. Your personal information is always confidential.

7. Advanced 256-bit tokenization encryption

Simply put, we only store the last 4 digits and the expiration date of your credit card so that you can determine which card you use.

8. Customer Service 24/7

One of the reasons for such low prices iHerb is the automation of the process of ordering goods. Our customer service does not actually take orders, but contacts customers from our California office from Monday to Friday from 8 to 17 (PST). In addition, we answer questions and solve problems with your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via email and chat. Of course, the ideal does not exist. Sometimes we can be very busy and in such situations we ask for a little patience. We do our best to deal with the order quickly, efficiently and courteously - our customers deserve it!

9. Save even more by helping to save others.

As our user, share your favorite products, categories or your basket with various products using simple referral links and save even more!

10. Buying from us, you help the planet.

When you buy from us, you contribute to the health of the planet. iHerb uses 100% recycled paper in 90% of all sent boxes. Our bubble wrap is 40% recyclable, and we recycle almost all packaging materials from manufacturers. All this is done in the interests of a healthier and cleaner planet!

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