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Automatic Site Mapping Script for Large and Large Sites

AvtoSitemap (Автоматическая карта сайта (для больших сайтов))

This script allows you to create a map of large and huge sites cyclically in the automatic mode (cron, on a scheduler, on a call from php). Now you do not need to buy unreal powerful servers to index 10,000-10000,000 pages of your site or pay for this service on someone on the side, and create your own automatic site map without restrictions.

Script Automatic site map (huge sites)

  • The script is running in the background
  • Processes in parts the entire site, does not create a load
  • Very fast work speed
  • Written by a competent programmer
  • Flexible card design (template or statics)
  • Running on cron (scheduler)
  • Running forced through a php call


Cost: 3 $

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