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A selection of free books on JavaScript for beginners

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

JavaScript (abbreviated JS) is a multi-paradigm programming language. Supports object-oriented, imperative and functional styles. It is the implementation of the ECMAScript language (ECMA-262 standard).

JavaScript is commonly used as an embedded language for programmatic access to application objects. The widest application is found in browsers as the language of <scripts to give interactivity to web pages. The main architectural features: dynamic typing, weak typing, automatic memory management, prototyping programming, functions as first-class objects.

JavaScript has been influenced by many languages, with the development was the goal to make the language similar to Java, but at the same time easy for use by non-programmers. The language of JavaScript is not owned by any company or organization, which distinguishes it from a number of programming languages ​​used in web development. The name "JavaScript" is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation .

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

You always want to get exhaustive knowledge in the field with which you work. JavaScript is one of the languages, which is almost impossible to obtain exhaustive knowledge. It constantly develops, as it develops and the web in general, so any web developer should strive to keep up with this development, and even more so must know by heart the basis of the technology that he uses.

JavaScript now dominates the IT world. With it, you can either create a small web application or program a robot. Fortunately, the language has been around for a long time, and the developers who mastered it in superiority described their programming experience on it in books.

Expressive JavaScript

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book tells how to get computers to do what you need from them. Computers today are as common as screwdrivers - but they contain far more hidden complications, and therefore they are more difficult to understand and more difficult to work with. For many, they remain alien, slightly threatening things.

Introduction to JavaScript

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book provides a thorough overview of the world of JavaScript through the parsing of built-in objects and the nuances of the language. This book is not exactly intended for people who are just beginning to learn programming in general and JavaScript in particular.

Learning JavaScript Templates

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book is devoted to the consideration of both classical and modern programming templates in JavaScript. In general, it is aimed at novice programmers.

JavaScript Reference

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

HTML5 provides great features. Like jQuery. Like Node.JS. If you add a little more pure JavaScript to them - you can easily conquer the web.

An updated version of this manual can be seen here .

JavaScript with a human face

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book is designed for those who plan to create web applications using JS. It describes the features of the language, useful tools, templates, and this list is not limited.

We speak in JavaScript

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book will give you a universal knowledge of JavaScript, understanding both its general logic and details. The author assumes that the reader is already familiar with the principles of object-oriented programming and some language like PHP, Ruby, Python, C ++ or Java.

Creating a front end for web applications on pure JavaScript

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book shows how to write the frontend of applications on JS, without using any third-party frameworks or libraries.

Creating JavaScript applications

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

In addition to the general knowledge of the principles of JavaScript, this book will also give you knowledge from related areas, such as JSON or NoSQL, as well as understanding how web applications are generally written.

Single-page applications in detail

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

As the name implies, this book is devoted to the development of single-page applications. There is no description of specific technologies and frameworks, but it's a good idea to describe common patterns and practices.

Introduction to DOM

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

The book is devoted to working with the DOM (Document Object Model) - perhaps the most important in JavaScript for all web developers.

JavaScript: good moments

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book , written by Douglas Crockford, creator of JSON and JSLint, is a classic of the world of JavaScript, and everyone should read it. It describes the basics of the object-oriented approach and provides many examples, both good and bad. Of course, the author tells how to correct such "harmful" examples and how to avoid such mistakes.

A series of books "You do not know JS"

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This series , written by the famous teacher Kyle Simpson, consists of 6 books, each of which covers a separate section of the language. The main advantage of these books is that they are short enough, so you will not have time to distract yourself.

Principles of object-oriented JavaScript

Бесплатные книги по JavaScript

This book explores the fundamentals of JavaScript as an object-oriented language. We consider such topics as inheritance, prototypes, objects and constructors, as well as many others. All code samples are analyzed in detail, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages.