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Google spoke about the top 2019 searches in Ukraine

Топ-запросы 2019 в Google Украина

After analyzing millions of search queries, Google at the end of the year traditionally announced which of them became the fastest growing, which Ukrainians most often searched for and what questions Google asked in 2019.

The most popular search query for 2019 on Google Ukraine was “Game of Thrones Season 8” - the final season of the cult series. The second most popular request is Zelensky , and the third place is Yulia Nachalova . In addition, Google’s Ukrainian users were interested in the results of elections in Ukraine and the debates of presidential candidates, news about Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, the Chernobyl series and the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 .

In the Persona category , Ukrainians most often searched for information about Vladimir Zelensky, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Petro Poroshenko. Also, Google users were interested in artists MARUV, Potap and Billy Elish. Of the people who left us in 2019, the most inquiries were about Russian singer Yulia Nachalova, rap artist Decl and fashion director of the Moscow Central Department Store Alla Verber.

In the category “Films”, in the top queries of 2019 was a psychological thriller based on the comic strips “Joker” . The traditionally high interest of Ukrainian users is the continuation of films and film comics; according to Google Ukraine users, the list of the most popular films included the adaptation of Ivan Frank’s historical novel “Zakhar Berkut” and Quentin Tarantino ’s new film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” .

The Eurovision song contest again became the leader in the category of television shows of the top requests of 2019, and in the series the highest interest of Ukrainians was caused by the final season of Game of Thrones and the dramatic mini-series Chernobyl .

“Purchase of the Year” in Ukraine was the new iPhone 11; Ukrainians were actively interested in where to buy a car seat and a booster, as well as buying tickets for UIA and Ukrzaliznytsia .

Traditionally, Ukrainians ask Google a variety of questions, and the outgoing year was no exception. In 2019, users wanted to know what tomos, gout, and Steinmeier's formula are. They tried to figure out how to make Instagram dark, how to check yourself on the voters lists and how to eat avocados. And they were also interested in why the dollar is falling, why Zelensky did not come to the stadium and why fog is in Kiev.

Most popular searches

A complete list of the most popular requests of 2019 in Ukraine looks like this (requests are shown in the original language):

  1. Game of Thrones Season 8
  2. Zelensky
  3. Julia Nachalova
  4. Zavorotnyuk
  5. 2019 election results
  6. Decl
  7. Chernobyl
  8. Debate
  9. Poroshenko
  10. Eurovision 2019


  1. Julia Nachalova
  2. Decl
  3. Alla Verber
  4. Luke perry
  5. Karl Lagerfeld
  6. Daria Lukyanenko
  7. Cameron Boyce
  8. Willie Tokarev
  9. Sergey Dorenko
  10. Irina Tsyvina

TV series

  1. Game of Thrones Season 8
  2. Chernobyl
  3. Secret love
  4. Serf
  5. IP Pirogov
  6. School. Vipuskny
  7. Beetles
  8. Nothing happens twice
  9. Early bird
  10. Youth 6 season


  1. iPhone 11
  2. Car seat
  3. UIA ticket
  4. Ukrzaliznitsya ticket
  5. Booster
  6. Iqos
  7. Fan
  8. Ukraine Portugal tickets
  9. Electric scooter
  10. Mini air conditioner

Question: “Yak? / How?”

  1. How to make Instagram dark?
  2. How to delete an Instagram account?
  3. How to find out your phone number?
  4. How to check yourself on the voter lists?
  5. What do animals say?
  6. Orchid how to care?
  7. How to eat avocado?
  8. How to transfer money from phone to phone?
  9. How to make a slice without glue?
  10. How to tie shoelaces?


  1. Vladimir Zelensky
  2. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
  3. Petro Poroshenko
  4. MARUV
  5. Potap
  6. Igor Smeshko
  7. Igor Kolomoisky
  8. Billy ailish
  9. Valery Legasov
  10. Alla Mazur


  1. Joker
  2. Avengers: Final
  3. Aquaman
  4. It's 2
  5. Policeman from Rublevka. New Year's lawlessness
  6. Lion king
  7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  8. Captain marvel
  9. Zahar Berkut
  10. How to Train Your Dragon 3

TV show

  1. Eurovision 2019
  2. Bachelor 2019
  3. Oscar 2019
  4. Right to property
  5. Voice of the Country 2019
  6. Top model in Ukrainian season 3
  7. Friendship 2019
  8. Master Chef. Professionals
  9. Dance with songs 2019
  10. Designated for tat

Question: “What's the matter? / What is it?”

  1. Tomos
  2. Gout
  3. Steinmeier Formula
  4. Wislovo
  5. Debate
  6. Sleep paralysis
  7. Zone 51
  8. Impeachment
  9. Nfc
  10. Majority

Question: “Why? / Why?”

  1. Why is the dollar falling?
  2. Why did Decl die?
  3. Why did Julia Nachalova die?
  4. Why didn't Zelensky come to the stadium?
  5. Why did Chernobyl explode?
  6. Why is fog in Kiev?
  7. Why does sour milk?
  8. Why can't you swim at Trinity?
  9. Why can't you use the toilet at night?
  10. Why doesn’t Instagram work?

Recall that in 2018, the top Google search queries looked like this .