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Best WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editors

WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

WYSIWYM - short for English. What you See What you Mean (What you see is what you mean) is a document editing paradigm that emerged as an alternative to the more common WYSIWYG paradigm. In the WYSIWYM editor, the user sets only the logical structure of the document and the actual content. Registration of the document, its final appearance is entrusted to a separate software, or, in any case, made in a separate unit. Thus, complete independence of the document content from its form is achieved.

WYSIWYG (pronounced [ˈwɪziwɪɡ] , is an abbreviation of English. What you see is what you get, you get it) is a property of application programs or web interfaces in which the content is displayed during editing and looks as close as possible on the final product, which can be a printed document, a web page or a presentation. At present, the concept of “visual editor” is also widely used for such programs.

Code visualization is no longer a priority for developers. This article lists the WYSIWYG editors that are used today for this purpose. They will make your work easier and faster. And which is the best one? - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

If you need the best HTML editor WYSIWYG, which will reduce the time spent on composing code or editing it 10 times, then this is Atom. Try it and you will be grateful to me. is free and created by the Github team.

Another praiseworthy tool is Coda, a very cool editor for Mac users. It has a perfect and beautiful interface, but it costs $ 99. At the moment I prefer Atom!

Over the years, many editors have been created, but only a few have remained at a high level or have become even better. is used by all my programmer friends, and I choose it too.


Demo version | Download

NicEdit - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

NicEdit is an alternative to more voluminous and complex visual editors, it has a small size.

It also boasts many of the functions necessary for the editor, and this WYSIWYG editor online is easy to integrate into the site.


Demo version | Download

TinyMCE - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

TinyMCE is an open source WYSIWYG HTML editor written in JavaScript.

It is easy to integrate and easy to customize using themes and plugins.

TinyMCE is one of the most "complete" editors offering features similar to MSWord.


Demo version | Download

CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

CKEditor is an updated version of FCKEditor that was previously the industry leader.

It was based on the desire to fix FCKEditor errors.

The result was a high-performance visual editor that offers editing features comparable in level to MSWord and Open Office.

YUI Rich Text Editor

Demo version | Download

YUI Rich Text Editor - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

The WYSIWYG editor for the YUI Rich site is a Yahoo interface control, it turns a simple text panel into a full-featured WYSIWYG editor.

The tool comes in several versions of different levels of complexity and with various functions, but in each of them the authors manage to achieve excellent ergonomics (without cluttering up buttons cluttering the interface).


Demo version | Download

MarkItUp! - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

Markitup is a jQuery plugin that allows you to turn text areas into markup editors at your discretion.

HTML, wiki and BBcode syntax are just some of the supported options.

Markitup is not a WYSIWYG editor, but this does not mean that it does not offer all the necessary functions. It is also compact and easy to use.


Demo version | Download

FreeTextBox - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

FreeTextBox is an online WYSIWYG HTML editor specifically designed for ASP.NET.

The appearance of the editor is very similar to Microsoft Word.

The free version does not implement several advanced functions, but the available set is more than enough to complete the work.


Demo version | Download

MooEditable - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

MooEditable provides a simple but effective functionality that is implemented based on a well-written JavaScript library.

If you are a fan of Mootools, then you will not have any problems with it.


Demo | Download

OpenWysiwyg - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

OpenWYSIWYG is a simple WYSIWYG cross-browser editor with all the necessary functions.

It has a beautiful user interface, including pop-up elements and buttons.

One of its distinguishing features is the qualitatively implemented work with tables.

At the same time, in Google Chrome, OpenWYSIWYG is still not supported.


Demo version | Download

jHtmlArea - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы

jHtmlArea is another WYSIWYG editor designed as a plugin for the popular jQuery library.

It is easy to use, and contains only the most necessary options.

This makes it very easy to customize all of its components, from appearance to language.


OpenWysiwyg - WYSIWYG HTML редакторы
The program on the left uses a visual editor to create a Lorem ipsum document. The program on the right contains LaTeX code, which when compiled will create a document that will be very similar to the document on the left. Compiling a formatted code is not a WYSIWYG process.

The phrase was coined by an Information International, Inc. engineer. (Triple-I) Larry Sinclair (Larry Sinclair) to express the idea that what the user sees on the screen, he gets on the printer using the “Page Layout System”. “Page Layout System” is a prepress document preparation system first shown at ANPS in Las Vegas.

The phrase became popular due to a newsletter called “WYSIWYG”. Its authors were Arlene and Jose Ramos (Arlene and Jose Ramos). This newsletter was created for the new prepress industry, which was being converted to electronic format in the late 1970s. After three years of publication, the newsletter was sold to the staff at the Stanford Research Institute in California.

List of WYSIWYG HTML code editors

  • Adobe GoLive
  • Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver
  • Namo webeditor
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Mozilla composer
  • Quanta Plus
  • Kompozer (based on Nvu)
  • WYSIWYG Web Builder 10
  • Web page maker
  • …other

JavaScript based (embedded in the web page)

  • Webix [ru] - javascript library of components with rich text form editor
  • Tinmyce
  • CKeditor (formerly FCKeditor)
  • Clearditor
  • NicEdit
  • elRTE
  • Spaw
  • Xinha
  • dijit.Editor - widget javascript framework Dojo Toolkit

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