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I love you, as the sky loves the wind. As gentle as a wave of sea sand. Without you, I do not have sun in this world. Without you all life is obliquely

Fling you flowers, tire you with verses, not hinting at anything, invite to a cup of tea, treat vanilla cake, and then do ...

On the day you were born, a wonderful thing happened - the world became more beautiful

I love you and I miss other guys I do not notice. I need only you beloved-With you I will be happy!

When people look at the stars, and they are far apart, at that moment they are TOGETHER !!! Let's meet today at 22.00 near the Big Dipper ???

I do not want to go to sleep now, I want to look into your eyes. I want to touch your lips, I want to return to you for a moment!

My thoughts are again on you My thoughts are again in the void My thoughts I try to collect About love to you whisper I'll send SMS to you I write that I love you That you are the sun, my joy Without you my life is emptiness

Sweet kitten is sweet, sweet! I want to go to your bed! In that crib, you're lying! I want a baby for you! Sweet Dreams!!!

When you want to see me, look at the starry sky. Ask for you to come, I'll come. I'll find you WHERE YOU WERE NOT (A) ...

Do you know why I love you so much? Because the other does not work

Smile! Smile is the second thing that I love about your lips.

Dear, look at the sky ... Do you see the stars? Listen to each of them whispers about how I love you!

I want all the hours in the world to stop and the world was for us two.

You are like a star in my window, that gives a ray of light to me. I love her I love you but you are far from me.

Give a woman a million red roses and she will say that she needs one but white ...

Life for love Love for sex Sex for you And you for me ...

The night has come ... The sun has set ... Empty in bed ... It's not good ...

Be happy, unique, Always love and be loved! Let the flowers always grow, And there will be a holiday where YOU are!

Love is a sweet poison But the one who drank it Seconds of a minute of love Forever in oneself preserved

If I were offered an eternity without you, I would choose the moment of your nose

Sweetheart, if you print out all the compliments you deserve, then Russia will be left without a forest ...

Again your voice will take hold of your heart And everything will fill with its sonority. You speak, but on your soul it becomes lighter, As if there is no impotence of these days.

A kiss is something that you can not give without taking it and take it without giving.

You're like a Bounty - a piece of Paradise on the planet.

I'm around you forget everything And if you do not see me, I really miss you! It becomes every time a priceless meeting. After all, you are the most beautiful in the universe!