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Hello, the rains are coming again, And the leaves are falling under your feet, And the puddles whisper to wait, But your shadow, only at this moment, Reminds me your eyes tears, They like that rain are dumb.

Do not forget me, I asked you so, Bowing tenderly over you, Do not forget me, For in life I no longer loved you, You like me, or anyone else, Neither tomorrow nor today.

What's happening to us, It's more than love. We understand each other, Looking true and without words. And without words everything is very clear, Each other without emptiness, Emptiness will fill the Void, Like the spring season.

Only one theme for verses, One song for the soul, About that which is clear and without words, And explanations are not needed.

In a light dance dizzy The head goes around in a circle Thoughts just fell through, How we need each other. I breathe in your paints, I dissolve into the eye of the radiance, It's just that we're in a fairy tale, We'll say to the world: Good-bye!

The stars are shining in the sky, And we are alone with you. We so understand the essence of happiness! You just do not forget it!

Yes I love! I will not hide, Why conceal love in yourself. I want to say, What are you by right, Worthy of the best words

You are so insanely good, And so tender, and so innocent. And the meeting is waiting for my soul With you alone, my goddess!

O how pleasant is your voice! When it sounds in silence, I'm like a dove in the clouds I'm flying towards the height.

On the outstretched palm of Vorosh words in the dew of the dawn, Silence of last night, Spider web of transparent And open heart In droplets of past sadness ...

I'll give you a new year In the big stars, the sky I'll give, and for the first time Stars will be part of us. And instantly catching, Their enigmatic motive, I'll dissolve with you In a starry fairy tale blue

To give love only to those With whom love to tear off petals With whom I will not be afraid to live With whom it is not terrible and die ...

Oh, beautiful, gentle lady of My gloomy-sweet dreams, In the pages of ancient novels We will read what love is.

When people forget you, All your friends will forget, Only your heart will remember you, And with this heart I will!

I'm happy and unhappy, I love! Fate for all suffering and bliss For everything, for everything, thanking me for the fact that you are my God and perfection!

How happy I am that I was near, heard your voice What else to ask God for Gifts and what kind of mercy? Do not believe that I'm not sick of you. That I'm happy with the changes. I just do not have the freedom to choose My own paradise, all the same hell!

No need for words ... Do not ... Shut up ... Words blow the wind, forget them ... About happiness ... About love ... Do not yell, Look in your eyes ... And I'll understand that you love ...

Ah, I'm home at home, I'm crying and sad. Answer my unknown, I'm looking for you!

Dangerous to play with emotions, We are both very strange, Already reached the edge, But not crazy! And I will not hide my desires, - I do not know what we are waiting for! - When in the end you're crazy, we all come down.

How difficult it is for me this hour alone In this dark wilderness of the night; How I long to be with you, My favorite and most native