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Essential words for flirting on the Internet, according to science

Слова для флирта в Интернете

Flirt - a manner of behavior that attracts the attention of a potential sexual partner, coquetry. Sometimes it serves as a prelude to sex, sometimes it is an expression of sympathy, in some cases it is attention-grabbing, just a game, entertainment.

There are a few win-win expressions that make your profile appealing to the opposite sex 💑. This was reported in a study on, quoted by The Independent.

Specialists studied the profiles of the most popular users of the site and listed the words that fall exactly on target. However, they did not take into account photographs of potential candidates.

“Your profile in a dating application is the most important flirting tool on the Internet,” says resource expert Vicki Pavitt. She emphasizes that a brief biography on the page must be brought to perfection. This can be done with simple tricks.

Mention in your profile that you love music, fun, laughter and kindness and are looking for love - the right move for men 👔 and women 👗. The girls were popular with guys who called themselves caring and family- oriented. At the same time, young people were looking for meetings with girls who emphasized their easy approach to life.

These words most attracted the girls зарегистрированных registered on the site: love, fun, friends, laughter, family, happy, kind, honest, music, caring . And this is a list of words that guys most often reacted to 👦: love, fun, honest, friends, simple, laugh, happy, music, sweet, kind .

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