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Answer honestly 4 questions - and we will give the most accurate assessment of your personality! Jokes aside: the test is serious!

16 типов личности

The Myers – Briggs personality typology was created based on Jung’s theory in the 1940s and became widespread in the United States and Europe, writes Teen Vogue .

Based on this typology, a system of psychological tests has been created to determine your personality — Myers — Briggs Type Identifier.

This Identifier is widely used in business - for example, in many large Western companies. In the United States, up to 70% of high school graduates pass this test to choose their future profession.

This test is designed to determine one of 16 personality types. It includes 4 dual typological scales. The purpose of typology and tests is to help a person determine his personal preferences.

Four scales

The essence of the test is that it determines a person’s propensity for a certain type of activity, the style of action, the nature of decisions and other features that allow him to feel comfortable and confident.

For this, 4 scales were invented, according to which the personality is investigated:

1. Extrovert - Introvert (EI scale).

16 типов личности

Introverts (I) are not necessarily closed and uncommunicative people, as yellow publications often depict. They can be sociable and companionable, but they draw energy and work better alone. Such people prefer thoughts rather than words, so they always think before saying.

Unlike extroverts (E), in which sociability borders on talkativeness. For them, it’s for happiness to be and work with other people. They solve problems not alone behind closed doors, but through discussion, which makes it possible to find a compromise.

2. Sensory - intuition (SN scale).

16 типов личности

When assessing the situation, people belonging to the S-type take into account all the details that can be understood and felt thanks to the “sensors” - vision, scent, touch. They rely on external, already known data and are consistent in their decisions, which are carefully considered and weighted. They are always accurate, guesses not confirmed by facts do not matter to them, and only what happens here and now is of paramount importance.

N-type is more likely to rely on intuition. Often these are people with developed imagination, for whom the world is the focus of opportunities. They carelessly relate to facts, but are able to see the picture globally, to predict the most different ways of development of events.

3. Thinking - feeling (TF scale).

16 типов личности

Decision making is based on the well-known dichotomy of “emotions and intelligence”. T-type - these are people for whom logic comes first. They follow the voice of reason and make decisions, only carefully considering everything. Representatives of this type analyze information well, and are also fair and objective.

The F-type is a person from whom you do not write off the task in physics, but you will go to him first to share your joy or misfortune. These are empaths for whom the nature of human feelings is almost always more important than anything else. These are people with developed emotional intelligence, and it is he, and not logic, who directs their actions.

4. Judgment - perception (JP scale).

16 типов личности

Those of the P-type are incapable of comprehensive control and planning, but they can perceive a lot of information through several channels at once. They are multitasking, do a good job in a short time, do not panic when something goes wrong. Changes are very easy for such people, because the ability to adapt is their strength.

J-types , on the contrary, are single-tasking, prone to planning and algorithmization. First of all, stability is important for them, they try to eliminate chaos and come to the solution of any problem fully equipped, having thought everything out first. Such people can set goals well, set priorities and achieve results.

A total of 16 combinations of types are possible, each of which describes the personality in detail.

And now - the promised four questions that will help you determine your type:

  1. You are tired and urgently need to recharge the batteries. What will you do: chat with friends (E) or read / watch a movie at home (I)?
  2. Which description is more suitable for you? I like to live in the current moment, without interruption from reality, paying attention to details and doing everything necessary (S). I love ideas and theories, I like to imagine the future, I am fond of symbols and meanings, I often dream (N).
  3. You need to make an important decision: for example, where to go to study or whether to part with a partner. How will you reason: logical and rational (T) or listening to the heart, given the emotions and feelings of other people (F)?
  4. You are about to attend an event. Do you prefer to plan and organize everything in advance (J) or act spontaneously, flexibly and according to circumstances (P)?

Now fold your four letters and read the result!

INTJ: Strategist

INTJ: Стратег - 16 типов личности

On top is lonely. Strategists know this well - this is one of the rarest and most strategically gifted types of personalities. Strategists make up only 2% of the population, and women with this type of personality are especially rare (only 0.8%).

It is often difficult for them to find like-minded people who will be able to support their relentless intellect and chess thinking. People with the personality type of a Strategist are gifted with a rich imagination and are at the same time decisive, ambitious, but secretive, extremely curious, but do not waste their energy.

INTP: Scientist

INTP: Учёный - 16 типов личности

Type of personality A scientist is quite rare and makes up only 3% of the population: this is very good, because there is no greater trouble for such people than being “like everyone else”.

Scientists are proud of their ingenuity and creative nature, unique vision and living intelligence. Such a person may be a famous philosopher, architect, or an eccentric professor. Scientists own many scientific discoveries in history.

ENTJ: Commander

ENTJ: Командир - 16 типов личности

Commanders are born leaders. People with this type of personality combine charisma and confidence, they have authority that gathers crowds around one common goal. Commanders are often characterized by a ruthless level of rationality and direct their energy, confidence and keen mind to achieve their planned goals.

It is probably good that such people make up only 3% of the population, without overshadowing the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up the rest of the world's population, but we should thank the Commanders for the many companies and institutions whose services we use every day.

ENTP: Polemist

ENTP: Полемист - 16 типов личности

A polemicist is the devil’s greatest advocate who successfully lays out all arguments and opinions into small components, blowing them down the drain so that everyone can see. Unlike more motivated individuals, polemicists do this all not because they are trying to achieve some strategic goal or deep goal, but simply for pleasure.

No one loves mental fights like the Polemists, as this gives them the opportunity to train their extremely sharp mind, a wide knowledge base and the ability to combine disparate ideas into evidence of their innocence. The Polemists have a strange combination of qualities - they are uncompromisingly honest, but they will argue tirelessly, defending an idea that they really do not believe in. They will play the role of someone else to challenge the truth from a different perspective.

INFJ: Activist

INFJ: Активист - 16 типов личности

An activist is a very rare type of personality. Activists make up less than 1% of the population, but leave a bright mark on the world. They have an innate sense of idealism and morality, and they are distinguished from other idealists by decisiveness and determination. Activists are not lazy dreamers, but people who are able to take concrete steps to achieve their goals and implement a long-term strategy.

Activists tend to make the goal of their lives help others, but although such people can often be found at work aimed at helping others or charity, their real desire is to get to the bottom of the problem so that the question of saving people never arises at all.

INFP: Reseller

INFP: Посредник - 16 типов личности

Mediators are true idealists, always looking for a spark of good even in the worst of people or events in an attempt to improve the situation. Although many perceive them as calm, restrained, even shy people, the Intermediaries burn with inner flame and passion, which can shine at some point.

Composing only 4% of the population, people like the Mediator often run the risk of being misunderstood - but when they find people who think in a similar way, the resulting harmony becomes a source of joy and inspiration. Intermediaries are led by principles rather than logic, emotions, or practicality. In deciding how to move forward, they will consider considerations such as honor, beauty, morality, and virtue.

ENFJ: Coach

ENFJ: Тренер - 16 типов личности

Coaches are natural leaders full of passion and charisma. Making up only about 2% of the population, these people are found among politicians, coaches and mentors. They spread influence and inspire others to achieve for a better world.

Trainers are naturally self-confident and influence people. They proudly and joyfully show others how to improve themselves and the world around them.

ENFP: Wrestler

ENFP: Борец - 16 типов личности

A wrestler is a true free spirit. Wrestlers often become ringleaders at parties, but they are not very interested in the hype and are not inclined to enjoy the moment. They enjoy social and emotional contact with others.

Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate - those 7% of the population that they make up certainly stand out in any crowd.

ISTJ: Administrator

ISTJ: Администратор - 16 типов личности

Type of person Administrator is considered one of the most common and makes up 13% of the population. The defining characteristics of this type - integrity, practical logic and relentless pursuit of one's duty - make Administrators the vital core of many families and organizations that value traditions, rules and standards (for example, in law firms, government organizations or the army).

Administrators prefer to be responsible for their actions and take pride in the work they do. When they work on a task, they spare no effort or energy, completing tasks carefully and patiently.

ISFJ: Defender

ISFJ: Защитник - 16 типов личности

The protector is quite unique, since many of his abilities contradict his individual traits. Sensitive Defenders can be furious if you need to protect your family or friends; calm and secretive, as a rule, they have well-developed communication skills with people and strong social relationships. And although they strive for security and stability, such individuals can be very open to change if they feel that they are understood and respected.

Defenders are true altruists who respond with good to good in abundance, and perceive work and people in whom they believe with enthusiasm and generosity. There is hardly any other type that represents such a large part of the population - almost 13%. Combining the best of traditionalists and the desire to do good, Defenders work in historically established industries such as medicine, education and community service.

ESTJ: Manager

ESTJ: Менеджер - 16 типов личности

Managers represent law and order, they apply their understanding of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable in society and what is not. They hold families and communities together. Firmly believing in honesty, diligence and decency, Managers are appreciated for clear advice and reasonable instructions.

Proud of their ability to bring people together, Managers often become community organizers, working hard, gathering people for important public holidays or to protect traditional values ​​that hold families and society together.

ESFJ: Consul

ESFJ: Консул - 16 типов личности

People belonging to this type of personality are very common - as many as 12% of them. Consuls enjoy the support of friends and family by organizing meetings and doing everything possible to make sure everyone is happy.

At heart, Consuls are social beings and strive to keep up with what their friends are doing. When discussing scientific theories or arguing about international politics, you are unlikely to attract the attention of the Consul for a long time. Consuls are more concerned with tangible, practical issues, such as raising their social status and observing others.

ISTP: Virtuoso

ISTP: Виртуоз - 16 типов личности

Virtuosos like to try a new touch by eye, touching and exploring the world around them with calm rationalism and inspired by curiosity. People with this type of personality are born creators, moving from project to project, building useful and useless for the sake of the process itself and gaining new experience as you progress. Often they are mechanics or engineers: for Virtuosos there is no greater pleasure than tinkering around in the mechanisms, disassembling and reassembling them, making them a little better than they were before.

Virtuosos like to help others, share their experiences, so it is a pity that this type of personality is not common - only 5% of the population. Female Virtuosi are especially rare, and the standard gender roles that society offers them are poorly suited to their character.

ISFP: Artist

ISFP: Артист - 16 типов личности

Artists are real creative personalities, but not necessarily in the standard meaning of the word, implying that they draw little happy ponies. Yes, this happens often, they know how to do it well, but rather it means that with their understanding of aesthetics they push the boundaries of generally accepted norms.

Artists love to destroy traditional expectations by experimenting with appearance and behavior. Their main motto is “Do not limit me!”

ESTP: Dealer

ESTP: Делец - 16 типов личности

The businessman always influences his immediate environment; the best way to find him at a party is to keep track of the swirl of people following someone who moves from group to group. Funny and artistic, with a rude and worldly sense of humor, Dealers love to be the center of attention. If they ask someone from the public to go on stage, Dealer will be called first or push a shy friend.

The theory, abstract concepts and heavy discussions about global problems and their consequences will not interest Deltsov for long. These people love a lively conversation with a bit of intelligence, but only about what is happening right now, and even better, instead of talking, go and get down to business.

ESFP: Entertainer

ESFP: Развлекатель - 16 типов личности

If someone can spontaneously dance and sing, it’s the Entertainer ! Entertainers live the rapture of the moment, and want everyone else to feel the same way. No other personality type devotes so generously its time and energy when it is necessary to encourage others, and no other personality type makes it so stylish and irresistible.

Being born artists, Entertainers adore the spotlights, but for them the whole world is a stage. Many celebrities with the personality type of the Entertainer are really artists, but they continue to show in the company of friends, having a conversation truly irresistible, attracting attention in any society and turning any way into a holiday.