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12 animal spirits that define your character. Just check the date

Какое ты животное по духу?

The date of our birth determines life. Nothing new here. But it turns out that, in addition to the zodiac horoscope familiar to all, there is also an Indian.

Native Americans believed that each person has a certain animal in his life that gives him supernatural power.

You can determine your animal by date of birth. The editors will tell you about 12 animals of the Indian horoscope and how they affect the character of a person.

Otter (01.20–18.02)

Какое ты животное по духу?

The people whom the otter accompanies through life are very patient, persistent and disciplined.

Their talents are always combined with ambition, and they are diligent employees. They also hate disrespect for very cunning people, because they themselves are very loyal.

A good day is Tuesday, and the number is 19. The lucky color is purple, so it’s important to add it to the interior and wardrobe.

Wolf (02.19–20.03)

Какое ты животное по духу?

These personalities are very independent and love to be alone, although they themselves are wonderful family people.

They just need personal space for thought. They are honest and generous. They always strive for success, but do not resort to tricks and deceit. In other people, arrogance and fraud cannot be tolerated.

Thursday is considered a good day, and the lucky number is 3. Red brings good luck.

Falcon (03/21/19/04)

Какое ты животное по духу?

The key character traits of people who are accompanied in life by the spirit of the falcon are determination, willpower, and wit.

The liveliness of their mind is fascinating. They are very hardworking and energetic. It’s easy to take on several tasks at the same time and everything is brought to the finish line. They hate slow and lazy people.

Fortunately, they have 21, and the day is Friday. Black color brings good luck.

Beaver (04.20–20.05)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Under the auspices of the beaver, people are gentle, friendly and friendly.

They love warm meetings and value communication with loved ones. They know how to sympathize and help for free. They hate rude people and those who depend on the virtual world, because they value lively communication. Introverts are rare among them.

Monday is a favorable day for them, and the number 18 brings luck. The lucky color is gray.

Deer (05.21–20.06)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Main features: energy, mobility and alertness. These are very risky people.

They are decisive and courageous. Often reach great heights in a career, because they are used to act quickly.

A little hot-tempered. Envious and contemptuous people, as well as liars, will not find a common language with them.

Tuesday is a happy day, and the number 11 has many good points. White color attracts luck.

Woodpecker (06.21-21.07)

Какое ты животное по духу?

People who are led by a woodpecker in life are very thoughtful and have good intuition.

They have excellent analytical skills and are good psychologists. These people are very purposeful and stubborn, which sometimes plays against them.

They love to be in the spotlight, but never let outsiders into their inner world. Do not recognize disrespect for your person and a lie.

Happy day is Sunday. The luck brings the number 29. It is worth paying attention to the burgundy color and all shades of red.

Salmon (07.22-21.08)

Какое ты животное по духу?

People born in this period always keep up to date and have a delicate taste.

They are creative, smart and cunning. They can reach great heights in business and politics, because they easily find language with other people and are able to influence their thoughts.

They do not like order in everything and worldly problems.

Auspicious day is Friday, and the number 6 brings luck. To attract happiness, you need to surround yourself with a turquoise color.

Bear (08.22-21.09)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Among the strengths of these people, straightforwardness and courage can be distinguished.

They are passionate, cruel and very proud. They are working hard, then very lazy. There is no middle ground. Quite picky and demanding in relation to others.

Fateful decisions are best made on Mondays. The number of luck is 23. The lucky color is orange.

Raven (09/22–22/10)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Raven endowed these people with a sharpness of mind, a sense of humor and perseverance. They are very fair and understand others perfectly.

Generous enough, but not wasteful. They always try to earn more and bring everything to the house.

They will not find a common language with people who love drama, and with petty ones. They also hate it when they put forward high demands.

The most auspicious day is Saturday. The number of luck is 14. The most suitable color is blue and all its shades.

Snake (23.10–22.11)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Wisdom, determination and passion are what the snake has endowed with people born under its auspices.

Each of their steps is very thought out, although they seem to act very quickly. They are quite mobile and easily adapt to new circumstances. They hate sneak and rude people.

A good day for new achievements is Wednesday, and the number is 9. The most suitable color is green.

Owl (11.23-21.12)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Owls have a very mysterious nature, and they are very charming. These people are ambitious and strong-willed.

Always think a lot before making an important decision. Slow enough. They hate gossip and never engage in any affair. Very economic and economical.

Good luck is brown. The auspicious day is Friday, and the number is 17.

Goose (12.22-19.01)

Какое ты животное по духу?

Pensive, gentle and calm nature. Great family people. They have high intellectual abilities.

They are friendly, but usually rarely open to people, and their best friends are relatives. Do not tolerate rude and lazy people.

Happy day is Sunday. The number 12 brings luck, the most suitable color is yellow.

Perhaps you did not know, but the Slavs also have their own “bestial” horoscope. The accuracy of the characteristics is simply amazing.

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