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There are no accidents, there are 7 cycles of happiness

7 циклов счастья

Happiness (pre-Slavic, from “good” and “part”, that is, “good lot”) is a human condition that corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of one’s being, fullness and meaningfulness of life, fulfillment of one’s human purpose. The phenomenon of happiness is mainly studied by philosophy, psychology, theology, and occultism.

Have you ever noticed that about the same events happen to us at the same time every year? If not, then you should start to observe - every year each person goes through seven life cycles. By faithfully following them, you can make your life easier.

Personal cycles are easy to calculate. The beginning of the first period is the birthday. The duration of each - 52 days.

For example, you were born on July 6th. Adding 52 days, we get the end of the first cycle - August 27. The second will start from August 28 and will end on October 17, etc. Year of birth does not matter.

The last period will end before the next birthday.

Of course, in a leap year, one of the cycles will be one more day. And let yourself!

Any person is interested to remember the events that occurred in his life in the same period. Of course, if you did not keep annual records, it is not so easy to do. But everyone has significant days that are always remembered, so you can try to navigate them.

Now let's see what these cycles mean and how to use the knowledge gained?

First cycle: period of opportunities

This is the best time to implement your plans with the help of powerful people. You will be able to find patrons, a long-desired job, get cash loans and create your own business.

A good period for finding reliable partners, as well as for investing capital in a profitable business.

It is in this cycle that one must declare oneself publicly and create a good reputation.

Second cycle: time of small and big changes

During this period, go on short or long trips: they will certainly be successful - both business trips and leisure. The cycle is favorable for everything related to movement: the movement of goods, the purchase and sale of vehicles, the organization of transport, etc. In addition, this is a good time for public speaking.

There will be promising opportunities for those who produce or sell any kind of liquid, be it water, beer, milk or gasoline.

Remember: in the second cycle you should not start a new business, change jobs, sign long-term contracts, borrow or lend, acquire securities and play games of chance.

The third cycle: energy

You are in good shape. Unprecedented influx of energy will allow you to take important steps. Health status will improve significantly. Great time to challenge competitors.

If you want to sell something: an apartment, a car or just a boring thing, then do it immediately - success and profit are guaranteed.

However, not everything is so cloudless. Men should not start new novels. Women, on the other hand, need to turn their eyes to influential patrons who can help in business or provide support in life. Avoid conflicts if you do not want to make enemies.

Fourth cycle: spiritual

Especially successful for creative people. Take care of education, write a long-conceived article, book, play or picture. You will be overwhelmed with ideas that will be embodied in this period. Feel free to carry out our plans - Fortune is on your side!

You will be optimistic, although somewhat excited. As, however, everyone who comes to creative insight.

However, remember that when dealing with publishers, producers, project directors, you need to be alert. Examine all the legal and other subtleties, not to be deceived. Please note that this period is not the best time for marriage and major acquisitions.

Fifth cycle: personal success

The period of expanding the range of interests and the emergence of real prospects for further prosperity. Your opinion will be listened to, you will get a great trust of friends and partners. Sociability and favor will return a hundredfold.

Drop the shyness! Feel free to communicate with senior officials. If it becomes necessary to decide cases in court, then it should be done in the fifth cycle.

An excellent time for the implementation of long-term projects that require negotiations and travel. You can make big purchases, invest in new businesses. Just follow the rule of law: this may cause problems.

Do not mess with the trade in meat and seafood, and even better, for a while become a vegetarian.

Sixth cycle: relaxation

This cycle is best devoted to your favorite sport, leisure and entertainment. Do not worry, the career will not collapse, if you take some time for yourself.

Great time for pleasant trips, chatting with friends, finding new heart attachments. Communication with art will also be beneficial: visit theaters, museums, concert halls - this will guarantee success in the future.

Friendly and intimate acquaintances tied up during this period will be long-term and strong. To attention of gentlemen: do not spare money for perfume, flowers, jewelry. Perhaps right now you will be able to conquer the heart of an unapproachable lady. And women, at last, will charm their prince.

You can do a little bit of work: become a shareholder in some company or invest in a promising project.

Seventh Cycle: Critical

These days it is worth seriously analyzing the accumulated experience. Perhaps right now you realize that "put the wrong horse." So you should reorient. Often, radical changes bring pain and a sense of loss that can provoke rash actions and actions.

Do not give a fever! Remember that the apparent loss - the beginning of the next period of development, promising tempting prospects and opportunities. Take advantage of this to get rid of the burden of old problems, and start making plans. Just try not to break the old connections: they will still be useful.

Sometimes you will fall into pessimism, but do not succumb to it. In the end, in each person's life, it is time to stop, look around and think. And it is never in vain.

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