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The rules of smart people: 8 "no", which will lead to success

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

Success is the achievement of goals in the intended business, a positive result of something, public recognition of something or someone.

Sometimes competent inaction is more important than active movement is not there. When you just let go of the situation and tactically wait, not exchanging either forces, or time, or emotions over trifles.

Smart people know when to press the brakes and step aside so as not to get involved in a senseless adventure. What are these situations?

1. Do not do what you do not like

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

It is foolish to agree to additional obligations, if you and the old did not understand.

You should not say “yes” to opportunities that do not cause you enthusiasm, forcing to break yourself, your schedule, devalue your true desires.

Do not turn into an errand boy, whose kindness is enjoyed by everyone, know your own worth!

Otherwise you risk to be where you didn’t want to be, with people you didn’t choose.

2. Do not bend under the opinion of the crowd

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

Still practicing giving up your plans on the grounds that someone didn’t like them?

It is foolish to trust someone else's opinion more than yours, following the lead of lazy people and critics who are not capable of creating something worthwhile.

Most people have not done anything in their whole lives, they have saved before the difficulties and you are being dragged along, envying your development.

Grow, change, go forward, but do not give up the dream because of the opinion of some onlookers.

3. Do not get infected by someone else's mood

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

Smart people do not allow others to spoil their mood, they separate their own emotions from those imposed by someone from the outside.

Each person has his own experience, cherishes his tragedy, projecting feelings on everyone around.

This does not mean that they need to succumb, being like a majority.

On the contrary, keep the fighting spirit in you, take care of your inner happiness.

After all, the alien reality is subjective and should not define your world.

4. Do not wait for help from

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

If you have people to rely on, that's fine.

But you should not shift responsibility for your life to others.

No one else can solve your problem as it should, people often fail.

Smart people are not afraid of difficult tasks, even if they have no experience, they pump their abilities and solve the problem themselves.

Fear of making a mistake, failing to cope, harm should not hinder moving forward.

Give up the crutches, stop depending on others - and you will become stronger.

5. Do not count on luck

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

A smart person relies on his knowledge and skills, listens to his own heart, but he definitely does not wait for a solution to problems from fate.

Believing in the best is good, but one should not blunder oneself, do everything in his power to win the battle.

Inaction leads to inevitable disappointment.

The tale does not come true if the main character is sitting on the stove and does not even try to catch a goldfish.

Work on goals, invest in your work soul - and success will not be able to pass by.

6. Do not refuse to invest

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

If there is an opportunity to invest one hundred dollars in an enterprise and get two hundred, an intelligent person will not miss this chance!

You must always be one step ahead and be able to intelligently manage your finances, not just keeping them under the bed for a rainy day, but putting them into circulation.

Money should bring money, work on promotion, open new horizons.

This is not an end in itself, but a means of moving towards a dream.

As long as you treat them as an instrument, you go forward.

7. Do not live in the past

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

Clinging to past insults and bitter defeats, a person loses the opportunity to replay everything.

His inner energy is dissipated in the fears of the past and thus deprives him of the future.

Smart people do not allow themselves such a luxury, they too value time and resources to lower them to regret and samoedstvo.

Move on. Fell off? Get up again. Experience will do the trick.

And you will find yourself in the ladies, if you believe in your success and make the right conclusions.

8. Do not save negatives

8 «нет», которые приведут к успеху

Tears must be wept out, anger expressed, insults voiced.

It is foolish to suppress negative experiences in oneself, they need to be solved and no longer return to them.

Smart people will not accumulate stress for years, undermining their own health and relationships.

They put all the dots at once, give themselves time for weakness, and then gather in a heap.

Because to live in constant tension, to accumulate an “emotional slag” in oneself - do not respect yourself.

Clever ones choose their emotions, they do not run away from pain, but look at her face.

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