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Laws of Attraction: The Top 3 "NEVER"

Законы притяжения

The law of attraction is a term that, with its wide use by esoteric writers, does not have a generally accepted definition. However, among the thinkers of the “New Thinking” movement, there is agreement that the Law of Attraction uses the principle “like is attracted” in relation to conscious desire. That is, the thoughts of a person (conscious or unconscious), emotions and faith cause a change in the physical world that attracts positive or negative accomplishments that correspond to the above thoughts, with or without the action of a person to achieve such accomplishments. This process is described as “the harmonic vibrations of the law of attraction,” or “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your experience. ”

Our life is subject to the main universal law - the law of attraction . It is simple and logical: a person attracts to himself what he thinks about. Our thoughts are signals that we constantly send to the Universe.

She responds to each of them, that is, fulfills all our requests. But, alas, does it literally. And when we have thoughts about things that we fear and want to avoid — diseases, poverty, betrayals, disappointments, then as a result we get them. One cannot dream of happiness and at the same time think: “Life has failed: neither money, nor health, nor love ...” The Universe reacts to such a setup with the helpfulness of a genie from a magic lamp. “Well,” she replies. “As you command. You really have none of this. And it won't be.” A negative message is returned by a double negative. But the magnetic energy of our thoughts can make each of us happy.

Law 1. A person filled with love attracts the love of other people.

Законы притяжения

This is one of the main tenets of the law of attraction. Similar attracts like . All people, events, things in our life are not at all random. We ourselves surround ourselves with them, voluntarily or unwittingly. You need to force yourself to think only about the good and see the beauty in the people and objects around her.

Unfortunately, it is often the children's complexes that form the position of the unfortunate and unloved person. Experts call this the "consciousness of the victim." It seems to a person that he is looking for a way out, but in reality the following happens: constant conversations about unhappy love immerse him in a small closed world of endless insults and disappointments, in a vicious circle, from which it is very difficult to get out.

The victim simply ceases to notice the positive moments of life, and the more he suffers, the more often he makes mistakes. To wait for happiness in such a state is at least naive. How to change the situation? First, to realize that love cannot come from outside, forcefully get through to a person. Willingness to love and be loved must first be born in the soul, fill in all corners of consciousness. Remember: no one can do anything for us. We and only we ourselves create our own reality. Happy people enjoy for the most insignificant reason .

10 golden rules of love attraction

1. Always wake up with a smile . Think about the fact that today you will have a very good day. Learn to rejoice at any trifles and positive emotions will force out an unnecessary negative from life.

2. Surround yourself only with bright, positive-minded people .

3. Learn to be interesting to yourself . Constantly develop, try every day to learn something new, remember: a person who is not bored with himself always arouses the interest of other people.

4. Do only what brings you joy, love and happiness . Of course, there are things and events that are almost impossible to avoid, there are people with whom, despite all the reluctance, you have to face. In this case, try to find the best in them, and henceforth refer only to these positive aspects. Very soon, you will notice how your mood changes, relationships improve and you feel easy and comfortable.

5. Never doubt your own exclusivity . Every person is unique and deserves love. Do not criticize or scold yourself. Be proud of yourself, love your own image and notice how positive changes will happen to you.

6. Do not lose the inner harmony . If you feel that you are overcome by a feeling of fear, hatred or irritation, try to quickly switch to the positive: bright and pleasant memories, the image of a loved one, a dream. So you can protect yourself from the troubles that invariably attract negative emotions.

7. Collect old photos of former loved ones, the memories of which cause you pain . Fold them in a box, tie it with a red ribbon and send it to the mezzanine. Specialists in feng shui argue that in this way you will be able to put an end to past relationships and open up to new feelings.

8. Dream of love . Colorful and bright, down to the smallest details, draw pictures of happiness in your imagination. Clearly imagine the person you would like to see next to you. Play in your thoughts the whole plots in which the beloved would behave exactly as you want. Your request will certainly be heard.

9. On a beautiful piece of paper, describe in detail the person you would like to meet . Try to cover all its possible features: appearance, character, manner of speaking, dressing. Answer the questions - with whom he works, how much he earns, what are his friends, habits, passion, spiritual qualities. Can he compassionate, be faithful, whether he has a sense of humor, tact, is he capable of desperate acts. The more you describe the portrait of the future loved one, the more accurate your “order” will be filled.

10. Make a wish map . If love plays a decisive role for you, then place your photo in the center of a large poster next to the portrait of a man whose appearance you like. Surround your couple with all the attributes of happiness. Find an image of the house that you would like to have, children, money, cars, exciting travels. Hang the card in a prominent place, look at it more often and dream. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to turn fantasy into reality.

Most people are as happy as they decide to be happy - A. Lincoln

3 main "never"

1. Never hide old grievances, especially on former lovers. Grievances at the subconscious level block opportunities for positive changes in life.

2. Never tell yourself: I will not succeed. Belief in success - the main key to success.

3. Never turn the search for love into an end in itself. Real feeling comes naturally and harmoniously.

Act 2. A happy person lives much longer and is less likely to get sick.

Законы притяжения

"All diseases are from nerves." Our physical health is a mirror reflection of mental health. And we are not talking about mental disorders. It turns out that anxiety, fear, grief and other negative emotions destroy the body at the cellular level, giving rise to incurable diseases in it.

Psychologists, closely studying this problem, say: people die from negative thoughts. Today scientists have proved: all processes in the body are controlled by the central nervous system, which creates the scenario of age-related changes. It reflects our ideas about life, traditions and expectations.

For example, if a person is sure that after forty years there comes a time of withering, carrying with it a series of illnesses, disappointments and failures, then it will happen so.

Passing the fortieth year, he will begin to age, hurt and fade. While his peer will not lose health, energy and the joy of being until old age just because he believes - a person is able to enjoy life at any age. In general, faith works wonders, helps to cope with incurable diseases, raises people with wheelchairs. The feeling of spiritual harmony and happiness heals a person better than any of the most effective drugs.

Healers, the troops of Alexander the Great were amazed at the surprising fact: the soldiers of the losing army died from the wounds that the victorious soldiers coped with very quickly. Much later, Dr. Napoleon Bonaparte formulated this idea as follows: "The wounds of the winners are overgrown faster." In other words - the success of any treatment depends on the thirst for life. In our body, everything was originally conceived in such a way that he is able to heal himself. Correct thoughts and fortitude are paramount.

Dreams is a preview of what life already brings to the future. Albert Einstein

10 golden rules of health attraction

1. Create your own, age-appropriate scenario that suits your desires . Imagine yourself at thirty, forty, fifty, and beyond. Of course, choose the ideal option, in which you will look much younger than the real age, and much more energetic than your peers. This will help you maintain youth, health and beauty.

2. Avoid stress . Caught in an unpleasant situation, think about how insignificant it is in comparison with the scale of a lifetime. Take the problem philosophically, remember the famous saying written on the ring of King Solomon, "Everything passes and it passes."

3. Be kind and indulgent to people . Learn to forgive them for a mistake — and you will notice how much your health improves. After all, when offenses live in your soul, you unconsciously become attached to offenders, lose strength and become ill. Forgiveness frees you from this addiction and heals the soul.

4. All for what you undertake, try to do it calmly and confidently . Doctors call haste the "hasty killer", because it causes the body to produce adrenaline in large quantities, which "pushes" the heart, creates tension and ultimately seriously upsets health.

5. Try to get as many positive emotions as possible . Proven fact: optimists live longer than pessimists and look much younger. After all, positive emotions increase immunity and inhibit the aging process.

6. The most unhealthy feelings are anger, guilt and dissatisfaction with yourself and others . Remember: health begins with love for oneself and one’s neighbor.

7. Laugh as often as possible . Studies have shown that due to laughter in the human body increases blood flow, which is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. But negative emotions include self-destruction mechanisms.

8. Learn to completely relax . Take time to contemplate. Allocate for this ten minutes a day, preferably before bedtime. Retire, turn on your favorite music, sit comfortably. Choose an object that would act on you the most beneficial. It can be a fire in the fireplace, fish in the aquarium, whatever. The main thing is that at the time of contemplation you feel balance and harmony. Enjoy the peace, feel the peace, try not to think about anything that could darken your mind. Experts say: such minutes are able to restore the body from daily stress.

9. Take the rule to analyze their own diseases . All the symptoms of our ailments are signs that say: “You are doing something wrong, pay attention to your actions and thoughts.” Even a banal cold does not arise out of the blue. She "feeds on" irritation and resentment.

10. Fight with a bad mood, do not let it drag you into depression . Psychologists advise two minutes a day to train the "muscles of happiness." Smile at your reflection in the mirror and at this time think that you are the healthiest, most beautiful and happy person on earth. Mental harmony - fuel for good luck.

3 main "never"

1. Never complain about the disease, unless a doctor . A person who constantly complains about illnesses, tells in detail about those around them, unconsciously undermines his own health.

2. Never diagnose yourself . When you say: I probably have such and such a disease, then you program it, and soon your fears will come true.

3. Never enter into an argument with aggressive-minded people, do not adjoin movements against anything . Negative promise destroys the body. And health begins with inner peace and a positive attitude towards life.

The third law. Not money brings happiness, but happiness money

Законы притяжения

We do not even suspect how wrong we are when we say: "If I had money, I would be really happy." The law of attraction works exactly the opposite: wealth, success and other benefits begin to appear in a person just when he feels truly happy. In other words, the feeling of happiness can make a person more productive, purposeful, persistent, self-confident, on which the increase in material income directly depends.

But, being in a low state of mind it is simply impossible to get rich - experts say. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to understand the reasons for which the oppressed state has arisen, and only eliminating them, begin to move towards wealth and well-being.

Wealth and well-being begins with a big dream, open, bright, without any doubts and fears. After all, dreaming, we risk nothing, which means we can afford the most incredible. But, unfortunately, most people limit themselves even in this only because they do not see, cannot imagine how fantasies can become a reality. Experts reassure: none of us can figure out the path to success, you just need to believe in it, and this faith, like a magnet, will attract good luck. Martin Luther King said: “Take the first step and believe. Even if you don’t see the whole way, just take the first step.”

"Follow your happiness, and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls before." Joseph gambell

10 golden rules of wealth attraction

1. Change your ideas about wealth . If you were instilled in your childhood that big money cannot be earned in an honest way, then this installation can be fatal and block the road to wealth in the future. The blockers include claims that money is earned through sweat and blood, that you need to save every penny. With such thoughts, wealth cannot be achieved. Accept another installation: money comes easily and regularly. Such an attitude will free your mind from unnecessary fears and open the way for new initiatives.

2. Do not turn money into an end in itself . Think about the fact that they are above all the freedom that will help you realize your plans and become a happy person.

3. Do only lovemaking . It is impossible to make a career and get rich on what is contrary to your nature. Firstly, you will constantly experience internal resistance, and secondly, there will be plenty of enthusiastic professionals around you and sooner or later you will become an outsider. Therefore, not sparing time and energy, look for the occupation for which you were created. Become the best in it and your efforts will be adequately rewarded.

4. Show restraint and patience . Many people lose faith halfway to wealth. They make great efforts and want to get instant results, but, not waiting for him, they say: "It does not work." Thus, they themselves stop and cancel an already running process.

5. Remember: money is energy, they need constant movement . Therefore, learn to properly give them. To do this, learn one exercise: paying bills or paying for a purchase in a store, sincerely wish the good to the person to whom you hand your bills. Imagine that your funds will go to the purchase of new products, will be the salary for those who serve you. Thus, you will feel yourself as part of a large-scale financial process in which revenues are constantly increasing.

6. Do not be greedy . Remember that the miser pays twice. One of the main laws of money attraction says: the more spending, the more intense financial income.

7. All the time, look for new additional sources of income . This will help you expand your potential and possibly find the most accurate area of ​​professional interest.

8. Think in abundance categories . Behave like a rich man. Even if at the moment you do not have enough money, focus on good expensive things. Imagine yourself in them. Absorb the atmosphere of wealth, and it will surely come into your life.

9. Visualize the image of money . Be clear on what amount you need for complete happiness. Think of her. Add the number of zeros to the unit on the banknote, which would form the required amount. Carry it in your wallet or attach it in a prominent place. The thought is material.

10. Do not forget to say "thank you" to life for all the good things in it . Gratitude is a great power that multiplies success. Change yourself, and the world around you will change with you.

3 main "never"

1. Never say never . Permanently exclude from your life the phrases: "I will never get out of debt," "I will never find a good job," and the like. These phrases are a powerful ban on wealth and well-being.

2. Never save money "for a rainy day", otherwise you risk to wait for it very soon . Better accept another wording: "For pleasant surprises."

3. Never scold yourself for unplanned spending and spontaneous purchases . After all, they are a portion of positive emotions, without which the process of making money loses meaning. It is not accepted in Slavic culture, and even it is indecent to demonstrate happiness, to rejoice at a time when other people are not doing so well. Even in Soviet times, we were long accustomed to the idea that happiness is born in a bitter struggle, that it can only be earned by hard work. One way or another, but the “time of the struggle for happiness” is a thing of the past, but stereotypes remain.

The organization of sociologists World Values ​​Survey conducted an international study of the "level of happiness." Respondents were asked to rate their own satisfaction with life. Our country was in eightieth place, surrounded by the states of the former Soviet Union. And the first positions were not even taken by the Americans - they were only in the fifteenth place.

"Lucky" were residents of far from wealthy Puerto Rico and Mexico. India did not lag behind them. By the way, people who have been in this mysterious country, are surprised to notice the striking contrast - outrageous poverty and miserable life in combination with the open, enlightened faces of the Hindus. All these studies say only one thing: material well-being is not a guarantee of happiness. You can be rich and at the same time deeply unhappy person. And, as practice shows, on the contrary - to enjoy life for no apparent reason.

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