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DNA perceives human speech. Learn to say little

Учитесь мало говорить

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a macromolecule (one of the three main ones, the other two are RNA and proteins), which provides storage, transmission from generation to generation, and implementation of a genetic program for the development and functioning of living organisms. A DNA molecule stores biological information in the form of a genetic code consisting of a sequence of nucleotides. DNA contains information about the structure of various types of RNA and proteins.

The ideomotor act (dr. Grech) is the transition of the idea of ​​muscle movement to the actual implementation of this movement (in other words, the appearance of nerve impulses that provide movement as soon as the idea of ​​it arises). Ideomotor acts are involuntary, unconscious and, as a rule, have poorly expressed spatial characteristics. The principle of ideomotor acts was discovered in the XVIII century. English doctor D. Hartley and developed by English psychologist V. Carpenter. Further studies have shown that the movements accompanying the process of representing movements cannot always be classified as involuntary and that muscle contractions causing these movements can be recognized.

Superfluous talkless talk greatly wastes your energy, especially chatter, fed by emotions.

When something happens in your life, try one practice - do not tell anyone about it when it is itching to tell. Something happens - keep it in yourself, then you will keep within yourself the strength and potential of this incident.

Also, when someone tries to engage you in your stories - keep calm and watch your emotions, do not let them control you and get involved in other people's emotions. It will be noticed even by those around you - in which aura of power and mystery you will begin to dwell, but in reality you just saved yourself, not wasting for a more valuable feat than voidland.

Words and thoughts affect our lives. DNA perceives human speech.

Scientists have come to a stunning conclusion: DNA perceives human speech. Her “ears” are perfectly adapted to capturing sound vibrations.

Pushkin once wrote to his wife: "Do not wallow the soul of reading French novels." Our contemporary except that smiles this order of genius, but in vain. Molecules of heredity receive both acoustic and light information: silent reading reaches cell nuclei via electromagnetic channels. One text heals heredity, and the other traumatizes it.

Prayer words awaken the reserve capabilities of the genetic apparatus. The curse destroys the wave programs, and therefore, violates the normal development of the body.

P. Goryaev believes that with the help of verbal thoughts-forms, a person builds his genetic apparatus. For example, a child who has taken a certain program from his parents begins to row up and use foul language. Thus, he destroys himself and his environment, both social and psychological. And this “snowball” is rolling down from generation to generation.

So the genetic apparatus is not at all indifferent to what we think, say, what books we read. Everything is imprinted in the wave genome, that is, the wave genetic program, which changes the heredity and program of each cell in one direction or another. So, the word can cause cancer, and can cure a person. And the DNA does not parse, you communicate with a living person or with the hero of a television series.

How words and thoughts affect our lives

Have you ever thought about the fact that words and thoughts affect our lives?

In fact, they do not just influence, they form our reality! And what you say depends on what kind of life you live! If you saw the film “The Great Secret of Water” about water, then surely remember that water is capable of perceiving, storing and transmitting information even as thin as a human thought, emotion, not to mention words. Under their influence, the whole structure of water, its molecule changes, and since we ourselves are composed of water, then, accordingly, a person can act by word and thought on his health and body. Let's look at the most common phrases in our lives, and as a result, what we get. So, let's begin!

Saying - “wow!” - what do you think, how much will you get for yourself? Of course not! Just remember, did you have such cases when you didn’t get anything? Everyone got, and you do not. This situation, the response of the universe to the phrase - "wow!"

Remember how often you say, “I don’t hear anything at all (I don’t see, I don’t feel, etc.) !!!” What do you think will attract these words to your life? - Of course, diseases of the eyes, ears, nose.

Speaking and thinking - “I am fat” - you get extra extra pounds.

Saying “I am losing weight”, you acquire illnesses and start to feel worse, because the word “losing weight” comes from the word “thin.” Replace this phrase with - “I am slim” - and then this thought form will begin to positively influence you.

By saying “I have no money,” you will never be financially abundant, respectively. The phrase “Money comes to me easily and often!” Helps very much. And as soon as you do not interfere with your negative thoughts, the process of implementing what you have declared, so you will immediately feel how easy it is for you to open new opportunities for money to come to your wallet!

Saying in response to gratitude - “to health!” - you give your health !!! Thus offering another - on, take my health! Replacing these words is a very pleasant and sincere phrase. When they say "thank you," answer - "FOR GOOD."

Using the prefix "demon" in the words you attract the demon into your life. The prefix "demon" in Russian has never existed! New spelling rules are imposed on the Russian people after the 1917 coup. "Bes" is a prefix introduced into the Russian language in 1921 by Lunacharsky-Lenin, contrary to the rules of the Russian language. This rule is implemented specifically to praise and extol the despised demon. Look at the words: "impotent", "useless", "aimless", with these words we give strength to this unclean force. Replace it with “no.” And then everything will fall into place.

The words “I don't seem to have anything” are programming for the absence of something in your Kin!

Saying “I need”, “I need” - you live life out of want and under the influence of circumstances, thereby depriving yourself of the opportunity to be the master of your life. These words would be well replaced by "I choose."

Talking to a child “you are a fool” - he will learn badly from you. Because, as you yourself have created it is not sober!

Speaking to a loved one - “my eyes would not see you,” “you got me”, “leave me alone”, “disappear from my life” - you are programming the break of relations with this person. Do not be surprised if your husband, or the child then leaves the family, or something worse from life. But this is exactly how the law of the universe works. What are you asking for, then you are coming! Remember the Russian fairy tale, when the wife told her husband - “yes that you failed!” That was exactly the same thing that happened. It's not by chance! Russians always knew the power of words and thoughts and in fairy tales showed how universal laws work!

Saying to the child “You will fall”, “You will break your legs there, turn your neck!” Please, do not be surprised if this is exactly what happens to your child! You yourself, again, created a scenario of life for your child. Remember how often you say, “because I told you that it would be that way,” this is also the case when you yourself brought a negative situation into the life of your loved one, and therefore into your own.

Speaking of men, "all men ... .. ,, there is not a single normal one!" - so it turns out that every subsequent man in your life will bring you only one suffering and grief.

Speaking to a person - “I can’t digest you!” - you get problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

“You are sitting on my neck!” - you get osteochondrosis.

"My heart bleeds," "My heart almost stopped," believe that you ordered an illness with a heart in the celestial office.

In order to avoid the bad, it is very important not to think about it, and especially not to pronounce negative information. No wonder there is a saying - “It is said - done!” That is, having said, you have almost done it. You have started the execution program! But not everything is so bad, good words and thoughts work in the same way. By creating and releasing a positive thought, you end up with a positive in life, as good people and pleasant events.

And one more important information - scolding a person, sending curses at him, calling him insulting words and insults, thereby you influence not only his biofield, but also his own! You destroy your subtle energy and bring the same curse on yourself and your children! Before you speak firmly to someone, it is very worth considering whether it is worth it! Maybe better hold back! And let your emotions out in a scream in the forest, thereby removing the tension from yourself and getting a lot of pleasant sensations all over your body.

Replacing negative thoughts and words with positive ones, you create around you a space of love and positive, and in this case, everything negative will bypass you. And saying the words “I love” and “Thank you” you change and influence the whole world. Let us as often as possible give a smile, love, gratitude and forgiveness creating the pure energies of light in our Universe.

There are a lot of negative words that affect our life scenario, but now I think that you yourself will be able to track them in your speech and will not allow them to get the better of your lives! Believe me, only by changing your thinking and speaking, you can radically change your life for a happy and joyful one with a “unsuccessful” one.