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The signs of ancestors, which literally drag the money into your wallet!

Приметы чем привлечь деньги

A sign is a stable connection between two phenomena of objective reality, one of which is understood as a sign, and the second as its interpretation, usually in the form of a forecast for the future; language ( in the form of aphorism, paremia ) representation of this connection. As a rule, the explanations refer to those interpretations that are based on collective experience and are fixed in collective memory. Signs have existed since ancient times in many cultures and civilizations.

Thematic features represent the main spheres of interests of the traditional community: weather, economy, to a lesser extent - the scope of everyday life, family relationships and personal characteristics of a person. At the same time signs of weather and economic signs have a predominantly rationalistic basis, and household and family - mostly superstitious.

Many of us believe in signs. Especially in those associated with money and wealth. As it is not strange, there is some truth in them. Personally, I, to money, always begin to itch the left palm! We have collected all the most accurate signs of wealth and rush to share with you.

On the street and in institutions

Приметы чем привлечь деньги

A bill that you noticed on the street must be raised. Otherwise you will show disregard for money.

The coin, which lies with the eagle upwards, attracts money, and pushes down with an eagle. In the first case, lift the coin, and in the second - leave it.

Do not raise money that lies at the crossroads. It will be necessary to spend a lot of money on health.

The money you give for a tip is returned in triplicate. (Perhaps this sign was invented by the waiter, but why not check it on yourself?)

At home

Приметы чем привлечь деньги

The dining table is a symbol of prosperity. Do not sit on it, otherwise the money will bypass you.

To make money in the house, put some coins under the tablecloth of the dining table.

Do not put a purse on the dining table and bed.

In the house there should be only one broom, otherwise money will quickly be transferred. It should stand with its wide end up.

During the feast, a woman clinks the last with an unfamiliar man. A man - with a woman. Then they will always have money.

Never throw a coin. Keep them in a piggy bank, in a wallet or in a secret box.

The money that is stored in the house, recalculate regularly. Carefully straighten and stroke bills.

Before you start collecting money, clearly decide on what they will go. But never postpone for a rainy day. Save with positive thoughts. Then good luck will come!

Приметы чем привлечь деньги

Spiders are a symbol of prosperity and well-being. The spider was wound up? Expect profits! And do not try to kill him.

Whistling in the room is to the loss of a significant amount of money.

Do not lend bread and salt. It is believed that along with these products money and prosperity leave the house.

Do not clean after sunset.

Do not leave money and keys on the table for the night.

Do not place the bag on the floor in which the money is lying. Otherwise they will run away from you.

Whoever leaves a knife in a loaf of bread, poverty awaits.

Who throws the bread, then awaits material unhappiness.

Do not throw garbage out the window - it is believed that so money flies out of the house.

The aquarium attracts money. But the water in it should always be clean.

Repair all the faucets - along with the flowing water, money also leaves. (Literally too!)


Приметы чем привлечь деньги

Money like red color and natural materials. Buy a red purse made of genuine leather.

Do not waste everything to a penny. An empty wallet attracts poverty, after shopping leave at least one paper bill and several coins.

Denominations of different denominations are kept in different wallet departments.

Do not store long dirty, wrinkled or torn bills.

Do not throw away old wallets.

Keep the money so that the figures look in one direction.

In the secret section of your wallet, keep a two-dollar bill. Or a bill with a figure of 5.

Do not store a lot of small things in your wallet. You can get rid of it on Sunday by giving alms.

Money loves the account, but do not count the money in the evening after sunset. This will lead to failure.

Never show money to anyone in your wallet.

Natural symbols of money - wood, leather and fur. Put a wooden or leather amulet in the wallet. And hang a fur key ring on the keys.

General signs

Приметы чем привлечь деньги

To keep money in the house, you do not have to spend a single penny on your salary day. The received sum should stay at home.

In the store, do not give or take money from hand to hand. Together with money, the energy of another person can be transferred, which is not always favorable. Return the excess if the seller is short.

Never brag of new things - otherwise the money will go away from you.

Never look into the eyes of the person who is giving alms.

Holes in the pockets of clothing must necessarily be protected. Otherwise, they "leave" money.

To attract money, wear expensive jewelry. They symbolize prosperity. And under no circumstances do not let me measure or wear your jewelry to someone else.

You can not cut your hair to yourself. Otherwise, you cut off successful financial opportunities.

The left palm is scratched - to the money, the right hand to the waste.

Meeting with a fireman or a policeman is a loss. With a naval officer or a pregnant woman - to profit.

Never condemn, do not envy those who have more money than you. This leads to even greater financial difficulties.

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