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Psychological tricks that will work on anyone

Психологические трюки, которые будут работать на ком угодно

Psychological manipulation is a type of social, psychological impact, a socio-psychological phenomenon, which is the desire to change the perception or behavior of other people with the help of hidden, deceptive and violent tactics. Since, as a rule, such methods promote the interests of the manipulator, often at the expense of other people, they can be considered operational, violent, dishonest and unethical.

The social impact is not always negative. For example, a doctor may try to convince a patient to change unhealthy habits. Social impact is usually considered harmless when it respects the human right to accept it or reject it and is not overly compulsory. Depending on the context and motivation, social impact can be a hidden manipulation.

Each of us is unique, but attentive psychologists do not cease to find behavioral patterns that are laid in us from childhood.

Administration shares psychological tricks, tricks that will help in communicating with others and make your life easier.

📌 To find out if you like a person , choose one word and each time the interlocutor pronounces it or synonymous expressions, nod and smile. If you are sympathetic to him, you will soon notice that a person uses this word constantly.

📌 If you want to be taken seriously , tell me what your father said. People tend to unconsciously believe the parents' advice.

📌 Become the champion of the game "Stone, scissors, paper" , asking your opponent any question right before the game starts. In most cases, confused players throw out the "scissors".

📌 If you want your interlocutor to agree with you , do not forget to nod, asking a question. The nod is perceived as a sign that everything you say is true. In addition, following the laws of social behavior, people tend to nod in response.

📌 Ever dreamed of a deserted subway at 8 am? In places of large concentrations of people, look in the direction of your movement. You will be surprised at how easily the crowd parted before you. The secret is simple: in crowded places people look into the eyes of other pedestrians to understand where they are heading, and not encounter them.

📌 If you have a song stuck in your head that you would gladly forget, remember the ending of the song. According to the Zeigarnik effect, our brain better memorizes unfinished things. Therefore, if you think about the end of the song, it will disappear itself.

📌 Want your children to eat broccoli? Instead of asking if they want them, ask how many pieces to put: 5 or 2. Thus, you have already chosen broccoli for them, but the children feel that they have made a decision themselves . You can use this trick by analogy in other situations.

📌 If you think that you are being watched , just yawn and look around the people. Because yawning is contagious, you are guaranteed to know who is watching you.

📌 An acquaintance will help you to convey any thing , for example a box, if by transferring it, you will continue the conversation. Most people will not notice the dirty trick and take the box. However, one should be careful with attentive people - they can be embarrassed.

📌 If you are about to shake hands, make sure your hands are warm. Warm hands are associated in people with friendliness and affability , while touching a cold hand can cause rejection and dislike.

📌 Rephrase what your interlocutor said, and repeat it . He will understand that they really listen to him, and most importantly, they understand. Do not overdo it.

📌 If you want to be helped, start your request with the words "I need your help ..." . People do not like to feel guilty, so you will not be able to refuse.

📌 If someone does not like you, ask him for a pencil. On the one hand, people are not inclined to help those who do not like them, but on the other hand it is too small a request to refuse it. Thus, a person will convince himself that not so much he does not like you.

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