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35 expressions of English slang that you need to know

Обязательные выражения английского сленга

Slang (eng. Slang) - a set of special words or new meanings of already existing words, used in different groups of people (professional, public, age and so on).

In English lexicography, the term "slang" is widespread around the beginning of the XIX century. The etymology of this word is controversial. The study of slang influenced the English-speaking culture. J. B. Greenow and J.L. Kittridge described the slang as follows: “Slang is a vagabond language that hangs around the literary language and constantly tries to make its way into the most sophisticated society”. The concept of "slang" is mixed with such concepts as "dialectism", "slang", "vulgarism", "colloquial speech", "vernacular".

We get dictionaries and write the unfamiliar.

1. at first blush - at first sight

2. at sea - confusion, stupor

3. at sixes and sevens - who in the forest who is on firewood, a mess

4. at the tip of the tongue - (spinning) on ​​the tip of the tongue

5. bublin brook - talker, gossip girl

6. babe at the woods - fell off the moon

7. rotten rat - a rotten person who has lost confidence

8. back to the wall - in the trap, in a hopeless situation

9. bad egg - in a family with a black sheep, white crow

10. ball game - kill two birds with one stone, catch the blue bird, good luck

11. ball of fire - too energetic man, awl in one place

12. bank on - hopefully count

13. be gettin on - gain experience

14. beat about the bush - pouring from empty to empty, beating around the bush

15. beat it - wash off, roll off

16. beauty sleep - take a nap

17. beef up - strengthen, reinforce

18. Between the devil and the deep blue sea - between two fires

19. big mouth - yap

20. big stink - scandal, sensation

21. big time (to have) - have a good time

22. bird has flown - the train is gone, late

23. blast off - protest, resent

24. to blow smn's mind - drive you crazy, get sick (in the sense of being carried away with something)

25. bull shit - bullshit, sucks

26. butt in - to stick in

27. butterflies in the stomach - butterflies in the stomach

28. butter up - grease

29. calm down - calm down, slow down

30. chew the fat - to sharpen lyasy, chat, gossip

31. chic feed - (about money) - the cat cried

32. cold turkey - tie with addiction

33. cozy up - to adapt, try to please

34. dead beat - slacker

35. top banana - nail, program, influential person.