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In order to master the skill, the brain needs a lot of short breaks.

Чтобы научится чаще отдыхай

Skill - the ability of an activity, formed by repetition and bringing to automatism. Any new mode of action, initially flowing as some independent, developed and conscious, then as a result of repeated repetitions can be carried out as an automatically performed component of the activity.

Skill is a method of performing an action mastered by a subject, provided by a set of acquired knowledge and skills. It is formed through exercises and creates the possibility of performing an action not only in the usual, but also in the changed conditions.

Scientists from the US National Institutes of Health have found that a person’s brain needs several short breaks in order to reinforce memories of new skills.

“It’s customary to believe that we need to“ practice, practice and practice again ”in order to learn something new. But frequent and short rest is no less important than practice, ”says Leonardo Cohen, one of the authors of the study.

Чтобы научится чаще отдыхай

Several dozen right-handed volunteers took part in the experiment. They were seated behind computers and showed several numbers in a row. Then people were asked to dial the numbers with their left hand for 10 seconds and make the same break. They repeated this cycle 35 times.

All this time, scientists have observed the brain activity of the participants. “I noticed that the brain waves of volunteers seemed to change much more during rest than during print sessions ,” says Dr. Marlene Benstrup.

After analyzing the data, the scientists realized that the main training of the brain took place just during the rest - the memory of the new skill, in this case, the character set with the left hand, was strengthened in the intervals between printing.

Scientists have suggested that the role of any rest, regardless of time. But when the volunteers returned the next day and started typing with their left hand again, they did it much slower. Long rest did not give any results.

“Our results show how important it is to optimize the time and configuration of rest intervals when you learn something new. This can be very important when rehabilitating patients after a stroke or when learning to play musical instruments in healthy people, ”the researchers said.

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