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Tricky tricks from psychology, which are useful to everyone

Хитрые приемы из психологии

Psychological manipulation is a type of social, psychological impact, a socio-psychological phenomenon, which is the desire to change the perception or behavior of other people with the help of hidden, deceptive and violent tactics. Since, as a rule, such methods promote the interests of the manipulator, often at the expense of other people, they can be considered operational, violent, dishonest and unethical.

The social impact is not always negative. For example, a doctor may try to convince a patient to change unhealthy habits. Social impact is usually considered harmless when it respects the human right to accept it or reject it and is not overly compulsory. Depending on the context and motivation, social impact can be a hidden manipulation.

There are psychological tricks that work at a subconscious level. They help to achieve the position of the interlocutor, join the new company or instantly calm down at a time of stress. will tell you about the most effective of them, which work for 100% and will be useful in any situation.

No. 1. When a few people laugh, everyone looks at the one who is the most sympathetic to him

Хитрые приемы из психологии

After a successful joke or during a lively discussion in the company of people, everyone instinctively looks at who is the most sympathetic to him.

Therefore, in order to find out everything about the relations in the company of friends, prepare a couple of lethal anecdotes.

№ 2. If you are nervous - chew

Хитрые приемы из психологии

Before an important conversation, performance or event that makes us nervous, we should try chewing gum or even eating something.

Nobody will eat in the face of danger. Therefore during chewing our brain thinks that there is no danger and it is possible to relax. He sends a signal that relieves nervous tension and helps to calm down.

№ 3. A close look will help to draw out any information

Хитрые приемы из психологии

If the answer of your interlocutor does not suit you or you think that he does not finish something, just keep silently looking into his eyes .

In such a situation, the silence for the interlocutor will become so unbearable that he will have to tell you literally everything, just to stop it.

№ 4. Imagine that the employer is your old good friend

Хитрые приемы из психологии

In order not to worry during an important exam or interview, imagine that the person opposite is your friend, whom you have not seen for a long time.

This will help you instantly calm down, and answering questions will be much easier.

No. 5. If you have to work a lot with people, put a mirror behind you

Хитрые приемы из психологии

If you often communicate with different people on work, put behind your back a small mirror.

You will be surprised, but many clients will behave politely and more often you will meet halfway.

All because people do not like to see themselves angry and irritated.

№ 6. If you thought that someone is looking at you, just yawn

Хитрые приемы из психологии

Just look at this picture. You just yawned?

Yes, yawning is simply incredibly contagious.

It's enough to yawn and look around to see who's been following you.

The person who looked at you, most likely, will also yawn.

No. 7. If you want to stop the fight, then just take something to eat and stand between the fighting

Хитрые приемы из психологии

This phenomenon is called the "snackman effect".

The fact is that the moment of eating is associated with calmness and relaxation.

Very low probability that a person will attack someone who eats, so the conflict quickly abates.

No. 8. If you want to get rid of the subject, then just pass it on to the person talking to him

Хитрые приемы из психологии

Ask a person a personal question or find out his opinion about something.

During the response, the brain will be occupied so much that everything else will occur at the level of reflexes.

In this situation, most people will take anything from your hands, completely without thinking.

No. 9. If you want to easily make friends with a person, just ask him for something

Хитрые приемы из психологии

It should be something as simple as possible (transfer the sauce, napkin, a piece of paper or a pen).

The person who provides the service, at a subconscious level, decides that he treats you well, so he has gone to meet you and will do it again.

No. 10. It is best to appoint an important meeting at the beginning or end of the day

Хитрые приемы из психологии

People best remember what happens at the very beginning or end of the day, and everything between is remembered blurry.

Therefore, appoint an important meeting at the end or the beginning of the day.

And in the interview try to be the very first or the most recent of the candidates.

No. 11. Pay attention to the direction of the people's feet during the conversation

Хитрые приемы из психологии

A person's feet during a conversation will help to find out the relationship to the interlocutors and the hidden emotions.

If you approach people and they turn only the body of the body, and the position of the legs remains the same, then they are clearly not to you.

By the way, the tips of the shoes or the shoe of the interlocutor turned aside also indicate that he wants to leave as quickly as possible.

No. 12. Mirroring someone else's gestures will help establish trust

Хитрые приемы из психологии

Mirroring gestures, postures or facial expressions will help to quickly gain the trust of the interlocutor.

Even if a person does not notice this, because of the gestures he knows, he subconsciously sees himself in you.

And to themselves, as a rule, are treated well. But the main thing is not to overdo it.

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