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A simple 90/10 principle that affects our entire life

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

Stephen R. Covey (October 24, 1932, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - July 16, 2012, Idaho, USA) is an American consultant on leadership, life management, teacher and consultant on organizational management. He is known as a lecturer and author of the book "Seven Skills of Highly Effective People", which in August 2011 was named TIME magazine as one of the 25 most influential books on business. In the last years of his life, Stephen Covey was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of FranklinCovey.

Only a small part of the events of our life depends on the will of the case, otherwise we decide how the day will pass. So says the American writer Stephen Covey, calling it the principle of 90/10. And he showed the work of this principle with a simple example. shares with you a short story about the 10/90 rule in everyday life.

What is "rule 90/10"?

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

The fact is that 10% of events in our life we ​​can not control. We can not prevent the breakdown of the device we use, affect the delay in the flight of the aircraft or regulate the red light of the traffic light. But we can control our reaction to these events.

The remaining 90% of events are the result of our reaction. The result of how we behave in an uncontrollable and stressful situation.

Imagine the following ...

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

You have breakfast with your family. Your daughter accidentally tipped the cup with your coffee right on your shirt. You jump up and shout at your daughter, calling her straggly. You blame your wife for putting the cup very close to the edge of the table. You rush into the bedroom to change your clothes, and on returning you see a crying daughter who did not finish her breakfast and did not collect things for school.

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

As a result, she does not have time for the school bus. Your wife hurries to work, and you take your daughter to school in her car. Since you are late, then rush, breaking the rules of the road. When you come to work late, you find yourself forgetting the necessary papers at home. Your day began terribly and continues in the same spirit. You wait not to wait until it is over. When you come home, you see that the wife and daughter are in a bad mood. There is tension in your relationship.

Why did you have a bad day?

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

A. Because the daughter accidentally spilled coffee?

B. Because your daughter missed the bus and you had to take her to school?

Q. Because there was a traffic jam on the road and you were late for work?

G. Because you reacted wrongly to the situation?

The correct answer is D. By your reaction you have spoiled the whole day for yourself and your family. You could not do anything with spilled coffee, but you could control your reaction.

But it could all be different

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

Coffee is poured into your pants. The daughter is ready to cry. You gently say: "It's okay, just try to be more careful next time." You go to the bedroom, change your trousers, take everything you need for work. Go back to the kitchen and have time to see through the window, as your daughter waves to you, sitting on the school bus. Say goodbye to your wife and go out. You come to work 5 minutes earlier and vigorously greet everyone.

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

Two different scenarios. Both started in the same way, but ended in different ways. It's all about your reaction to the events in your life. Of course, you can continue to blame others for your troubles and complain that life does not work out, but does it help to live better?

Learn how to react correctly

Принцип 90/10 Стивена Кови

If someone overtakes you on the track. Give it to overtake you, do not rush to race: what does it matter if you get to work a few seconds later? Remember the rule 90/10 and do not worry about it.

The plane is late, it violates your schedule for the whole day. Do not stumble on the airport employees, they are not to blame. Use this time for reading. Meet other passengers and have a pleasant conversation.

You will not lose anything if you try to apply the rule 90/10 in your life. Believe me, you will be amazed at the results.