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All ukrainian phraseological units for all living winches

Украинские фразеологизмы

Phraseologism is semantically connected with the words, the language, the language, the syntax structures (the word list, the word list), and the word that is different, Tsіlіsnoї construction. They call him “Krilatim Veslov”.

Ідіома (kind of Greek. Ἴδιος - authority, authority; ιδιόμα - specialty, self-reliance) - a strong and genuine change of mind, which means that you can be sure that you don’t need to be able to save them a lot of time.

For the whole time, the editorial board of the Ukrainian phraseological scholarship for all life experiences. Live in your home and on your robots, and hit people with your well-read. Gaida! Greet your children with my bagatelle of mine!

Davati gorobtsyam dulі

Давати горобцям дулі - Украинские фразеологизмы

Davati gorobtsyam duli - walk without dil, tinyatisya, baidikuvati. Bugla godavati is possible; clement foolishness; beat the canoes, catch ґavi; lie down; have a good time.

I will board that pid rinvu

З дощу та під ринву - Украинские фразеологизмы

From the board to the right rinvu - for one inappropriateness to spend in India, more. Garniy Sinonym to the most sonorous “I shall bend it at half-moon”. And the axis is varianti: tikav vid dimu, having fallen at the carriage; from kalyuzhі that in the swamp; utіkav vіd vovka, that natrapiv on the witch’s. ”

Sm_yatsya in kutnі

Сміятися на кутні - Украинские фразеологизмы

Smyatsya in kutnі - means to get a protector - posters. Sami pomirkuyte: call out, lyudina smієatsya, as long as glad. That scallop became visible kutnі teeth, the smile of the maє buti pulled tight. So buvaє, if smіyutsya with primus, p_d vise abo cry.

Yak s gunk water

Як з гуски вода - Украинские фразеологизмы

Like water in water - it seems like I don’t react to it. Vidomo, scho water from the sweeping feast of recession to that, shchu gosh postіyno bathed in fat, a kind of viroblaz, the tail was roasted. Otak i nashі, primіr, people's deputies - they don’t react to vimogs of people, they don’t respond to criminal crimes, I go down with my mustache.

Tovkti water in the step

Товкти воду в ступі - Украинские фразеологизмы

Tovkti water in the stupa - take care of something, so be sure to drink it, marno take an hour; those same ones, “pour over empty into empty”. Tsіkava іstorіya resembling the phraseological unit: earlier in our ancestors, let us hear if the water was called in stupa!

So, in the first one, we had a little fun in the buds of young people, all the relatives from the side of the named converged. The stinks sat down near the table, handed a young team of friends to the stupa with water, and tempered the goods. Usі її the diligence of the boules is hidden on those who want more and more on all the water. When tsyomu young squad is not small to show their dispensation. I took the rite of feeling for the whole family: relatives kindly tried to learn how to tolerate and practice!

To syomih (new) wikis

До сьомих (нових) віників - Украинские фразеологизмы

Until syomih (new) win_v - a blow of the Dovgo, trivial hour. Forgot about richnitsyu? You shouldn’t forget about this before the winter season. :) .

Posichat at Sirka eyes

Позичати у Сірка очей - Украинские фразеологизмы

Take a look at the Circus of Eyes - almost three times the litter, honest, vlousnosti. Tsey phraseologism, wait a minute, the countryside in the bagatokh vipadok shodo rіznih osib.

Again for the penny groshі

Знову за рибу гроші - Украинские фразеологизмы

Again, for a penny, pennies - get on your feet; repetitively repeat already in the house.

Goduwati waiters

Годувати жданиками - Украинские фразеологизмы

God-awaited by the waiters - repeatedly accentuate zrobity, but not obtrimuvatsya obitsyank.

Heal the sky

Небо прихилити - Украинские фразеологизмы

Healing sky - but with good grace, everything is more and more impolite for someone who is happy. Heal the sky for your kohani!

Yak Pilip iz hemp

Як Пилип із конопель - Украинские фразеологизмы

Yak Pilip iz cannabis - nedorezhno, nedadolno but at the same time zrobiti, say no matter what.

Toptati Ryast

Топтати ряст - Украинские фразеологизмы

Toptati ryast - live.

Ryast vvyazyut provisnik spring. Schoinno vin z'avliv z-pid sn_gu - people rushed to the knots and bosom pritantsovuvali with the words: “I trample, trample me down. May God grant that fate and the first row of tramps! ” Tse meant scho lydina, so as to get to grips with wildlife, gain life, so that you can live until spring. An infection is a rite of passage of the past, and from phraseology and the distance “live” in the people.

Nі for the Tsapov’s soul

Ні за цапову душу - Украинские фразеологизмы

Nі for a Tsapov’s soul - a whole durham, Marno.

Transfer kutі honey

Передати куті меду - Украинские фразеологизмы

Transfer kutі honey - perebіlshuvati, occurrence between the admissible.

Yak with God in the bosom

Як у Бога за пазухою - Украинские фразеологизмы

Yak with God in the bosom - feel calmly, quietly, with the rest of the bespetsі; live in abundance. More phraseology-synonyms: live pan; yak at the door of God; yak dumpling in oil; yak popіv kitі on the stove. Thanks, I’m so kind to you and live!