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Vluchnі Ukraїnskі i phraseology on all types of life

Украинские фразеологизмы

Phrases of: tsіlіsno ї designs. Another name is called "Crylacious Vislovom".

Ідіома (гд г г в бай бай бай) : δ стι байι бай бай бай бай бай

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Davati Gorobetsy Dulі

Давати горобцям дулі - Украинские фразеологизмы

Davati gorobtsyam dulі - go without dіla, tinning, baydiquat. It is possible to go godla year; glue me fool; beat the baidiki, catch it ґavi; lie down; sit down to cope.

W to give that pіd trough

З дощу та під ринву - Украинские фразеологизмы

H to give that pid trough - from one unacceptable to little by little to others. Garniy synonim to bolsh zvichnogo “za vgnu ta v polum'ya”. And the axis is varianti: tikav ad dimu, that having fallen at the fire; h kalyuzhі that in the swamp; ut_kav v_d vovka, that having natrapiv on vedmedy “.

Smile on kutnі

Сміятися на кутні - Украинские фразеологизмы

Smile on kutnі - meaning to shuffle through - posters. Sami pom_rkuyte: zazchichay people, smієtsya, if їй radіsno. That schob became visible kutnі teeth, usmіshka maє buti duzhe tense. So buva кол, if smіyutsya z primusu, pіd vise abo cry.

Yak s gusky water

Як з гуски вода - Украинские фразеологизмы

Yak s gusk water - it isn’t ours that doesn’t reag on it. Widom, scho the water from the gooseneck downturn, just like the post part of the body with fat, yaky viroblya voloz, rastashovan b_lya tail. Otak і і і і і, і primіrm, нардепи - on a vimogi of people of a stench not reaguyut, v_d kriminalnyh spravit zakordon, that s м m mustache to go.

Tovkti water in the stupi

Товкти воду в ступі - Украинские фразеологизмы

Tovkti water in stupi - zatimatis chim-nebud nepotrіbnim, Marna Gayati hour; te sama “scatter from empty to empty”. Tsіkava іstorіya khodzhennya tsogo idiom: earlier in our ancestors in the world, if we named the commodity water in the steps!

So, in the first Monday of the week in the booths, all the relatives from the side of the adherent were converging. The stench sank to the table, they gave young squads with water and primed them out. Usi її strannya buli straightened on those, schob yakomoga more powerful and more rosysplesaty on all the water. With this, the young squad is not small showing a show of rozdratuvannya. In tsomu nd polygamous sense of the rite: kinfolk viprobovuvali nevistku terpіnnya і pratsovit_st!

To syomih (new) winners

До сьомих (нових) віників - Украинские фразеологизмы

To Syomi (new) Vіnikіv - duzho dogo, trivaliy hour. Zabili about the penny? You do not forget about the price of winners :) .

Look at Sirka eyes

Позичати у Сірка очей - Украинские фразеологизмы

Pozatiati Sirka eyes - vratti pachuttyya mud, chesno, vlno ї gdnostі. Tsei phraseology, pogodtesya, prerechny u Bagatokh vipadkah schodo rіznih osіb.

Znova for ribsu groshi

Знову за рибу гроші - Украинские фразеологизмы

Znova for ribu groshі - napolagat on Chomus; Nastyly repeat already vіdome.

Godwatch Zdanik

Годувати жданиками - Украинские фразеологизмы

Godvati zdanikami - repeatedly try to get it, ale do not touch it.

Sky whimsical

Небо прихилити - Украинские фразеологизмы

The sky is whimsical - but we’ll make it work out that everything is mossy and unwieldy for you. Squish the sky for your kohanih!

Yak Pilip іz Konopel

Як Пилип із конопель - Украинские фразеологизмы

Yak Pilip іz Cannabis - nedorechno, not long ago, or non-hourly earn, say, scho-nebud.


Топтати ряст - Украинские фразеологизмы

To trap riest - live.

Ryast vvavayat provіsnikom spring. Szhojno vіn z'yavlivsya z-pіd snіgu - people rushed to the knot and the bosonіzh prantantsovuvali і with the words: “Topchu, trample beside. O God, give me that doku datizhi ryast potoptati! ”. Tse meant just people, yak to get close to the living nature, to gain life, to live until the next spring. Zaraz rite vіdіyshov a minul, and from the phraseology дал dali “live” in the people.

Hi for Tsapov soul

Ні за цапову душу - Украинские фразеологизмы

But for Tsapov's soul - a darimno, marno.

Hand over honey

Передати куті меду - Украинские фразеологизмы

Transfer kuti honey - recoup, it is for mezhi permissible.

Yak at God for a bosom

Як у Бога за пазухою - Украинские фразеологизмы

Yak at the God in the bosom - feel gently, calmly, at the bezpetsi; live in prosperity. Already idiom-synonimi: live panom; yak at the door of God; yak dumpling butter; yak popіv kіt on the furnace. Spodіvaєmosya, itself so good you and live!