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That's why you can not react to everything that annoys you categorically

Реакция на раздражение

Calm, only calm!

Writer Rania Haim writes about life, love, work and the pursuit of success. Her life lessons she shares on the pages of the site Thought Catalog: "I begin to understand that it is not necessary to take revenge on those who hurt me.

I begin to understand that a man who avoids conflicts can be called mature, and does not climb onto trouble.

I begin to understand that by paying attention only to the negative, we lose precious energy and lose sight of all the good things that are happening to us.

I begin to understand that I can not like everyone and everyone, I can not make others treat me the way I want. And this is normal.

I begin to understand that attempts to win on all fronts are very exhausting and take a lot of time, leaving only emptiness inside.

I begin to understand: the fact that I do not react to someone's words does not mean that I do not care. I want to be above this. I want to learn a lesson from this situation. I choose peace of mind - this is what I really need.

I do not want to find out a relationship anymore. I do not need people in whose presence I feel defective. I do not need arguments and fake friends.

I begin to understand this: sometimes silence is better than any explanation.

Реакция на раздражение

I begin to understand: reacting to the opponent's attacks, we give him power with our own emotions. You can not control others, you can control only your reaction, your way of perceiving the situation and how it affects you.

I'm beginning to understand that by and large, such situations do not say anything about you, but much says about who creates them.

I begin to understand that perhaps all these disappointments are needed so that we learn to love ourselves and protect ourselves from people who are trying to knock us out of the way.

I begin to understand this: even if I react, it will not change anything, that I will not win the love and respect of people, it will not affect their opinion of me in any way.

Sometimes it's better to let go - the situation or people, it's better to stop looking for explanations and answers.

Реакция на раздражение

I begin to understand: do not get hung up on what's going on around you, better focus on what's going on inside of you.

Work on your inner peace. Realize: in order to live happily and be in harmony with yourself, you just have to stop reacting to every little thing that bothers you. "

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