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Why can not I work for free?

Why can not I work for free?

Labor is an expedient, conscious activity of a person aimed at satisfying the needs of the individual and society. In the process of this activity, a person uses, with the help of tools of labor, mastering, changing and adapting to his goals objects of nature, using the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of objects and phenomena of nature and forcing them to mutually influence each other to achieve a pre-planned goal.

Work can be voluntary , forced and forced (for example, slavery ).

This memo will help those who are not always trying to take advantage of honest people. You can not work for free because ...

I decided to make a memo in which I will enumerate the points why no one can ever work for free. This memo will help those who are regularly tried to take advantage of not always honest people. At once I will make a reservation, that under free-of-charge I understand the project which to the executor does not bring appreciable advantage.


If the work is done for free, its value will be zero for all parties. Do not be surprised if a week later the project that was needed yesterday will be canceled without batting an eyelid, and you will not even be thanked. Everything that goes to freebies is not appreciated. At all. This is human nature.


I do not know of any cases of writing a technical assignment or brief in a free project. As a rule, everything ends with one short conversation and a maximum of several letters. The risk of not coming to that result in the free project is high.


Your old friend Petya, with whom you sat in a tavern in the evening, asked to make a logo for his new startup (a bench, a wing from a moped - it does not matter). Asked to do in the background. You agreed. In the morning you regretted, the more so because you fell on two excellent projects with a good budget, a month or three. Where will Peter go? That's right, at the end of the line. And most likely, Peter does not wait. Because no one puts real time limits on free projects.


Let's say you decided to make a super effort and make Petin's project the night before the start of new projects. Deep night, your eyes are bloodshot, you terribly want to sleep and are ready to kill Petya along with his startup. But by 5 am you finally press the send button. What exactly you send to Petya does not matter anymore. Because it does not happen quickly.


Everything is clear here. If you had to promise, and then regret your promise, then you will understand. Excuses, grimaces, hide and seek, heart-to-heart talks - all this awaits you, if you decide to give up your word. Either you will hate yourself and swear an oath of promise never again to do anything for free. Self-torture of the tenth level is assured to you!


Do not expect that the relationship in the free project is something different from commercial. Since you ask for the most I do not want, and even deeper. And excuses, such as: "Well, what did you want for free?" not rolling. The dissatisfied person will be equally displeased at any price. It's even easier to spoil relations for free.


Have you decided to take up a free project in the hope that you can put it in your portfolio and take money for the following? Not funny! Most likely, your next project will also be free. Because you have a weak spot and freebie lovers successfully use it, forcing to generate more and more free projects. Your weakness is an inferiority complex. And doing free projects to freeloaders, you are unlikely to get rid of them. But you'll do bad for sure. Better implement your personal projects or lay out the training.


You can grow only if you make a big, interesting and challenging project in a team. A free project by definition can not be so. He is short, substandard and unloved. What can you learn from him? At a time when you are doing a free project, you are not growing.


Doing free work, you harm the market and your colleagues. First, you produce a substandard product, clogging the market and brains to customers. Secondly, you do not get paid money, which means you will not spend it, and someone will not receive them in exchange for their goods and services. That is, free work hinders economic growth and hinders the development of the country's economy as a whole. And colleagues silently hate you, because you take their bread.


They do not like you. Sincerely and with all my heart. Do not ever tell anyone about your free exploits. Only if this project is really valuable and useful for you.

And how is it right?

Why can not I work for free?

I summarize with practical advice that will help you not to fall for free projects:


Never promise if you are in a good mood. Exit the room. Take a timeout and weigh well the pros and cons. Think your head, not your heart.


Never say "yes" if you are not sure. If you say: "Yes, I will do it, if I have time," then you have already promised. People perceive this as a promise, not as a condition.


Learn to say no. Without hysterics, without affectation, with a smile looking into the eyes. Friend, colleague, the Pope. Immediately to say no is much better than to promise and not to do.


Do not expect that you suddenly at the end of the project will pay or give something. What you take for granted, not everyone believes so.


Do not do test tasks! They can only be done if you are applying for Lebedev, or you are a really cool pro, but there is no portfolio (which is strange). Test tasks came up freeloaders! I know a case where one company placed vacancies for several years in a row with a good salary and at the same time asked for a test task: to make a booklet, to make a newspaper, to decorate a stand. In my opinion, this vacancy is still not closed.

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