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Boryspil Airport, KBP (Kiev)

Аэропорт Борисполь, KBP (Киев)

Boryspil International Airport is the largest and most powerful in Ukraine. It provides about 65% of air passenger traffic in Ukraine, and annually serves over 8 million passengers. Boryspil is conveniently located at the intersection of many airways that combine Asia with Europe and America. About 50 national and foreign airlines carry passengers and cargo from Boryspil along more than 100 regular routes.

The airport has two runways and three passenger terminals. The technical capabilities of the airfield of Boryspil airport remain unique for Ukraine, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. The runway with a length of 4000 m and a width of 60m allows you to receive aircraft of all types around the clock, including in conditions of limited visibility. Boryspil is also the only airport in Ukraine from which transcontinental flights operate.

The development of the country's main airport demonstrates the positive dynamics in the aviation industry. We develop infrastructure, attract new airlines, increase passenger traffic, improve the quality of service. We want the business card of the country to create the first - necessarily positive - impression of our state.

  • English Name: Borispol
  • City: Kiev
  • IATA code: KBP
  • Local time: UTC + 2 in winter, UTC + 3 in summer
  • Official site:
  • Online departure board:
  • Online arrivals:
  • Air Help (free of charge): 3 (044) 393-43-71
  • Mobile reference: 711 (UAH 2.40. UAH 5 connection)
  • Ukrainian reference: 0 (900) 311-711 (2.40 UAH / min.)
  • Free WIFI: Free Boryspil WiFi


The air terminal complex of the airport consists of three terminals.

Terminal "B"

Terminal "B" was opened in 1965 and has been repeatedly upgraded. It primarily serves air passengers who travel within Ukraine. The terminal is also used for servicing a part of air passengers of international flights. In the terminal there are shops , cafes and bars , offices of airlines, travel companies, banks, Internet access, a business center, luggage storage.

General information about the terminal "B"

Area: 36035.2 square meters

Capacity: On international flights: 1200 passengers / hour (for departure) and 1100 passengers / hour (for arrival). In Ukraine: 650 passengers / hour (for departure) and 600 passengers / hour (for arrival).

The registration area includes 43 check-in counters, 7 aviation security control points, 17 passport control booths.

View a detailed interactive map of the terminal "B".

Terminal "F"

Terminal F was opened in 2010. It implements simple and convenient processes for passengers, improves the conditions of their service, introduces the latest engineering and information technologies, applies modern security systems. At the moment, the terminal "F" serves only international flights.

General information about the terminal "F"

Area: 20685.6 sq.m.

Throughput: 900 passengers / hour (on departure) and the same on arrival; during the peak period, it is possible to service up to 1500 passengers / hour (for departure).

The check-in area includes 30 check-in counters with a baggage weighing and weighing system, 1 rack for passengers with oversized baggage, 2 check-points for border control. The check-in area is also equipped with Web-kiosks, which allow the passenger to check in independently - this speeds up the check-in process and does not create queues.

View a detailed interactive map of the terminal "F".

Passenger terminal "D"

Opened in 2012, the most powerful in Ukraine passenger terminal “D” is a logical development of the infrastructure of the Airport, which takes it to a fundamentally new level of quality and quantity of air travel.

General information about the passenger terminal "D"

Area: 107,000 sq.m.

Throughput: The terminal can provide passenger traffic at the level of 10 million per year. 3000 passengers / hour (for departure), and the same for arrival.

A large number of check-in counters (60 and 6 for web registration), 18 aviation security control points, 28 passport control booths are provided in the check-in areas of the airport complex, which will allow to avoid lines. For the convenience of passengers, elevators, escalators, and walkers are installed. The terminal is equipped with 11 stationary air bridges with an automated docking system (for embarkation / disembarkation), which allow you to simultaneously receive six Boeing 747 class aircraft and five Boeing 737 class aircraft. The waiting gallery for departures in the departure zone has a length of 870 m.

The terminal contains a VIP room that meets the needs of the most demanding connoisseurs of comfort and quality service.

View a detailed interactive map of the passenger terminal "D".

How to get there

Boryspil International Airport is located 29 km south-east of Kiev, near the town of Borispol, Kiev region.

Buses run at intervals of 20 minutes between the terminals of the Boryspil airport.

You can get to the airport by bus from Kiev or Boryspil, but it is planned to build a railway line.

From Kiev:

  • No. 323 - departs from the Vydubychi auto station and travels through Sevastopolskaya Square.
  • No. 322 (“Flight”) - departs from the South Railway Station and travels through the South Bridge and the Kharkivskaya metro station. The road takes about an hour.

From Boryspil:

  • From Borispol to the airport go bus:
    • № 2 - The main road going along the central road is Kievsky Way
    • No. 3-a - From Boryspil Railway Station - to the airport
    • Number 11 - Via Boryspil to the airport, then to Ivankov
    • №16 - on the route from Boryspil railway station - through the Center
    • No. 17 - on the route Atass-Borispol Station (along Golovaty St.) - through Voengorodok (Kievsky Shlyakh Street)
  • From other cities of Ukraine you can get to Borispol airport by intercity scheduled buses from companies: Gunsel, Autolux, Ukrbus.


Free information on the movement of aircraft exclusively for the current day (arrival, departure and delay) can be obtained by phone: +38 (044) 363-77-77

Borispol Airport Aviafravka tel. 585-72-54, 363-77-77 flight schedule

Background information of Borispol Airport on issues; Immigration and customs regulations, Lost baggage search, Rules for the carriage of baggage, hand luggage, animals, plants, sports equipment, etc. by the rules of all airlines . Special categories of passengers (children, disabled, etc.) tel. 657 * or 0 900-31-657-1 (help paid)

Boryspil Airport Baggage Investigation Department: 281-75-39, 281-74-98

Boryspil Airport Customs: 281-73-79

Border Service of Boryspil Airport: 527-63-63

  • Helpline: 0-44-585-74-11
  • Department of baggage tracing: +38 (044) 281-75-39, 281-74-98
  • Hotel: +38 (044) 490-99-35, 281-73-76
  • Bus Manager: +38 (044) 281-73-67
  • Official Delegations Hall (ZOD): +38 (044) 281-73-15
  • Luggage storage term. A: +38 (044) 490-47-63
  • Luggage storage term. Q: +38 (044) 490-47-35
  • Cashier Air cue: +38 (044) 490-49-01 (02)
  • Medical Post: +38 (044) 281-73-03
  • Customs: +38 (044) 281-73-79
  • Police: +38 (044) 281-70-02
  • City reference Boryspil: 0-4595 680-99
  • Border Service: +38 (044) 527-63-63
  • Car rental: +38 (044) 281-77-37, 238-26-91 (92), 281-76-16
  • SBU: +38 (044) 281-72-24
  • Terminal C (VIP): +38 (044) 281-71-54
  • Round-the-clock ticket office: +38 (044) 490-49-55