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Express delivery services in Ukraine

Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Rush mail, or express mail , is an express mail delivery service, for which an additional fee is paid and which provides faster delivery to the addressee. The service of hasty mail is the national postal service and is regulated by the postal administration of this state. Since 1998, the international express mail has been regulated by the EMS cooperative.

A courier is a person or company hired to deliver messages, letters, other correspondence, and small loads.

Search among delivery services: Autolux, Gunsel, Deliveri, In-Time, Cargo Express LTD, KSD, New Mail, Mist Express, Night Express, Pony Express, SAT, Ukrainian postal group, Ukrposhta.


Автолюкс - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Autolux - since 1998, the company "Autolux" has begun activities for the transport of goods.

This type of service has become the first organized system in our country.

Equipped with 80 offices in 54 cities of Ukraine for the organization of sending and receiving goods at a convenient time for you.

The cost of delivery from 20 UAH.

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Гюнсел - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Gunsel - the company was founded in 1997.

Since its inception, the company's goal has been to provide safe and comfortable transportation of passengers; and in cargo transportation - constantly expanding due to constant investments, create a network that would cover the whole country.

The cost of delivery from 25 UAH.

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Деливери - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Deliveri - the main mission, is to provide companies with access to the widest possible range of services, to provide high standards of service for every client, regardless of the size of the company and the volume of business.

The cost of delivery from 15UAH.

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Ин-Тайм - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

In-Time is a convenient and fast express delivery of goods in Ukraine.

Delivers cargo weighing from 100 grams to 10 tons in any locality in Ukraine.

The company's clients are serviced by more than 200 representative offices and their number is constantly increasing.

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Карго Экспресс ЛТД - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Cargo Express LTD

Cargo Express LTD - provides express courier express delivery services, courier transportation of parcels, parcels, letters, other correspondence and cargo to the cities of Ukraine, the CIS and the whole world.

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КСД - Курьерские службы доставки Украины


KSD - courier express delivery services.

About 80 branches across Ukraine. There are branches in Chisinau, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Minsk.

Categories of items: Economy Class, Business Class, Economy Business, Business Economy, Off Time, Strictly Person in Hand, Strictly at Specified Time, Pay by Payee, Out "," On demand "," Order "," With estimated value "," With inventory ".

The cost of delivery - from 40UAH.

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Новая почта - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

New Mail

New mail - long-distance transport logistics services.

Branches in more than 70 cities of Ukraine.

Cargo transportation in large volumes has always been an important and priority direction in the work of the company.

The cost of delivery from 26 UAH.

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Мист Экспресс - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Mist Express

Mist Express - delivery to anywhere in Ukraine of documents, parcels, pallet.

Delivery to the address or to supermarkets.

Freight traffic both in Ukraine and within the city.

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Ночной Экспресс - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Night Express

Night Express - with the help of the "Night Express" you can send cargo to the cities every day.

To do this, you need to bring the goods to the office of "Night Express" in the city of departure or to issue an application for departure.

The recipient can pick it up at any time convenient for him.

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Пони Экспресс - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Pony Express

Pony Express - The company Pony Express LLC is the official branch of the international trade mark PONY EXPRESS in Ukraine, which has been represented on the courier market since 1992.

The beginning of work in Ukraine - 2004.

The number of courier delivery destinations serviced in Ukraine and the CIS is more than 9000 settlements; the number of countries served is 218; regional network - 6 representative offices in Ukraine, own agent network in more than 38 cities of Ukraine.

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САТ - Курьерские службы доставки Украины


SAT - urgently delivers cargo from 5 grams to 5 tons with departure to the sender and delivery to the recipient's door in more than 250 settlements of Ukraine.

A network of offices in 36 cities and daily flights allow you to deliver your goods to the recipients in 24-48 hours.

The cost of delivery from 25 UAH.

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Украинская почтовая группа - Курьерские службы доставки Украины

Ukrainian postal group

The Ukrainian postal group is a company dynamically developing in the market of transport-forwarding services.

Fast and high-quality delivery of cargo and advantageous tariffs and convenient settlement system.

Free storage of goods in warehouses up to 3 days, high-quality packaging of goods of various types.

Branches in 27 cities of Ukraine.

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Укрпочта - Курьерские службы доставки Украины


Ukrposhta is more than 50 types of services.

Carries out delivery across Ukraine and abroad. Ukrposhta offices are present in every locality in Ukraine.

The cost of delivery is from 6,50 UAH.

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