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How to check the originality of perfume and distinguish fake? Clinique Happy- original or fake?

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

Perfumes are faked more often than in any other cosmetic product. Not surprisingly, it’s not on the spirits that saving is more profitable for any girls than the guys! Even if you did not buy perfume at a kiosk in the market, there is a risk to buy a fake even in large stores. The editors of will tell you how to distinguish an original from a low-quality replica, and at the end of the article we will look at how to figure out, using the example of Clinique Happy, whether the original is a fake.

Perfume - a perfumery (aromatizing) agent, alcohol or alcohol-water solutions of mixtures of aromatic substances - perfumery compositions and infusions. Of all perfumes in perfumes, the highest concentration of essential oils (from 15 to 30% or more) dissolved in almost pure alcohol (96%).

Therefore, the resistance to the smell of perfumes is much higher than that of other perfumes (5 or more hours; the cotton fabric should have at least 30 hours).

Eau de toilette ( fr. Eau de toilette, the official term appeared in the 19th century) is a perfume flavoring agent in the form of alcohol-water solutions of aromatic substances. Usually in toilet water contains from 4 to 10% of essential oils dissolved in alcohol 80-90%. Typically, eau de toilette differs from perfume in a less harsh and less persistent aroma, as well as a lower content of essential oils.

The official term “eau de toilette” arose thanks to Napoleon I: who was in exile on the island of St. Helena, the emperor came up with his own recipe for fragrant water with the addition of bergamot to replace the ended cologne. Napoleon called his invention "eau de toilette", and since then this term has become official. The history of toilet water is much more ancient. In the ancient world, toilet water was widely used: it was sprayed with canopies, pets, it poured out in city fountains, it was moistened and filled with aromas in the air at receptions. However, with the fall of the Roman Empire, eau de toilette became temporarily the property of the East.

How to distinguish original perfumes from fakes?

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

What to look for:

  1. Check the cellophane packaging;
    • Cellophane packaging most often gives out a fake, so you need to start the audit from it. Original flavors never glue cellophane with glue, this is always done by a thermal method (heating), which means that the seam will be perfectly even. Above or below the box there should be a rectangular or round stamp in the form of a sticker.
  2. Barcode;
    • Look at the barcode: it must match the barcode of the country where the perfume is produced. Please note that a real French perfume is never bottled “under license” anywhere in China or Bangladesh. If this is quite natural when buying clothes, then this does not happen with perfumes: French aromas are poured in France.
    • It is useful to know the first digits of barcodes of the main producing countries: France 30–37, Italy 80–83, Great Britain 50, Germany 400–440, Spain 84, USA and Canada 00–09.
  3. Batch serial number;
    • At the bottom of a real bottle there is always a thin transparent sticker that says something like “Eau de Toilette, 50 ml”, and there is also the serial number of the lot. Depending on the brand, it may consist of several numbers or numbers and letters. The same number should be on the cardboard packaging. For original perfumes, these numbers always match.
  4. Cardboard inside the box;
    • Fake perfume can also give out the cardboard contents of the box. Usually, this perfumery has a certain “frame”, be it cardboard or plastic, so that the bottle does not rattle and does not hang in the box. Fake manufacturers often save on this “trifle”, so shake the packaging a bit: if the bottle hangs, then this is most likely a “fake”.
  5. Manufacturer country;
    • On real perfumes they usually write simply “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” in small print on a cardboard box. If such inscriptions are absent, or something strange is written like “Paris-London-New-York” - this is an occasion to think about the authenticity of the goods.
  6. Read the information on the packaging;
    • The originals are always in small print the date of manufacture of the fragrance, expiration date and composition of the product. But fakes often find such information completely unnecessary.
  7. Price
    • A huge 80% discount or “super-duper stock” should already alert: a real perfume cannot cost 2-3 times cheaper than its real price, simply because it already has a high cost.

Checking the originality of perfumes by distinguishing a fake is sometimes vital. Therefore, it is better to resist the offer to buy famous brands for a penny. The arguments “this is a customs confiscation” or “is produced under license” are no longer in vogue.

Fake perfumes can cause headaches, dizziness, and allergies.

Manufacturers of luxury perfumes are on guard of your personality. They do not ignore customs and, all the more, they do not conspire with fraudsters who issue counterfeit goods.

How to find out: real spirits or not: 3 common truths

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

Consider the packaging. It should be made of thick cardboard with perforation. Proper shape and pleasant to the touch. With a design that tightly fixes the bubble. The bottle of the script does not hang when shaking the box. It is made of thick, high-quality glass.

Compare with the original. It’s easier to distinguish a fake, if you know what the original looks like: a real Escada has a glossy bubble, a fake has a matte one; Versace Bright Crystal perfumes are “dressed” in a box of bright pink color. No yellowish tones are fake; A package of Versace Bright Crystal toilet water is painted in hot pink, turning into beige.

Ask the seller for a certificate. When buying an expensive gift, check out the declaration of conformity. So do not undermine your reputation, and present a quality little thing.

How to check the originality of perfume: 4 obviously FALSE rules on which you can "pierce"

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

The original has a strong odor. At first, normal perfumes are fragrant with essential oils, and the aroma “opens” after a couple of hours. Pass by if instead of a subtle smell from a bottle it is drunk with alcohol fragrance.

The names of fake perfumes are designed for carelessness: Cenzo instead of Kenzo, laconic "France" instead of "Made in France".

A neat cellophane wrapper meanly deceives the eye. Hugo Boss, Davidoff, Clinique, Shiseido do not cellophane boxes (or not all product items). But distributors often wrap the packaging so that it does not lose its presentation. Check with the seller where and when the perfume was packaged in film!

The unstable smell of a fake is not the worst. The chemicals used in the production can harm both you and others!

Check the barcode of perfume and immediately determine the fake is unlikely to succeed. The barcode sometimes differs from the information on the packaging: the manufacturer’s factory and headquarters are often located in different countries.

How to identify the original perfume and not make a mistake

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

Attention to details! There are a couple of “iron” nuances that shrubs bypass. Here they are!

Clearly printed batch code. To check the perfumed water by code, check the combination of numbers and letters. Must be 4 or more characters.

On the box, the batch code is pressed into cardboard. On the bottle - engraved or pasted.

Note: deciphering the batch code, you can find out the date of manufacture of perfumes. service will help

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

Bubbles in high-quality eau de toilette dissolve in 10-15 seconds, in a fake - instantly. Shake the bottle, check!

A thin and neat spray tube does not strike the eye. The spray gun is tightly fixed and does not scroll. Squeak a few times to make sure it works.

The first few zilch can be "single" - this is not scary.

The color of this perfume is light, with a cold tint. Not sure which one is “right”? See the manufacturer’s website.

What is the difference between a perfume tester and the original?

Toilet or perfumed water tester introduces the aroma. On store shelves we deal only with samplers.

The tester has the same odor concentration as the original. Only the volume of the vial is greater. On the packaging - no print, only the most necessary information:

  • name of perfume;
  • batch number;
  • composition of perfume.

What is the difference between the tester:

  • vial volume. These are the same perfumes as the original, but of a larger capacity;
  • rich aroma. In the advertising sample, he is richer than usual;
  • 10-30% cheaper than the original. You do not overpay for the design of the box and bottle. But pay a lot of money for a fake!
Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?
Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?
Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?
Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

Watch a video with a detailed description of how to recognize a fake perfume

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Clinique Happy - original or fake?

Как проверить оригинальность духов и отличить подделку?

A fragrance that invariably raises the mood and has an incomparably wide bouquet of freshness - all this is Clinique Happy. This men's fragrance is very original and positive. The composition, revealed in Clinique Happy for men, is suitable for daily use, gives vigor with a hint of mischief.

The combination of many different notes does not prevent Clinique Happy from being fresh and unobtrusive. There are citruses, lily of the valley with a rose, and cypress with cedar. Such an unusual, but very harmonious neighborhood makes the composition of this perfumery juicy and attractive.

Along with the high popularity of Clinique Happy for men, the number of fakes of this cheerful fragrance is growing. The quality of the copies that can be seen today is completely different. Some have almost nothing to do with the original, while others are very difficult to distinguish from real spirits. But it’s naturally impossible to reproduce this unique smell exactly. We advise you to see how the original looks and what is its difference from a fake product.

Clinique Happy - Packaging

Clinique Happy - Упаковка

From the photo you can clearly see the differences between fake and real Clinique Happy for men perfumes. This is a different font and differences in the text on the box (fake on the left).

Clinique Happy - Упаковка

It is also worth paying close attention to the color of the package. A lighter box will tell you that this is the original Clinique Happy. The text written on the back of the package is different: the absence of significant blocks, the location of the text, as well as the content, will give out a fake.

Clinique Happy - Bottle and Spray Bottle

Clinique Happy - Флакон и распылитель

Here the differences are even more pronounced. The bottom of the Clinique Happy replica is much thicker than the natural original perfumery.

Clinique Happy - Флакон и распылитель

The inscriptions are located at different heights, and if you notice a sticker different from the one on the bottom of the bottle or its absence at all, then you will definitely have a replica. The original spray is always orange, on a fake it is white.

Clinique Happy - Cover

Clinique Happy - Крышка

The original cover is significantly thinner than counterfeit. Having carefully examined it, you can easily distinguish a fake.

Clinique Happy - Butch Code

Clinique Happy - Батч-код

Be sure to have a unique serial number on the perfume packaging that matches the same code on the bottle. Its absence suggests that these are not real spirits.

As you can see, the differences are significant, it is not difficult to make out. Before you go with the goods to the checkout, hold it in your hands, make sure that it is original and enjoy the unique aroma.


Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos

In the photo, both packages are original.

Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos
Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos
Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos
Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos
Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos
Clinique Happy - Original Package Photos