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Here's how to choose the right shoes

Как правильно подобрать туфли на каблуке

Shoes - an element of clothing. He puts on his feet. It is used, first of all, for thermal and mechanical protection of feet.

Heeled shoes are the object of many women's adoration. But not all women know how to choose not only a stylish, but comfortable pair of shoes. The "right" shoes will give a feeling of lightness, comfort and true bliss.

Today we in share the secrets of the correct selection of shoes on the heel. Remember these simple rules and you will never lose with a choice of shoes!

Comfortable heel

Как правильно подобрать туфли на каблуке

The first method will not be difficult. Doctors say that everyday shoes should have a heel no more than 2-4 cm .

Как правильно подобрать туфли на каблуке

The second way will help to choose shoes with an ideal heel height for you. Use this simple formula: ((height / length of legs) -1.61) * 10 . For example , my height is 170 cm, and the length of the legs is 80 cm. We will substitute these values ​​in the formula: ((170/80) -1.61) * 10 = 5.15 . Thus, the height of the ideal heel for me is 5.15 cm .

Как правильно подобрать туфли на каблуке

To choose a dress pair for shoes, you can use this simple trick: you need to sit comfortably on a chair, stretch your leg forward (do not stretch your toe), and measure the distance from the heel to the foot pad. The resulting number is the natural slope of your foot, which is equal to the height of the perfect front heel for you.

We wish you to shine as often as possible in beautiful and comfortable shoes !


Как правильно подобрать туфли на каблуке

Illustration from the article of the ESBE " Shoemaking ". Collection of shoes , compiled by Jacquemard at the Cluilly Museum in Paris. 1) Shoe from the wardrobe of Catherine de Medici. The heel is red, the top is of white leather, embroidered with pink silk. The auxiliary sole that connects the heel with the toe is also red. 2) Wooden shoe on legs, upholstered in iron. Leather intercept is embroidered with silk. 3) A male German shoe of the 16th century, from one piece of leather. 4) Silk shoe embroidered with ribbons, owned by Princess Lamballe. 5) A lady's shoe of Flemish origin, from the times of Louis XIII, from yellow morocco with red ornaments. 6) Women's shoe in white embossed leather, from Venice, the 16th century. 7) Peasant shoe of double skin, the times of Louis XIV. 8) French boots of the 16th century with embroidered lilies. 9) Heavy boots of the times of Louis XIV, the so-called "cauldrons". 10) Lady's shoe of Louis XV, silk top with velvet ornaments, white heel. 11) Children's shoe of the same era: the edge is pink with silver lace, a bow of pink ribbon. 12) Heinrich I de Montmorency's shoe, made of black leather, with a wooden heel, covered with red leather, decorated with lilies and a monogram of the owner. 13) (The explanation of the figure is omitted in the original of the ESBE). 14) The boot of the postman of the times of Louis XV. 15) The Tread of the Times of Louis XIV. 16) Turkish shoe on legs, for a bath, where the hot floor. It is decorated with mother of pearl and is upholstered in tin, interception is made of purple cloth embroidered with silk. 17) The shoe from Constantinople; on red velvet embroidered flowers cut flowers. 18) Sandal of a Turkish lady; decorated with silver chased work. 19) Turkish shoe in the form of a boat made of white leather, ornaments of white and pink silk. 20) Ladies' boot from Alexandria, the upper part of the yellow skin is sewn into the shoe. 21) African shoe with embroidery in silver and silk. 22) Chinese shoe, male, made of purple silk fabric, with black satin lining. 23) Female Chinese shoe, silk, with a butterfly embroidered on the toe. 24) Shoe male on legs, from Hong Kong. Legs black, top of red patent leather. 25) Ladies' Chinese shoe in black satin with embroidered white patterns. 26) Indian shoe, embroidered, curled sock red. 27) Indian shoe on legs, the sole in front appears in the form of an epaulette, is trimmed with a multicolored satin and is equipped with strings. 28) Shoe from Punjab, embroidered with silver. 29) Indian sandal, decorated with carving. 30) Ancient military moccasin from North America. From a single piece of leather, with red embroidery. 31) Very old children's moccasin; in the toe, the skin is folded together. 32) Female moccasin made of yellow leather, embroidered with silk. The top of the blue paper fabric, with reinforcement belts.

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