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How many meters should it be before the fence, if a neighbor is building a new house, planting trees creates other objects?

Сколько метров должно быть до забора, если сосед строит новый дом, сажает деревья создает другие объекты?

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Сколько метров должно быть до забора, если сосед строит новый дом, сажает деревья создает другие объекты?

Not so many neighbors over the years have been able to maintain good-neighborly relations.

And, as a rule, the cause, the deterioration of relations became a new building or tree, which appeared directly on the common features. At the request of a little move away from the fence, it was often possible to hear only disagreement, which turned into protracted arguments and quarrels.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary for each of us to know about the restrictions established by law and immediately demand that they be observed.

So, the State Building Regulations - DBN 79-92 "Residential houses for individual developers of Ukraine" - were established such distances for green spaces:

  • from the walls of buildings and structures to the axis of trees - 5 m, for shrubs - 1.5 m;
  • from the border of the neighboring site to the axis of the trees - 3 m, for bushes - 1 m.
Сколько метров должно быть до забора, если сосед строит новый дом, сажает деревья создает другие объекты?

However, it should be remembered that the branches of trees and bushes should not cross the boundaries of neighboring sites.

In case of penetration of roots and branches of trees from one land plot to another, the owners of land plots on which the branches and roots protrude have the right to cut off the roots of trees and bushes that penetrate from the neighboring land plot if this is an obstacle in using the land plot.

Also, according to DBN 360-92 ** "Urban planning. Planning and development of urban and rural settlements ", if there is no development on the other side of the border, the distance to the lateral boundary of the site from the most protruding wall structure should be at least 1 m .

At the same time, the necessary engineering and technical measures must be provided, and the atmospheric precipitation from the roofs and cornices of buildings to the territory of adjacent land areas is prevented.

Сколько метров должно быть до забора, если сосед строит новый дом, сажает деревья создает другие объекты?

According to sanitary norms, toilets should be located no closer than 15 m from a residential building and a summer kitchen, and from a drinking well - 20 m.

Requirements for fencing (height, construction, material) are established by local building regulations. The fence must pass along the border and should not create obstacles for the use of the neighboring land plot for its intended purpose, obscure it, etc.

Also, owners and land users of land plots should choose such ways of using land plots in accordance with their intended purpose, in which owners, land users of neighboring land plots are less inconvenient: shading, smoke, unpleasant odors, noise pollution is different.

Сколько метров должно быть до забора, если сосед строит новый дом, сажает деревья создает другие объекты?

It is worth noting that the DBN today lose their power, because now such issues are no longer the competence of central authorities, and are attributed to the powers of local government.

Today, such norms are established in local building regulations or a development plan for the settlement, which are approved by the local council after agreement with the local town planning and architecture authority. But it is worth noting that the established norms of the former DBN fully find their displays in the acts of local government.

And in the presence of serious disputes regarding neighbors' compliance with the rules of good neighborliness and concerning the boundaries of land plots in the ownership are decided by the court with the appropriate application of the owner to the court through their lawyer, since the procedure for obtaining legal aid from the lawyers in the courts has been established.

  Approved by
 Order of the Ministry of Protection
 03/17/2011 N 145
 Registered with the Ministry
 of Justice of Ukraine
 April 5, 2011
 for No. 457/19195

 maintenance of territories of populated areas
 2.21.  Liquid waste (feces, urine, slops), formed in
 residential and public buildings and structures in the absence
 centralized water supply and sanitation, is allowed
 store in cesspools (scraped out).  In the presence of household
 latrine cesspool can be shared.  The cesspool should be waterproof and have a tight fitting
 cover.  The amount of cessation is calculated on the basis of the number
 population, it enjoys.  The cesspool should be cleaned as they are filled.  transportations
 liquid waste from sheds and placing them on the territory of private
 property, as well as their use as fertilizers in rural areas.
 economy is prohibited.
 2.22.  Vigrebi should be removed from the boundaries of land
 sites of educational and treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, walls
 residential and public buildings and facilities, playgrounds
 children and recreation of the population at a distance of not less than 20 m. The location of the shed on the backyard and the distance
 From it to own apartment house the owner of this
 at home with the observance of the rules of good-neighborliness.  Controversial issues regarding the location of sheds in the territory
 homestead plot are considered in the order of solving land
 disputes in accordance with the law.  In conditions of non-centralized water supply,
 territory of the infield should be removed from the
 Individual wells and capturing sources at least
 20 m, while the distance from the cesspools in public wells and
 Capture of sources should be not less than 50 m.
 take into account the direction of the slope.