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The difference between clean and unclean animals

Чистые и нечистые животные

Unclean animals is a biblical (Old Testament) term for animals that were not used in sacrifices or eaten.

Unclean animals in a more general sense - animals that are not eaten or unloved by a particular people due to tradition, prejudice and medical indications.

Scientists decided to understand the reasons why God divided animals into clean and unclean? We at know what the difference between clean and unclean fish, poultry and other animals.

Pure Fish

Leviticus 11: 9
Of all the animals that are in the water, eat these: who have feathers and scales (in the water, in the seas or rivers), those who eat
Deuteronomy 14: 9
Of all the animals that are in the water, eat all that have feathers and scales.

Deut 14: 9 Leo. 11: 9 clean in water are those animals and fish that have feathers or fins.

This includes such animals and fish as salmon, perch, trout, whiting, carp and many others .

Чистые и нечистые животные

In the sea, salmon feeds mainly on herring and gerbil. Salmon is a carnivorous fish species and feeds on small invertebrates and zooplankton at an early age.

Carp feeds in places rich in plant and animal food, aquatic vegetation, clams, crustaceans, worms and other small organisms.

Fishless Fish

And do not eat all those who do not have feathers and scales: it is unclean for you (Deut. 14:10). A large category that includes a significant number of various fish, crustaceans and other marine life, such as sharks, swordfish, catfish, whales, dolphins, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters and many others.

Som (no scales) . Som feeds not only on small and weak fish, but also on some other food: crayfish, worms, mollusks, frogs, medium-sized waterfowl, various food waste, therefore, along with pike, it is also called the riversman.

Fish sword (no scales) . Fish suppliers almost never order a swordfish: unlike their customers, they have seen three-meter-long worms that live in it.

Sturgeon (no scales) . Virtually all sturgeon are benthic, feeding on worms, mollusks, insect larvae, fish, etc.

Shrimps collect parasites from the surface of the body and in the mouth, cut out dead tissue (scavengers).

Crabs - (scavengers) feed on carrion, invertebrates, small crustaceans, worms, algae. (food waste pins). According to their trophic specialization, crabs are detritus, that is, they feed mainly on organic carrion - dead sea animals and their remains. Therefore, in the places where the fish processing fleet works, where recycling waste flies overboard, the feast is not only about gulls, but also crabs.

Чистые и нечистые животные

Crayfish - by nature, hermit crabs, sweepers, nurses. In their natural habitat, crayfish feed on carrion, or rather, everything that lies on the bottom, including dolhlyatina and drowned. It feeds on algae, plants, benthic organisms, devours even kin, especially those that shed or just shed and are therefore defenseless. Just like other scavengers, they can act as carriers of dangerous human diseases - typhoid, hepatitis A.

Corn-headed crustaceans - The whole body of a crab infected with Sacculina, a cornea crustacean , is permeated by branching, like the roots of plants, the processes of the parasite. They braid all the internal organs of the host - the intestines, sex glands, nervous system, are embedded in the muscles.

Oyster - In fact, it is the oyster that actively and effectively purifies water, eats excess algae and plankton, as well as sediment at the bottom. In the course of their life, oysters (like mussels) pass huge amounts of water through themselves, therefore they absorb all the chemical dirt from it. In addition, they can accumulate in themselves the strongest poison - saxitoxin, which has a neuro-paralytic effect, they are even called mollusk filters. And people eat oysters - this is a world famous seafood delicacy.

The demonstration shows how effective oysters are in natural water filtration. Within two hours, the oysters completely purified the water in their aquarium. It is known that oysters can clean from 75 to 200 liters of water per day. According to scientists, this ability is of great benefit to the ecosystem.

Crayfish , crabs, shrimps and other scavengers feed on carrion and therefore contain carcinogens. Therefore, eating them significantly increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, their consumption in food is prohibited by experienced oncologists of the 21st century.

It is not by chance that God has forbidden to eat these kinds of aquatic creatures. Doctors know that these types of fish and crustaceans can accumulate a significant amount of heavy metals, and also contain natural toxic substances.

For people, they can be disastrous. We harm the environment by consuming these prohibited species. In addition, unclean fish often feed on carrion clean, thereby bringing benefits to the environment. Other fish that lack scales are often helpful in cleaning the surface of rivers and lakes.

Clean Bird

Leviticus 11: 13-19
Shun these birds (they should not eat them, they are nasty): an eagle, a vulture and a sea eagle, a kite and a falcon with its breed, an eagle owl, a fisherman and an ibis, a pelican and a vulture, a heron, zuya with its breed, hoopoe and bat.

Leviticus 11: 13-19 Disregard these (you should not eat them, they are nasty): an eagle, a vulture and a sea eagle, an eagle owl, a pelican, a heron, every raven with its breed, an ostrich, an owl, a seagull and a hawk with its breed, swan etc.

The net includes birds of the order of chickens, turkey, pigeons and doves, all who have goiter . Ducks also apply to clean birds.

Чистые и нечистые животные

Ducks eat from morning until late at night, nibbling goose grass growing along the banks, mercilessly moss or silk, greens, color and all aquatic plants, greedily swallowing small fish and all kinds of aquatic, airy and earth insects.

Pigeons eat grain, of any kind, and even pigeons peck up finely chopped lettuce, cabbage, spinach, carrots, sorrel, clover, young nettle, alfalfa, woodlice and other crops and herbs that are soft and juicy.

Nepure bird

Vultures, gulls, crows - belong to scavengers and from other birds of prey are distinguished by the fact that they hunt chicks, kill weak and sick birds and small animals. They feed on dead birds and other carrion.

Hawks, owls, pelicans - small and medium-sized mammals, birds, insects, mouse rats, frogs, etc.

God had good reasons to forbid us to eat the flesh of these birds. One of the most obvious is that most, if not all of these birds feed on carrion. This means that they eat, including, the meat of dead animals. This does not promise the person who eats this meat anything good, since their meat may be the source of some disease.

Their bodies also contain enzymes that help them digest this carrion and the meat of other unclean animals that can be harmful to humans.

Science is learning more and more facts about the spread of viral diseases through unclean birds. In practice, it turns out that from unclean diseases spread to clean birds, such as, for example, in Hong Kong, where ducks are often grown close to pigs. From pigs, viruses are transmitted to migratory unclean birds, which, in turn, are a link in the human food chain. It can also be a source of outbreaks of pneumonia that began in Asia ..

Pure Animals

Leviticus 11: 1-3
And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, saying to them: Tell the children of Israel: these are the animals that you can eat from every cattle on the earth: every cattle that has hoofs split in two, and has a deep cut on the hoofs, and who chews the cud, eat.
Deuteronomy 14: 3-6
Do not eat any abominations. Here are the cattle that you can eat: oxen, sheep, goats. Deer and chamois, and buffalo and doe, and bison, and oryx, and camelopard. Every cattle that has a split hoof and a deep cut on both hoofs, and which cattle is chewing gum, eat it.

Leviticus 11: 1-3 Deu. 14: 3-6 It is allowed to eat the meat of cows, deer, buffaloes, as well as goats and sheep, and chamois, oryx, and camelopard.

Goats, sheep, chamois, deer, cows are herbivores.

The blood of animals is also not good for food. Leviticus 7: 22-24 says that we should not eat fat from any of the animals listed above, or from animals that died or died by other animals.

Unclean Animals

Here God tells us not to eat the meat of animals such as pigs, rabbits, camels and horses. This is a very good reason for not eating their meat.

Camels are herbivores, they feed mainly on thorny plants, dry grass and shrubs.

Чистые и нечистые животные

Rabbits - raw vegetables and fruits, grass (clover is very fond).

If we talk about the dangers of rabbit meat, as it identified purine bases, which, entering the body, turn into uric acid, which settling in the joints and tendons, damages them, causing arthritis, gout, and neuro-arthritic diathesis in children up to a year.

Moreover, the amino acids from rabbit meat, being digested in the intestines, are converted to hydrocyanic acids, making the environment in the body more acidic. For some diseases, especially the gastrointestinal tract, this fact is of fundamental importance.

Horses - grass, cereals and root vegetables.

Doctors found that such animals can cause various diseases. By eating the meat of these animals, we endanger our heart, liver and other organs.

Pigs - omnivorous, roots, worms, eating carrion, small animals, including their offspring.

Pigs are carriers of more diseases to humans than any other animal. Under the "pork" refers to all products that are made from this meat - ham, sausages, which contain pork.

Doctors know that there is a connection between pork, which a person eats, and liver diseases. Even children are subject to these diseases.

It does not matter how clean the pigs are, it does not diminish the risk of cirrhosis of the liver. The same people who take alcohol and eat pork should remember that for them the risk of liver disease increases several times. But still, the main cause of cirrhosis is still pork.

For the Lord, with his fire and sword, will execute judgment on all flesh, and many will be slain by the Lord. Those who sanctify and purify themselves in the groves, one after another, eat pork and filth and mice, all will perish, says the Lord (Is.66: 16,17) and (Is.65: 2-4)

Pure Animals

Leviticus 11: 20-23
All animals are reptiles, winged, walking on four legs, are filthy for you. Of all the reptiles, winged, walking on four legs, those only eat, which have legs lower than the legs, to ride them on the ground. These shall eat of them: the locust with its breed, the salts with its breed, the hargol with its breed, and the hagab with its breed. Every other reptile, winged, with four legs, is bad for you.

Leviticus 11: 20-23 - Some of us may find it odd to eat beetles, however, for some people in the world, locusts are part of their daily diet. If you are very hungry, you can try too. God permits the eating of locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers.

In biblical times, poor people who could not afford to eat meat could consume a certain kind of locust. Nowadays Arabs still eat the locust. Having torn off her legs, wings and head, she is dipped in flour and then fried in butter or vegetable oil.

One Arab writer gave a detailed description in his book, similar to a culinary recipe. "The locust is eaten fresh and harvested for the future, tearing off its legs and wings, roasting and boiling it ...

Чистые и нечистые животные

This fact is also known: once in Baghdad, during the invasion of locusts, meat prices fell. This is not surprising, because locust meat has high nutritional value: 46% protein, 4.5% fat, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Some gourmets compare the taste of locust with the taste of roasted chestnuts, others compare it with chicken meat.

Unclean Animals

Leviticus 11:27 Of all the animals of four-footed ones, those who walk on their paws are unclean to you: anyone who touches their carcass will be unclean until evening.

Leviticus 11:27 - You can not eat cats, dogs and other four-legged , which walk on their paws.

Чистые и нечистые животные
Leviticus 11: 29-31 This is what is unclean for you from the animals that creep on the earth: the mole, the mouse, the lizard with its breed, the anaka, the chameleon, the summer, the homet, and the tinshemet. These are unclean to you, out of all the reptiles: anyone who touches them dead will be unclean until the evening.

Leviticus 11: 29-31 Leviticus 11: 41-42 In this place God tells us not to eat animals like snakes, lizards, rats, mice, ants, worms, and many others belonging to the order of rodents, reptiles, and beetles . However, many of us would not have eaten this anyway.

It is necessary to convey to the consciousness of every person that he himself must show the utmost care for his health and be wise in choosing food for himself and his family.

It is written: “Do not defile your souls with any reptile animals, and do not make yourself unclean through them, in order to be unclean through them. For I am the Lord your God: be sanctified and be holy, for I am holy, and do not pollute your souls with any animals crawling on the earth ... So, be holy because I am holy ” (Lev.11: 43-45) .
“This is the law on livestock, on birds, on all animals living in the waters, and on all animals that crawl along the earth to distinguish the unclean from the clean, and animals that can be eaten from animals that should not be eaten” (Lev. 11: 46-47) .

Studies have shown that the animals that God separated from the unclean can be safely eaten, but the animals that God has forbidden to eat, unfortunately, almost all of these animals are cleaners in nature. They are often carriers of various diseases, carriers of parasites, etc.


Чистые и нечистые животные