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Techniques that will save you when attacked by a rabid dog. Remember once and for all!

Приемы при нападении бешеного пса

Stray (street, neglected, homeless) dogs are dogs that are on the street without being accompanied by a host responsible for their behavior and conflicts with people, or who have never had one.

On the streets you can find a huge number of stray dogs. Especially a lot of markets, grocery stores and residential areas, places where you can profit from something. Unhappy animals are not to blame for the fact that they had terrible masters who left them to fend for themselves. But these dogs can pose a great danger to passersby, because in the pack they can get angry and attack, in addition, they can be a source of infection, for example rabies.

We will tell you about tricks, how and what to do if you find yourself near a pack of stray dogs and some of the dogs decided to attack you. In this situation, the main thing is not to get lost and be very careful.

Self confidence

Like any other animals, dogs feel helpless and fearful. Try to get together and not think about anything at all if the dog approaches you with clearly aggressive intentions. Look him intently into the eyes, if necessary shout "Fu!", "Look!" - the words should be short and loud.

But all of the above is canceled if the dog suffers from rabies. It is better to keep as far away from this as possible, and if she is close to you, then walk away slowly and without sudden movements, controlling the dog’s gaze.


If the dog is already aggressive and began to rush, try to distract the animal with any item of clothing. Donate your favorite jacket or even a bag: 40 shots in the hospital are not worth it. And even worse - injuries that will last for a lifetime.

Do not pay attention to the barking

The mistake of many people is that when they hear a dog barking, they start to shudder, turn around or even run away. Remember: if the dog decided to attack, then you will not hear any barking. Maximum - a muffled growl. Gavka, the dog is trying to get rid of a stranger from its territory.

Do not turn your back to the dog and even sideways. So the vagabond will decide that he has really managed to scare you, and will hasten to secure success with his teeth.

Приемы при нападении бешеного пса

Aim for the throat

If the dog began to attack, try to find a back with your back so that he could not knock you down to the ground. Take off your jacket or use your bag and hold it in your outstretched hands in front of you. The animal will grab the object instinctively and pull. Wasting no time kicking the animal in the throat.

Hand sacrifice

The dog can attack at any time, and not always with you there will be an item that you can use for protection. Here we must try to minimize the consequences of the attack: get up to the attacking dog in half a turn and put your hand forward. When he comes closer, sharply reach forward.

The dog will react to the movement and cling to the forearm. Ideally, you should hit the animal in a jump with your foot, if it didn’t work out - push it down to the ground with your weight and try to hit the dog as much as possible so that it gets scared and lets you go.

A flock

The worst awaits those who are faced with an aggressive pack. There is no time to lose here, but you shouldn't fuss, either. Also, you should not begin to defend yourself from the leader - usually it is the largest and strongest dog in the pack. All that he does is repeated by other dogs: bark, attack, nibble. Bay the one who tries to bite first, or choose the dead mongrel. A successful kick may be enough for the whole pack to scatter.

Items of protection

Ideally, you should have a gas carton or a trauma with you to surely protect yourself. But if you let the child go for a walk and you know that a pack of dogs runs along your street, especially behind a walking bitch, then it is better to purchase a can or supply the child with hair spray.

If there is nothing like that in the pockets, and not even stones are nearby, try to defiantly pick up something from the ground and wipe. The dog instinctively reacts to a familiar threat: there is a chance that it will simply run away.

Remember these tips, because you never know when trouble will happen. And also do not provoke dogs and treat them kindly, they are your friends!

Receptions when attacking a mad dog

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