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What makes a woman stylish and attractive, secrets of stylists

Женщинские секреты стилистов

Fashion (French mode, from Latin modus - measure, image, method, rule, prescription) - a set of habits, values ​​and tastes adopted in a particular environment at a certain time. Establishing an ideology or style in any area of ​​life or culture. Fashion can determine the type or form of clothing and accessories, a set of ideas, the principles of people’s behavior in each other’s society and etiquette and the concepts of norm in the stylization and organization of space. Sometimes the concept of fashion is extended to ideas about lifestyle, art, literature, architecture, cooking, the entertainment and leisure industry, consider its impact on the type of human body, etc. The concept of fashion, as a rule, implies a fragile and fast-passing establishment. The desire to strictly follow conditional fashion rules and trends often attracted the attention of cartoonists.

Clothing - a product or a collection of products worn by a person and carrying utilitarian and aesthetic functions. Clothing can be made of fabric, knitted fabric, leather, fur and other materials. It protects the human body from the negative effects of the environment and performs aesthetic functions - it creates the image of a person, demonstrates his social status. Clothing can be complemented by jewelry and accessories.

Fashion in clothes is a change in the forms and patterns of clothing that occurs over relatively short periods of time. This usage (to be dressed “in fashion”, French à la mode) dates back to the 17th century, when French court fashion became a model for all European countries. Fashion involves a combination of various elements: hairstyle, clothing elements, cut, color, accessories that take part in creating a fashionable image.

  1. The secret to success is simple solutions. Black pants, a white shirt, a bright scarf or scarf. This is the secret of impeccable taste.
  2. The best simulator that will help you get rid of a man’s gait is a skirt two or three palms below the knee.
  3. Remember the law: voluminous sleeves - a smooth hairstyle, a short dress - tight tights, "eloquent" clothes - "silent" shoes. Let there be only one active zone in your image. It could even be your eyes.
  4. Even Yves Saint Laurent noted that a high-necked turtleneck is an excellent way out of any delicate situation. She beautifully tightens and emphasizes the chest, while hiding all the details from prying eyes.
  5. The choice of tight-fitting jeans is a very responsible matter. Jeans, like plastic surgery, can either fantastically improve a figure or completely ruin it.
  6. Moms must teach their daughters how to dress. The opinion that a woman by nature knows how to paint, dress and comb her hair is wrong.
  7. Any clothes can tell about a person much more than she herself could do.
  8. If you want to find a soul mate, imagine the man of your dreams, what he is wearing and what his companion looks like. This exercise will help you when choosing clothes in the store.
  9. Flat soles are a sign of housewives and oligarchs. If you do not belong to either one or the other, urgently change the flat sole to heels.
  10. By the way, schoolgirls in the wardrobe of his wife do not characterize a person well.
  11. Coco Chanel said: "In order to look great, you do not have to be young."
  12. Absolutely perfect beauty is not attractive. In order to attract attention, there must be some small defect in absolutely perfect beauty.
  13. A wedding ceremony is either a day or morning event. Therefore, all invited ladies should be dressed in dresses of pastel colors, palm length below the knee. The only woman to wear a long white dress that day is the bride.
  14. If you have neither the time nor the desire to do makeup, then you can put on sunglasses and tie your head with a sixties-style scarf.
  15. In any woman’s wardrobe, clothes are divided into three categories - for themselves, for girlfriends and for men. Do not confuse these images. If you are going on a date, then your clothes should emphasize the chest, waist and hips.
  16. Review your collection of scarves, scarves and lipsticks. If the scarf and lipstick create a harmonious duet, you will look great, even if you put on the color that you like, but not very suitable.
  17. If your skirt or dress is pulled up while walking, you will certainly need either another style or a larger size.
  18. A wonderful day look for the blonde - a dress in a beautiful blue shade with white shoes. But remember, white shoes only wear up to five hours.
  19. There are no massive legs, there are bad tights. There are no ugly women, there are inept hairdressers.
  20. Do not be afraid of high heels. In the shops you can find very comfortable shoes or boots with high heels that can be worn from morning to evening.
  21. Good taste needs to be trained every day. When you stop doing this, then, no matter how old you are, 19 or 75, old age begins.
  22. Shoes should be not only comfortable, but also elegant. If you choose shoes of the same color with trousers, this visually lengthens the legs.
  23. A classic suit can be not only office, but also evening, and for walking, and for breakfast with her husband.
  24. If you wear an expressive dress, be sure to make a small smooth hairstyle so as not to distract attention from the decor of the dress.
  25. In vain, many women are afraid to put on satin and velvet clothes for work, considering them too elegant. If they are neutral colors, then they can safely be called a work suit.
  26. Do not be shy of your forms. Everything that I gave you is beautiful. And if it's beautiful, you need to emphasize your forms. The main thing is to do it reasonably and tastefully.
  27. When the fur product and hair merge, the fur becomes actually your hair. And this, you see, looks ridiculous.
  28. There is a rule for an evening set: one thing should shine: either a dress or accessories.
  29. If you are concerned about the problem of excess weight, heels, therefore, play a decisive role, helping to hide the flaws of the figure. If there are no such shortcomings, the heel may be completely absent.
  30. Fashion is not feathers and rhinestones, fashion is when the skirt sits well, the pants lengthen the legs, and the woman put on her dress and flies above the ground.
  31. When a woman picks up a new bag, her life changes. When a woman buys shoes for money set aside for a rainy day, a rainy day will never come. In this coordinate system, a new dress is a tool for improving oneself, cheaper and safer than psychotherapists and antidepressants.
  32. "... You need to believe that you really deserve the best. You need to stop listening to the bad, you need to stop talking to people who constantly complain, because all these everyday problems are contagious. If you are healthy, you have no problems at all: just a lot work and everything will work out. All the solutions are very simple. Fat? Try the diet of Maya Plisetskaya: "Do not eat!" - And you will lose weight instantly. Have a prince? First, love yourself, and a whole regiment will ride on white horses. And do not look for a way "to oneself, to success, to harmony" or to other nonsense. Keep it simple. And buy new shoes. "
  33. As a rule, of two equal competitors for the same position, the one that goes on heels most likely comes to her.
  34. Have you ever noticed that when you wear tight-fitting trousers, men immediately notice your beautiful eyes and dazzling smile? A well-dressed man - and whose clothes they do not pay attention to. The personality, its personalities, face, beautiful hairdo come to the fore. This is precisely the role of classical basic things.
  35. In order to look sexy and elegant at any age, turn to the classics: black pencil skirt, tuxedo, heels, tiny clutch bag ...
  36. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, dress like you are already there.
  37. Gray is the most French color in the world. There is no doubt that the gray knitwear set can be seen in Paris on the street during the day.