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How to throw a knife: simple secrets that make the blade pierce the target

Как метать нож

Throwing knife - a type of knife related to throwing weapons.

“Any knife can be suitable for throwing, even a folding one. However, after a dozen throws, he will be loosened, and his flight cannot be controlled , ”says Vladimir Sergeevich Kovrov, instructor for sports throwing knives of the“ Firm Hand ”club. If you ever get ready to seriously engage in throwing smashing steel, look in the hunting shop for one of the throwing knife models (for example, Sturgeon-2). In the meantime, for fun, you can use any object with a handle and a blade that came to hand. The rules of throwing are equally applicable not only to special throwing knives, but also to ordinary table silver nickel devices and even to long nails.

Simple and clear rules, following which, in a few minutes you will master the initial basics of knife throwing and surprise everyone at a picnic.

After an unsuccessful throw, the knife bounces off the target at the same speed as it flies towards it, but if you have time to bounce you - another question. Therefore, blunt the blade (strongly) and the tip itself (a little). The knife squeals into the tree anyway, but it’s hardly possible for you. Drive away from the target of all viewers. When throwing, the penetrating power of the blade is two times greater than when hit. Especially in a person you may not get into it, but by chance you may unexpectedly succeed.

Как метать нож

Find the center of gravity of the knife by balancing it on your index finger. Well, if at first it will be a "balanced" knife - one with a center of gravity exactly in the geometric center.

Как метать нож

Take exactly the point found with your index finger and thumb. With the tips of the rest, press the blade against the palm of your hand, placing it on the line of life towards you. “Do not squeeze the knife with all your might. Hold it as if you are trying not to let the sparrow out of the palm of your hand, ”says Vladimir Kovrov to your figurative thinking. The blade should be free to pass between the fingers.

No need to do well and spit on the palm of your hand. From moisture, friction will increase, and the sliding of the knife will slow down. If your hand is sweating, just sprinkle it with talcum powder or starch.

Get up from the goal at a distance of not less than three and no more than four meters. A knife thrown from this point, having made a half-turn, will surely fly up to the target with the point forward (thanks to the physics section “Dynamics of rotating bodies”). Experimenting further with a throwing range, remember: if it is less than 3 m, hold the knife a little closer to the tip, if it is more than 4 m, move the grip closer to the handle.

At a distance of more than 5m knife throw, holding the handle. In this case, he manages to make one or one and a half turns in the air. However, you need to start training from a distance of about 3.5 m.

Как метать нож

Hold your left foot forward, swing your right arm up and back without bending your wrist. By turning the case to the left and by the same movement that you throw a snowball, let's go for a knife. At the moment of full straightening of the hand, the knife will fly out of your grip. “Never unclasp your fingers,” Vladimir Sergeevich instructs. - Together with the palm they play the same role as the barrel of the gun. If at the last moment you instinctively open the grip, the knife will swirl in the air and change the trajectory. ”

Как метать нож

Pay attention to the picture below. In this way, and in no other way, your wrist should be fixed at the moment when the knife is taken out of the hand. You will certainly want to lower the brush down, because the mind will be sure that from this position the blade, which is almost perpendicular to the ground, will surely fly up somewhere. But you do not believe your feelings. Your inner voice is again mistaken, just like when you were advised to put all the money in zero.

Как метать нож

Here you go. Now you will finally stop behaving like a child, playing with little knives on the floor, and you will start throwing the blade at the kitchen door in an adult way, waiting for the kettle to boil.

Spetsnaz General Kostya Siryk throwing knives

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