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How to choose winning lottery numbers?

Выигрышные номера

Although there is no ideal method for choosing winning numbers, you can always experiment with various ways to make the gameplay fun. Stoloto will tell and show with examples how lottery millionaires filled lottery tickets.

Numbers with special meaning

Many lottery participants choose numerical combinations based on the sensual meaning of numbers. It can be anything from a date of birth to a zip code. The method often gives players hope, because they put a special meaning into their lucky lottery numbers.

In February and March 2009, Kamelot, the operator of the National British Lottery, surveyed 100 lucky winners who won different amounts of money in the lottery, how they chose their winning numbers. Here are the most common answers:

  • birthdays, important years of life, significant events;
  • own age, age of relatives or friends;
  • house or apartment number; telephone numbers;
  • vehicle registration number;
  • random numbers drawn from hats, boxes, etc.

In June 2015, Don Wilson had three winning MegaMillions lottery tickets at once, all thanks to the significant dates in his family, which he used to compile a numerical combination. Five numbers out of six coincided on one ticket, and four numbers on the other two. In total, the lucky one received more than $ 3 million. The winning numbers of the draw are 2, 9, 11, 22, 23, 12 (MegaBall).

Выигрышные номера

In the same circulation, Henry Nash became a millionaire. To make a winning combination, he used the code of his locker in the locker room. Although Nash graduated from school more than 40 years ago, the numbers are deeply stuck in his head. So the man managed to “crack” the win code and win a million dollars.

In the 2590th edition of Gosloto 5 out of 36, Viktor Yu won 1.5 million rubles and a Hyundai Solaris car for a special promotion. Victor's younger brother, Andrei, helped make up a winning numerical combination, crossing out 28 and 34, the brothers' age. Now Andrey will drive a new car. “Imagine, it was about Hyundai Solaris that my brother dreamed of. And then he gets it as an addition to the win, ”Victor shares his joy.

Analyze it

Almost all lotteries provide their participants with official statistics on draws, data on frequently drawn and rare numbers. This method of playing is more often chosen by rational people who are used to analyze the situation and look for logical explanations.

All statistics on Russian state lotteries can be found on the website And here are the options that an online supermarket offers:

  • archive of runs for all lotteries with winning numbers and the amount of the played / growing super prize;
  • often and rarely falling out numbers for all time and for the last 10 circulations;
  • often falling out pairs of numbers in numerical lotteries;
  • non-issued numbers in each bingo lottery draw (Russian Lotto, Housing Lottery);
  • in addition, on the site you can create and save a set of your favorite or lucky numbers that you can use to make lottery combinations.

Statistics are updated daily. But, applying the analysis, nevertheless remember that each number has an equal chance of falling out.

Relying on chance

Lottery tickets in which the combination was randomly selected also win. On the Stoloto website or in any lottery kiosk, you can use the option to automatically play the game and entrust the choice of arbitrary numbers to the computer. In this way, you can make both regular and detailed bets.

And these are the “accidents” per million known in the lottery story. Tammy Pratt from New York hit the jackpot in the MegaMillions lottery - $ 126 million: “I always buy only one lottery ticket, and when marking numbers I use the automatic selection function. But this time I succumbed to the attraction of such a big jackpot and got four tickets. " The lucky girl was not mistaken in her choice.

In the spring of 2015, Anthony Parullo, a retired police officer, received a million-dollar check. “Every week I buy MegaMillions and PowerBall lottery tickets. I always note five combinations: one on my own, and four I trust in automatic selection, ”the winner shares his strategy.

Intuition, or How the hand lies

Each lottery participant at least once made a lottery combination, relying on instinct. The Sixth Sense is not based on logical analysis, but depends only on imagination and insight. Such lottery participants usually say that they mark the numbers as the hand lies.

Valery from Perm won over 60 million rubles in the 585th Gosloto 6 out of 45 draw: “I play when something catches my eye. I buy only paper tickets - I enjoy the process itself. I like to take a pen and mark the numbers myself. Numbers are all noted from the bulldozer - so interesting. ” The combination, taken from the ceiling, unexpectedly brought tens of millions.

The success of Peter T. in the 2512th edition of Gosloto “5 of 36” in the form of 8 million rubles was brought by a combination of 19, 5, 9, 35, 23. The winner said that he chose the winning numbers by chance: “I tried over the years of participation in the lotteries many different schemes and formulas. He followed signs, followed successful days, tried to find his lucky numbers, but luck could not be outsmarted. In the end, I won with completely random numbers. "

Giving millions

It also happens that lottery participants become millionaires, without even choosing winning numbers. How? They receive their lucky lottery tickets as a gift. The winner of the 91st draw of the Housing Lottery received one single lottery ticket as a gift from her husband. After which the family budget increased by a million rubles.

Natalya S. her mother gave a ticket to the Housing Lottery with a wish to win an apartment. Natalya did not take the words of her parent seriously - and in vain: the donated ticket really brought the main prize of the 84th draw - an apartment.

So, with real examples of millionaires, we showed how a winner is obtained from a simple lottery participant. Of course, there is no universal tool for choosing winning numbers. The lottery jackpot is a chance, a lucky chance, luck. It can happen to each of you. Then you can already share your recipe for choosing winning numbers. And, of course, good luck to everyone in the game!